On farms, everywhere has chicken manure. If these chicken waste are left untreated, it will not only produce odor, but also waste resources. Therefore, how to deal with these chicken dungs and bring benefits at the same time? Don’t worry.Our company has designed the latest chicken manure management solutions for your reference. This management includes dewater systems, fermentation systems, crushing systems, screening systems and packaging systems.You can invest this chicken manure organic fertilizer program to gain profits.

How much is the chicken manure dewatering process?

If the moisture in chicken manure is too high, it is not conducive to the fermentation of fertilizer. Therefore,you need a chicken waste dewatering system in the production line. You can choose between two dewatering machines to process wet chicken manure. One is an inclined screen solid-liquid separator, and the other is a screw extrusion dehydrator. They are both efficient animal manure dehydrators. You can use them to reduce the moisture content of chicken manure to 30%. So, how to choose the suitable chicken dung dewatering machine at the most economical price? When your budget is limited and the amount of wet chicken waste is small, you can buy screw extrusion dehydrators within $1,200. When you want to improve the efficiency of chicken manure dewatering or start compost fermentation quickly, you can choose a more efficient inclined screen solid-liquid separator. Its price is about $2,000.

Dewatering Machine

What is the chicken manure fermentation system price?

In order to convert chicken waste into organic fertilizer containing nutrients, you need to ferment the chicken droppings. Therefore, you can use groove turners, crawler turners, wheel type turners and chain plate turners in the fermentation process. They have different work principle and prices. For example, when your budget is between $8,000 and $15,000, you can buy wheel or groove compost turners for trough fermentation systems. When your budget is about $5,000 ,or your site space is limited, you can buy crawler and moving  types of compost turners. What’more,we also have high configuration organic fertilizer fermentation tanks. It can realize fully automatic composting and save your labor input. No matter which fermentation equipment you choose, our company offers you the favourable price.

Why you should invest the chicken waste crushing machine?

Generally,chicken manure will have clumps during the composting process. Because the chicken droppings in high-temperature fermentation process is easy to stick. Therefore, in addition to using a compost dumper, you can also use a professional crusher to solve this clumping problem. At the same time,we produce various types of crushers for different types of raw materials. The semi-moist material shredders are best suited for handling chicken dung.You can buy a high quality crusher within $2,000. If you want to produce high quality organic fertilizer, you’d better use a semi-wet material crusher to pulverize chicken waste. In this way, you can solve the problem of chicken dung compaction and drying.

Semi-Wet Material Shredder

How much are 10 t/h chicken manure powder organic fertilizer line ?

You can buy a whole set of chicken droppings powder fertilizer making line at the affordable price in our company. Because different production capacity of powdery organic fertilizer are sold at different prices.Now we give you the cost of hot-selling 10 t/h chicken manure powder organic fertilizer line.

In the chicken manure powder line, there are six steps for chicken manure organic fertilizer production. They are dewatering, mixing,composting, crushing, screening and packing. You need to spend about $80,000 to buy the 10t/h chicken manure powder line. For deploying this powder line, you should buy the groove composting turner machine, loader type feeder, vertical type compost shredder, fertilizer screening machine, belt conveyor and powder fertilizer packing machine. In addition, you’d better prepare about 3000m2 to install this 10t/h chicken manure organic fertilizer powdered line. Because of the economical cost and high quality, this powder chicken manure production line is suitable for small and medium scale organic fertilizer making plant.

Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

You can get the detailed chicken waste processing systems for organic fertilizer production from the above. Meanwhile, the piggery manure organic fertilizer processing machines also can be found in our company. These machines are all on sale at the favorable price. You can also get complete set of organic fertilizer production line from us for cow dung management. Welcome to email us for free inquiry. We will provide you with the best solution for your poultry farm. What’s more, we will make the newest and detailed quote about the organic fertilizer processing machines.

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