When you have a breeding farm with 1000 pigs, how to make the great advantages? You may use the pig meat to make more money. What about the pig manure waste disposal? How do you deal with them? You can make benefits through selling them to other people. However, there is another method to process pig waste. You can maximize the use of pig droppings for profit. The method is processing the pig manure into organic fertilizer? Here are three solutions for 1000 pigs of manure organic fertilizer production project.

After collecting the fresh pig droppings, you can use the fertilizer solid liquid separator to treat them. By doing this, you can divide the pig manure into two parts. One is liquid pig waste, and the other is solid pig manure. The liquid pig manure can be turned into liquid fertilizer. The solid pig manure can be used for powder and granular organic fertilizer production.

Then what is the liquid pig manure fertilizer production line?

There are six steps in the whole pig manure liquid fertilizer making line. They are sediment, overflow, filtering, sterilization, batching and fermentation. You can get the detailed production process of liquid fertilizer from us. Welcome to inquiry. The following are the complete liquid fertilizer production line and machines. Of course, you can get the latest quotation through contacting us.

Solution2: Powder Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Production

From the above, you may know the solid pig manure can be turned into powder or granular organic fertilizer after dewatering. A pig will produce about 3kg solid waste per day. In other word, 1000 pigs will produce 3t solid manure per day. Therefore, you can buy a set of 3t/h powder organic fertilizer line.

Then what machines will be included in the 3t/h powder pig manure organic fertilizer production process?

Crawler Type Compost Turner

The powder organic fertilizer line is simple. You just need the machine for fermentation, crushing, screening and packing. There are also other transporting systems in the whole solid pig manure processing system. Inquiry now, you can get the customized design solution of production line for 1000 pigs manure disposal.

Fertilizer Screening Machine

Solution3: Granular Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Making

If your budget is abundant, you can turn the solid pig manure into granular organic fertilizer. It will make more benefit than making powder organic fertilizer. Based on the powdery production line of organic fertilizer, you need add some machines for the granulating line. The required equipment are granulator machine, dry and cooling machine.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator
Fertilizer Granules Drying Machine
Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooling Machine

How much will it cost when processing pig manure into organic fertilizer?

The configurations of above three solutions are different. What’s more, the machines in different models are sold at various prices. When planning the pig manure organic fertilizer production project, you can email us. We will offer you the most detailed quotation. There are 1-20 t/h powder&granular organic fertilizer production lines and machines for sale in FPC machinery. You can find the ideal fertilizer equipment and production line for pig waste disposal.

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