FPC is a fertilizer equipment manufacturer. We have been dedicated in research and development of fertilizer making machines over 15 years. We design and install the fertilizer production line for many fertilizer producers from home and abroad. Therefore, we have many successful cases of organic fertilizer equipment and production lines. Today, you will know a case of 30000 t/y ammonium sulfate granulation system designed for Algerian fertilizer manufacturer. You can know more details from the following.

What Machine Can You Recommend for Ammonium Sulfate Granulation?

The customer from Algeria produces the fertilizer granules with the ammonium sulfate. After being told the raw materials, we recommend the Algerian fertilizer producer to use the double roller extrusion granulation system. When consulting the suitable machine for raw materials processing, our salesmen must know the type of your owned materials. Only in this way can we recommend the best fertilizer production machine to you.

How Many Double Roller Extrusion Granulator Machines Should I Buy for My Fertilizer Production Line?

The Algerian fertilizer maker produces 30000 tons ammonium sulfate fertilizer granules in one year. Based on the production capacity of his fertilizer plant, we advice him to deploy four double roller press pelletizers for the granulation line. Production output is one of the important basis for choosing fertilizer processing machine model. Tell us the production yield of your fertilizer factory, we can design and recommend the best solution for your production line.

What Other Machine Should I Buy for Whole Granulation Production Line?

The fertilizer manufacturer customer form Algeria plans to buy whole fertilizer granulation system. Then, we design the whole granular fertilizer production line according to his fertilizer production area and production capacity. The customer need to deploy fertilizer screening machine, fertilizer polishing machine, horizontal mixer and automatic packing machine for whole line. Contact us, you can also get the customized fertilizer granulation line from us.

The above is a part of communication process with Algerian customer. And this is for your reference only. You can email or call us for detailed consultation. We support 24-hour online service. You can contact us at any time. What’s more, we have professional and experienced technical team. We can provide you with technical guidance from production line design and installation.

In addition the granulation system, there are other fertilizer production lines for sale in FPC company. You can buy complete set of organic fertilizer production line, bio organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer production line, urea based compound fertilizer production line and liquid fertilizer production line. All of them are sold at the affordable price. Fertilizer production lines with prices ranging from $30,000 to $550,000 can be bought at FPC company. Welcome to our website for more information.

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