While setting up 60,000 USD $ organic fertilizer production plant, there are many aspects you should consider. According to our years of experience, you should note the following four factors. They are raw materials selection, organic fertilizer type selection, production process and fertilizer machines selection. Here are some tips for you. You can know the detailed information about them from the following.


The Raw Materials Preparation For $60,000 Organic Fertilizer Production Plant

In order to produce the fertilizers with stronger competitiveness, you need select the high quality organic waste for the $60,000 organic fertilizer production plant. Generally speaking, there are many types of the raw materials that can be used for producing the organic fertilizer. According to the amount of the raw materials the organic fertilizer manufacturers use, there are two main types of the organic waste. One is the main materials, the other is subsidiary materials.

  • About The Main Materials For Organic Fertilizer Production plant

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the three most needed elements in the growth of crops. The reason why some materials can be used as the main materials is that these materials contain a lot of these three elements needed for plant growth. Generally, the main organic materials you use will account for 30%-80% of all materials when producing the organic fertilizer. You can use the animal manure as main materials. But what types of the animal manure do you need collect? You can learn more from the following information.

The pig manure is one of the most popular organic raw materials among the organic fertilizer production manufacturers. The first reason is that there are many nutrients in the pig manure like organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The second one is that the pig manure organic fertilizer can be used for all kinds of soil after fermentation.

The texture of cow dung is fine and dense. However, the cow dung has a shortcoming. It is the low nutrients content because of the high water content. So when you choose to produce cow manure organic fertilizer, you need to use solid-liquid separator to disposal cow manure. In addition, when composting the cow dung, you need turn the cow dung many times through using the organic fertilizer composting machine. By doing so, you can accelerate the fermentation process of cow dung organic fertilizer. It is important to note that you can use the treated wastewater from cow dung to produce high quality organic liquid fertilizer. In this way, you not only take full advantage of the raw material, but also can make additional benefits.

There are high contents of the organic matter, nitrogen and fibre in the horse manure. Furthermore, there is a kind of decompose bacteria which can decompose the fibre under high temperature conditions. Therefore, you can spend less time to compost the house manure when selecting the horse manure. You can also reduce the production time when making the house manure organic fertilizer.

Like cow dung, sheep dung also has fine texture. But different from cow dung, the sheep dung contains low water content and high nutrients. Because the sheep manure has the characteristics of wide adaptability and easy fermentation, it is widely loved by organic fertilizer manufacturers. When you use the sheep manure to produce the organic fertilizer, what you need to know is to prevent the sheep manure from washing by the rain.

Except for the low nutrient content of goose manure, other poultry manures all contain high and balanced nutrient. Among them, the organic matter content is about 25%. Therefore, the poultry manure is one of the best raw materials for organic fertilizer production.

Livestock Manure Used for Organic Fertilizer Production Process
  • About The Subsidiary Materials For Organic Fertilizer Production plant

Few Kinds of Agricultural Waste for Organic Fertilizer Production

When making the organic fertilizer, you can adjust the moisture, C/N, pH of the materials by adding the subsidiary materials into the organic wastes. What are the subsidiary materials? The agricultural waste we often see such as straw, wheat bran and so on can be used as the organic fertilizer production accessory. But you’d better use the organic fertilizer crusher to grind the agriculture waste before add them into the material stack.

The materials mentioned above are just for the reference only. You can also make the survey about the local organic fertilizer consumption market soil conditions, the type of plants grown locally, and the nutrients needed for plants at different stages of growth. Then you can prepare the organic waste for the $60,000 organic fertilizer production plant according to the results of the investigation.


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What Fertilizer Type Can You Choose For The $60,000 Organic Fertilizer Production Plant

In the organic fertilizer sales market, there are organic fertilizers of different shapes. Organic fertilizers with different shapes have different onset time and action time. For example, powder fertilizer has a quick effect. However, the powder organic fertilizer has the characteristic of volatility. Therefore, the powder organic fertilizer has a short effective time. Granular organic fertilizer takes effect slowly and has long-time effect. Organic fertilizers with different shapes also have different effects on crops. For the $60,000 organic fertilizer production plant, we suggest that you produce the powder one. Because you will invest more to deploy the production equipment while making the granular  fertilizer. In contrast, you will need less production equipment when building the powder organic fertilizer production line. Furthermore, the powder organic fertilizer making process is very simple. You can master it quickly.

The powder organic fertilizer manufacturing process can be divided into five steps. The process are as follows.

You can know about the specific details about each powder organic fertilizer production process by reading the following content. And you can also know what type production equipment is suitable for the $60,000 organic fertilizer production plant.

For The $60,000 Organic Fertilizer Production plant, How Do You Make Composting Better?

