Here is an new type organic fertilizer fermentation machine for you. It is horizontal manure fermentation cylinder. This machine is on sale in FPC company. The machine is designed for small-scale automatic animal manure fermentation. The follows are instruction about this horizontal type fully automatic compost turner in details. You can know more about the information of this machine, such as structure design, fermentation technology, price and manufacturer selection.

Outer Appearance

Differ from cylindrical fermentation tank, the main part of horizontal fully automatic composting machine is in the shape of a cuboid. This type of manure compost turner occupies only 10-30m3 of production site.

Inner Structure

The inner structure of horizontal fermentation tank includes three main parts. They are U-shaped long cylinder structure, spiral ribbon mixing blade and transmission part. Their functions are as follows.

The reason why the inner container adopts U shape is to reduce resistance. At the same time, the mixing of raw materials in the horizontal fermentation tank can be more smooth. In this way, the machine can ensure the efficient manure fermentation efficiency.

These blades in the fermentation tank are generally made into double or three layers. The outer blades gather the materials from both sides to center, and the inner blades have opposite effect. It can speed up the mixing of materials and improve the uniformity of mixing.

The above is about the structure of horizontal in-vessel composting machine. FPC fully automatic horizontal compost turner is designed with reasonable structure. You can contact with us to get more information about this new designed organic fertilizer fermentation machine.

What Is the Working Process of Horizontal In-Vessel Composting Machine?

The entire working process of horizontal in-vessel composting machine can be divided into four parts. They are transporting, mixing, fermenting and discharging. You can get the specific fermentation process of this machine from the following.

The above is fermentation procedure of horizontal manure closed composting machine. The machine designed by FPC company is an environment-friendly and efficient fertilizer equipment. It is an fully automatic composting machine which is suitable for small scale organic fertilizer plant.

What Are the Advantages of Horizontal Fermentation Tank for Sale?

Advanced fermentation technology: the horizontal type fermentation tank applies continuous aerobic fermentation technology to produce the organic fertilizer. The machine is a fully automatic composting machine. After feeding the manure into the cylinder, the machine will complete the crushing, mixing and fermentation automatically.

These three aspects are just part of advantages about horizontal fermentation cylinder. When buying the fermentation tank for small scale organic fertilizer plant, you can email us for more information about this organic fertilizer processing equipment. We will provide you with the detailed instruction of technology and structure about the fermentation tank.

What Are the Differences between On-Sale Horizontal and Vertical In-Vessel Composter?

The horizontal type and vertical type fermentation tank can be used in automatic animal manure processing system. Then, what are the difference between them? And how to buy a right automatic organic fertilizer fermentation tank? Here are explanation in details. Both of them apply aerobic fermentation technology. Their inner structures are similar. The difference between horizontal type and vertical type fermentation tank can be mainly divided into two aspects. They are cost and production capacity.

Horizontal Manure Fermentation Cylinder for SaleVertical Type Manure Fermentation Tank for Sale
composting materials



From the above, you can know more about the difference between vertical type and horizontal type animal manure fermentation tank. When choosing the fermentation tank for in-vessel manure composting, you can consult us for the details. We will recommend the best organic fertilizer fermentation machine for you.

What Is the Cost of Horizontal In Vessel Compost Turner Machine?

You can know that there are 5-50m3 organic manure horizontal fermentation cylinders are on sale in FPC fertilizer equipment production factory. Meanwhile, the cost of this machine is related to its production capacity. Therefore, different models of horizontal fermentation tanks are sold at the different prices. However, we sell the organic manure processing machine at the fair price. That is because we have factory and there is middle salesmen. The fertilizer manufacturer can get one animal manure fermentation tank from our company directly. When searching for an organic fertilizer fermentation tank, please email us. You can get the newest price list from us.

Where Can I Get One Horizontal Fully Automatic Composting Machine?

In the fertilizer production equipment market, there are many horizontal fermentation cylinder manufacturers you will meet. When finding the best manufacturers, a key point is that you must buy a machine from a capable and certificated organic fertilizer equipment supplier. FPC company will be your best choice. You can find an ideal manure in-vessel composting machine from FPC.

FPC has specialized in fertilizer equipment R&D and production over15 years. You can find many sorts of organic fertilizer fermentation machines here, such as windrow compost turner, trough type compost turner and closed fermentation tank. To complete automatic organic waste fermentation in a small scale, we design and produce this type of fermentation tank. You can also get a customized horizontal fully automatic composting machine here. Welcome to email us for free inquiry.

The above is the detailed introduction about horizontal fermentation cylinder. You may get a further understanding of working principle and structure about this machine. At the same time, the fully automatic composting equipment in horizontal type can be bought at the favorable price. You can email us to get free inquiry and latest price list from us. Our salesman will offer detailed quote and recommend the best horizontal manure fermentation pot to you.

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