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Flat Die Granulator

Flat Die Granulator2022-08-18T14:12:47+08:00

In the fertilizer production industry, the flat die granulator is one of the most ideal pellets making machine. Besides granulating the based fertilizer, it can also connect with the pellet fertilizer polishing machine. By doing so, you can make the fertilizer granules at one time. Moreover, you can get the high-hardness fertilizer particles through using the flat die granulator. Therefore, more and more people will choose the flat die granulation machine to make the fertilizer pellets. To improve the working efficiency of the fat lie fertilizer pellets making machine, we make some improvements on the machine. By choosing SX, you can get the higher-efficiency and durable flat die pellet making machine. Moreover, as the fertilizer equipment producer with years of experience, we can provide you with reasonable suggestions on how to purchase and use the machine. Thus, you can  choose the flat die granulator produced by SX without doubt.

How Can You Choose The Proper Flat Die Granulator Producers?

When you need to buy the flat die granulation machine, what you must consider is how to choose the high-quality and cost-effective machine. You can following three aspects for selecting the flat die pellet machine production plant.

After you understand these three principles, you will choose the capable fertilizer equipment producers. Furthermore, you will purchase the flat die pellets making machine with high performance.

 What benefits can I get from FPC after buying flat die granulation equipment?

How To Choose Right Model Of The Flat Die Granulator?

In order to design the granule production line reasonably, it is very important to choose the right type of flat mould granulator. Which aspects can you consider to select the proper model of the flat die granulation machine? You can choose the flat mold granulator suitable for your production line from the following two aspects.

The Production Capacity

There are different production capacities of the flat-die pellet machine with different specifications. When selecting the flat-die pellet fertilizer making machine, you should consider that how many fertilizer granules you intend to produce in an hour. For example, when managing to make 2.5 tons of the fertilizer particles per hour, we recommend you choose the SXPM-600 flat die granulation machine.

The Budget

The flat die granulator price varies depending on its technical parameters. If you want to allocate the cost of granular fertilizer production reasonably, it is very necessary to choose the flat die pellet making machine suitable for the production line. For example, for organic fertilizer pellet production line with the budget of $110,000, the SXPM-500 flat die pelletizer is the most suitable for your fertilizer production plant.

If you have no idea about the flat die granulation machine selection, you can ask our customers service staff for help. We will provide you some reasonable advice about the machine.

What technical parameters of flat die fertilizer making machine does FPC offer?

Why So Many Fertilizer Producer Use The Sx Flat Die Granulator?

For getting higher working efficiency of the flat die granulation machine, we have partially improved the structure of the machine. Therefore, you can not only use the flat die more effectively, but also use the granulation machine for a long time. You can learn more from the below.

  • Reason 1:  We designed the pressing wheels for the flat die granulation machine. The both ends rotation speed of the pressing wheel is the same as the linear speed inside and outside the mold. Therefore, when you use the flat die pellet making machine, there is no dislocation friction between the wheel and the mold and operating resistance of the machine. In this way, you can reduce the power consumption and extend the using time of the flat die granulation machine.

  • Reason 2: You can increase the fertilizer production efficiency by using the SX flat-die pellet machine. Because The uniform setting of the pressing rollers ensures the smooth operation of the flat die pellet making machine. There are more granulation area on the flat-die fertilizer granulation machine at the same time. Therefore, you can get higher fertilizer particles productivity.

  • Reason 3: When designing the flat die granulator, we adopted a screw-centered pressure regulating structure. You can adjust the dies gap according to your fertilizer production requirements. Moreover, you can granulate different kinds of based fertilizers by using the SX flat die pellet making machine while ensuring the pressing effect.

It is precisely because of these benefits that so many people would like to use the flat-die fertilizer pellet making machine produced by SX. Therefore, you can get the high-efficiency flat die granulator from SX.

What type of flat die granulator is suitable for my fertilizer production plant?

How Do We Design The Flat Die Granulator?

In order to improve the durability of the flat die granulator, we pay special attention to two aspects when producing the flat die pellet making machine. One is the rationality of the machine structure. The other is that the constituent materials must be strong and durable. You can learn how we produce and design the flat die granulation machine from the following four parts.

The Machine Frame

When you see the pictures of the flat die granulation machine, you can know about that all working parts of the machine are fixed on the frame. When producing the machine frame, we choose the medium-carbon steel plate and channel steel as the raw materials. Then through strict quality regulation and specific process requirements, the frame of the flat die pellet making equipment we produced is durable and qualified.In addition, in order to facilitate transportation, we set hoisting holes in the middle of the four corners of the frame.

Breaking And Separating Part

After be pressed by the rollers in the flat die pellet machine, the based fertilizers will be into the breaking device. There is double-axis mace equipment in the breaking area. You can separate the spherical material and the return material through this equipment. In this way, you can improve the working efficiency of the granular fertilizer production lines.