As we all know, organic fertilizer composting process adopts the aerobic fermentation method. Thus, to make the compost better, you need consider many factors to meet the aerobic fermentation conditions. So what factors will influence the aerobic fermentation process in the organic fertilizer production? There are six factors you need to consider in the organic fertilizer fermentation process.

When the aerobic bacteria decomposes the organic waste, there will be much heat produced in the raw materials. The temperature of the organic manure will up to 60℃-65℃. Under the high temperature conditions, you can eliminate the pathogenic bacteria in animal manure completely. The high temperature will last 7-10 days. During high temperature stage, you need to turn the organic material regularly. By doing so, you can ensure that the beneficial bacteria will not die of high temperature.

As mentioned above, you can control the temperature by turning the organic waste regularly. So the temperature determine the times you need turn the organic manure.when the composting temperature is over 65℃, you should turn the raw materials at once. And the turning times of composted organic fertilizer change as the seasons.

Sometimes you can know about the composting effect according to the smell when composting. For example, you may find that there is some odour when composting the organic manure. At the same time, you will find that the material temperature drops below 55℃.So what causes this problem? At this moment, you need consider two aspects. The first one is whether the organic waste moisture is good for the organic fertilizer composting process. The second one is whether you supply enough oxygen to the materials. Both of them may become the causes of this problem.

The particle size of the material will affect the speed of fermentation during the organic fertilizer production. Because when you compost the organic fertilizer, the surface of materials is the main place that the aerobic bacteria works. Theoretically, with the same mass or volume, the surface area of small particles will be larger than that of large particles. Therefore, under the same fermentation conditions, small particles will degrade faster. You can use the crusher to reduce the materials size.

When the water content in the mixed organic waste is 65 % , the moisture is appropriate. But some animal manure like cow dung have high water content. What should you do to reduce the moisture? At this moment, you can use the liquid-solid separator. As mentioned above, you can make full use of the leftover after separating. The water waste can be made into organic liquid fertilizer. By making the liquid organic fertilizer, you can also make extra benefit from the organic liquid fertilizer production. We can support you to the production plan for the organic liquid fertilizer.

The proper ratio of the carbon to nitrogen is also important during the organic fertilizer production. Because the high carbon-nitrogen ratio will affect the propagation rate of beneficial microorganisms in organic waste. When the microbial reproduction rate slows down, the decomposition rate of organic matter will also slowdown, which will lead to the prolongation of fermentation time. So you’d better control the carbon-nitrogen ratio of the raw material in the range of 20-40:1. Only in this way, can you reduce the loss of organic raw materials. And you’ll also produce high-quality organic fertilizer.

 According to the mentioned above, you can buy the organic fertilizer composting turner and the solid-liquid separator for your $60,000 organic fertilizer production line. By using the two machines, you can solve six problems mentioned above. And you make better compost for the $60,000 organic fertilizer production plant.

How can I use compost machine for control organic fermentation process?

What Composting Machine Can You Buy For The $ 60,000 Organic Fertilizer Production Plant?

As mentioned above, you need the composting machine to adjust the temperature, the moisture and the oxygen amount when composting the organic fertilizer. So what organic fertilizer composting machine you can buy with the budget of $60,000? There are different sizes and configurations of the composting turner machines in SX organic fertilizer equipment production base. According to your budget, we suggest that you choose one between the self-propelled windrow compost turner and the groove type compost turner.

The SX organic fertilizer groove type composting machine is suitable for composting in the groove. And when you adopt the windrow composting system, you need use the self propelled compost turner. You can select them according to your factory construction.

The detailed technical specifications about these two composting machine are as following.

The Working Capacity

The material depth that the SX groove type compost turner can turn ranges from 0.8 m to 3 m. And the machine can flip the organic waste with width of 2 m-20 m .For the $60,000 organic fertilizer production line, the SXCF-3000 groove type composting machine is enough for you.

The Flipping Device

We adopt the steel plate with thickness of 12 mm. By equipped with this kind of the flip device, you can make the compost more effective. And when the machine is working, you can flip the organic manure in all directions. Furthermore, you can be easy to replace the broken flip teeth.

The Compost Capability

While flipping the organic manure, the SX self-propelled windrow composting machine can move forward 8m per hour. The compost turner can disposal 400㎥-500㎥ organic manure in an hour.

The Flipping Device

While designing the organic manure moving compost turning machine, we install a flipping shaft with diameter of 600mm in the machine. The flipping shaft can improve the fertilizer compost turner efficiency.

The technical parameters mentioned above are for reference only. Because our company have the customize service, you can choose the groove type compost turner size according to your $60,000 organic fertilizer plant.

How Do You Buy  Crushing Machines For $60,000 Organic Fertilizer Production Plant

With the budget of $60,000, you can select the organic fertilizer crusher according to the working effective and the structure. There are many types of the organic fertilizer crushing machine with high performance in SX. But for the $60,000 organic fertilizer production lines, the new type vertical crusher is more suitable for your organic fertilizer plant. The vertical crushing machine price is reasonable. And the vertical crusher machine produced by the SX has a good crushing effect. Our technical personnel designs a reasonable structure for the vertical crushing machine. The special specifications are as following.

The technical parameters change as the type and size of the organic fertilizer vertical crushing machine. If you provide us with the special specifications about the crushing machine, we will recommend the suitable crushing machine to you. You can also select the crusher by yourself according to your $60,000 organic fertilizer production line. We will offer the fair price to you.

What Kind Of The Screening Machine Can You Choose For The $60,000 Organic Fertilizer Production Lines?

Most of the organic fertilizer use the screening machine to increase the fertilizer quality in the organic fertilizer production line. For the $60,000 organic fertilizer production line, the rotary screening machine will be the best choice for you. In SX, you can select many types of the rotary sieving machines. We make some special design about the screening machine. The details are as follows.

We produce the mesh of the rotary screening machine in the stainless steel material. The screening mesh with this kind of the material can effectively avoid the organic waste corrosion. Therefore, by choosing SX organic fertilizer production equipment, you can get the long-term service of the screening machine. In addition, for the mesh size, you can propose the customize requirement according to the organic fertilizer fitness you produce.

We select the 150 seamless tubes to make the support device of the organic fertilizer screening machine. You can operate the SX sieving machine smoothly with such support device. and the material of the whole box is 3 mm thick iron plate.

In order to avoid the organic fertilizer blocking in the screening machine, we design the self-cleaning device in the machine. By using the SX organic fertilizer screening machine, you can make fully use of the organic fertilizer. 

In addition to the above structural advantages, our screening machine also has the characteristics of high efficiency. But the efficiency of organic fertilizer sieving machine changes with the model. For instance, you can use the SXGS-1560 screening machine to screen 6-10 tons of organic fertilizer per hour. And you can get the uniform size of the organic fertilizer by using the screening machine. There are no stones and other debris after screening. For the $60,000 organic fertilizer production line, you can choose the SXGS-1560 screening machine.

You can refer the above technical parameters. And according to the $60,000 organic fertilizer production line, you choose the sieving machine. Or you can propose the requirements about the screening machine to us. We have the customized service. We can customize the organic fertilizer rotary screening machine upon your requirements.

How To Make The Packaging Process Of The $60,000 Organic Production Line More Efficient?

For packing the organic fertilizer more effectively, you can use the organic fertilizer automatic packing machine to replace the manual packing. SX designs specially single bucket automatic packing scale and the double buckets automatic packing scale. But because your budget for building the organic fertilizer production plant is $60,000, we recommend that you purchase the single bucket automatic packaging machine. There are many advantages about the single bucket automatic packaging machine also have many advantages. You can know about them from the follows.

The worthy to be mentioned is that we use the stainless steel to make the materials contact parts of the packing machine. Therefore, our automatic  packing scale has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistant. With such wear-resistant materials, we can improve the utilization of the automatic packing machine.

Our organic fertilizer automatic packing machine discharges the organic fertilizer smoothly. You can pack different viscosity of organic manure. Moreover, there won’t be blocking when packing. By using the SX single bucket automatic packing machine, you can improve the effective of the organic fertilizer production line.

The third one is the adjustable speed. We set a speed regulating device on the packing scale. Hence, you can adjust the speed according to your organic fertilizer production effective. In this way, you can make your organic fertilizer production line operate more smoothly. What’s more, you can reduce the energy consumption.

We set a intelligent control instrument in the single bucket automatic packing scale. We adopt PLC technology to set the intelligent control device. So it is easy for you to operate the single bucket automatic packing machine. Because of the intelligent control device, the SX packing machine has a high degree of automation.

In order to make weighing more accurate, we adopt the advanced digital frequency conversion technology, sampling processing technology and anti-interference technology on packing machine. Therefore, the SX packing machine can compensate and correct the errors automatically when you are packing the products.

The above five aspects are the advantages of the SX automatic packing scales. However, you should note the dust-proof treatment and precision control while using the packing machine. By doing so, you can use use the packaging machine more effectively.

The seven aspects are about how to set up the $60,000 organic fertilizer production line. These are summarized based on our years of experience. Therefore, they are just for your reference. You can contact with us while starting an organic fertilizer production business. We will provide you with some reasonable suggestions about the organic manure production line.

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