Transmission Connection Part

The transmission connection part is an important part of the flat fie granulation When the transmission connection parts are working, the electric motor will drive the pulley, V-belt, and reducer to rotate. Driven by these parts, the flat die granulator starts to granulate the fertilizer materials. In addition, there is a transmission chain composed of sprocket and chain on the transmission connecting part, which is the main motivation for driving the working part of the crushing and separating part. For the transmission reducer and the head working part, we use the mutual work of the nylon pin coupling to transmit the drive.

The Head Working Part

As mentioned above, the power of the working part of the machine head is transmitted from the transmission wheel to the transmission roller through the pin shaft. We use a pair of open wheels to ensure that the pair of rollers are synchronized. In addition, both sides of the active and passive shafts are composed of specific bearings and bearing frames, which are finally installed on the frame.

From the above, you can know more about the structure of the SX flat die granulation machine. With such structural design, the working efficiency and the service life of the machine will be increased. That is why so many fertilizer makers highly praise the flat die pellet making machine produced by SX.

How Does The Flat Die Granulator Process The Fertilizer?

If you want to buy the high-quality flat die granulation machine, in addition to know the machine structure, you also need to have intimate knowledge of working principle. The followings are the detailed working principle of the flat-die granulation machine .

  • After being delivered intothe machine from the feeding hopper, the material is extruded by roller to form a certain shape.

  • After that, the formed materials leave the die and enter the granulation process.

  • Next, the granular materials are transported to the crushing and screening area by the chain. You can get the qualified fertilizer granules from this step.

  • In the end, unqualified fertilizer granules will mix with the fresh materials evenly to be granulates again.

With the continuous rotation of the motor on the transmission connection part and the continuous addition of materials, you can batch produce fertilizer particles and improve the efficiency of the fertilizer particle production line.

How can I  get efficient flat die granulation machine at minimum cost?

How To Adjust The Flat Die Granulator?

When you find that there is not an ideal granulation effect by using the flat die pellet machine. You need to adjust the granulation machine properly currently. What part do you need to adjust? You can adjust the flat die granulation machine according to the following methods.

  • The Gap Between The Pressing Rollers

If you want to improve the granular fertilizer productivity or increase the nip angle, you can increase the gap between the Driving shaft roll and driven shaft. In addition, you should note that the two rollers are not allowed to contact. You should keep a gap of 0.3mm-1 mm between the rollers.

  • The Counterpoints Of The Ball Socket

For flat die granulation machine, the adjust method of ball socket is like that of double-roller extrusion granulator. When adjusting the ball and socket of these two granulators, you need to adjust them from the circumferential and axial directions.

Through the above method, you can adjust the flat die granulation machine according to the production requirements. By adjusting, you can improve the working efficiency of the flat-die pellet making machine.

Can I get technical support after buying FPC flat die fertilizer pellet making machine?

You know that the SX flat die granulation machine is popular with the manufactures of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. What’s more. SX can provide you with many special services like technical support, on-site installation and customized service. Therefore, while purchasing the flat die granulator, you can contact us for the detailed information,

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    What is the difference between granular and powder fertilizer?Which one will be the better?2022-05-30T12:01:37+08:00

    In recent years, more and more fertilizer manufacturers have chosen to sell more granular fertilizer in the fertilizer market,not powdery npk. But why?What is the difference between granular fertilizer and powder fertilizer?In general, the particle size of the boundary is about 0.1 mm. Particles with a size of less than 0.1 mm are called powder, and the granular size is about 0.1 mm to 10 mm.The larger particles exceeding 10mm are will be caking.

    Why is the fertilizer made into granules in fertilizer manufacturing,?What are the advantages of fertilizer granules compared with powder?

    • The control of fertilizer particle size is of great significance to the storage and transportation of fertilizers. Powdered fertilizers are easy to produce dust during transportation, causing pollution and waste, while granular fertilizers are not easy to cakeand are easy to transport.
    • NPK production line will add some trace nutrients to improve the fertilizer efficiency of compound fertilizer, while powder fertilizer is easy to absorb moisture and cakeafter adding trace elements. However, the composition of granular fertilizer is stable, and it is not easy to cakeeven if trace elements are added.
    • Fertilizer granulation improves the quality of agricultural production. Fertilizer granules play the role of slow-release fertilizer effect. Itis convenient for fertilization and not easy to damage the soil.
    • Compared withpowdered fertilizers, fertilizer manufacturers choose to produce granular fertilizer can makea higher profit.In the fertilizer market, the price range of per ton granular fertilizer is 200-300$.

    Granular fertilizer are selling well in the market

    Compared with powdered fertilizers, granular fertilizers need to increase the granulation process. But granular fertilizers have more advantages in circulation, application and fertilizer efficiency, enough to offset the cost of granulation. Therefore, most of the fertilizers sold in the market are in granular form. Recently, farmyard manures and organic fertilizers such as compost and poultry manure have also been used after being granulated.

    Manufacturing granular fertilizer

    Granular fertilizer market prospect is broad. Therefore, how to manufacture fertilizer particles?Fertilizer pelleting production process includes mixing,granulating, drying, cooling and so on, so the composition of granular fertilizer production line is more elaborate. Hence you need a variety of fertilizer production equipment to equip the granular fertilizer production plant. However, the npk granulate production complicated line can get more high-quality npk fertilizer. What’ more, ShunXin’s process of manufacturing granulator npk is economical, and you can pay less money but get high benefits.Our company can provide you any solution about npk granulation plant to help you produce npk pelleting fertilizer effectively.Welcome to contact us now.

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      Moisture Control in Pan Granulation Process2022-05-27T16:41:49+08:00

      Disc granulator is a type of popular sale fertilizer equipment in our factory, since its wide applicability in both organic and compound fertilizer production plants. The more fertilizer pellets made by the pan granulator, the more profits you will get from your fertilizer production business. Thus, it is key to increase the production capacity of this granulation machine. However, how to do it? By using wet granulation technology, customer can make pellets fertilizer from organic or compound raw materials within 25% to 30% moisture contents. The moisture content in the raw materials to be granulated are paramount during pan granulation for quality and efficient fertilizer production. The following are detailed tips for your reference.

      Disc Granulator

      Adopted by wet granulation design technology, when working, it is the key to maintain the raw materials within a certain moisture content.

      In the pan granulation process, if the raw materials are too wet, it will be stuck in the pan. However, if the raw materials are too dry, it will hard to make fertilizer granules products.Usually, raw materials within 25% to 30% moisture are perfect for mass production granulating with the disc pan. Thus, for a higher capacity and quality fertilizer pellets production, it is crucial to control the raw materials moisture within a certain degree. How to do that? The following technical supports from our factory just for your reference.

      Technical Supports in Wet Granulation Process with Fertilizer Pan

      With over 30 years’ experience in the fertilizer granulation equipment research and development, we are always manufacture products that strictly meet customers’ requirements. In the wet fertilizer granulation process, to meet the requirements on the moisture control, we develop different types of machines. They are, dewatering machines before granulation, dryers after granulation, and assisted water spring systems during granulation.

      Before granulation, what to do if the moisture too high?

      Before granulation, organic materials like cow dung, chicken manure, piggery waste or sheep dung, are rich in moisture content. Customers need to compost these materials for granulation. However, dewatering is the first step you need to do. Dewatered raw materials are efficient for composting and the later granulation.

      After granulation, worry about the moisture in the granules?

      After fertilizer pan granulation process, the moisture content in the granules are also within 25% to 30%. Within such moisture content, it is not appliable for long time storage and transportation. To solve this, there are rotary drum dryers, you can use to decrease the moisture content to 8% to 15% after disc pan pelleting process.

      Whereas, raw materials too dry to graduate, what to do?

      In pan granulation process, if the raw materials too dry, it will be hard to making granules. Considering this, we design water sprinklers systems installed on the pan disc. When using the pan pelletizer, customers can provide enough moisture contents for better granulation effect. Moreover, you can also add nutrient liquid additives to make quality pellets by this system.

      25% TO 30% MOISTURE, how to estimate?

      25% to 30% moisture content are ideal for quality and efficient granulation. But such standard is difficult for most of green hands on fertilizer production process. Here we recommend you tips to estimate the moisture content whether it is ok for granulate or not. Before granulation, customers can gab the raw materials. If you feel the raw materials are easy to sticky, that will be too wet to granulate. However, if they are loose to flow with your fingers, that will be perfect for granulating.

      Moisture control is the key process for quality and efficient organic compound fertilizer production. 25% to 30% moisture content in the raw materials are perfect for pan granulation. To meet this requirement, customers can use dewatering machines if raw materials are too wet. If they are too dry, the associated water spring system will do the job for quality granulation. However, after the pan pelleting, customers can use dryers too decrease the moisture content in the granules for long time storage and convenient transportation. While for customers new to this business, you can grab the materials to determine whether it is good for granulation. More detailed info on pan granulation, welcome contact us now.

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        How Does the Flat Die Granulation Machine Work?2021-10-21T17:12:52+08:00

        The Complete Granulation Process

        The roller shaft of the flat die granulator rotates with its main shaft during operation. At the same time, the material is squeezed by friction to form particles in the die hole. With the continuous movement of the pressure roller, the fertilizer particles are continuously formed and extruded from the bottom of the die roller. When the material is extruded to a certain length, the cutter at the bottom of the die cuts the pellets. When falling on the bottom plate of the scraper, the fertilizer granules are conveyed out of the flat die granulator by the scraper.

        The Features of Fertilizer Pellets Produced from Flat Die Granulation Machine

        • Smooth appearance and moderate hardness.

        • High nutrients and quality

        • Low water content and long storage time.

        The Advantages of FPC Flat Die Granulator

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