NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment cost is affected by many aspects. For example, you apply different granulation technologies to produce NPK compound fertilizer. That will affect the type of NPK fertilizer granulator you buy. Therefore, the main aspect which will affect the cost is the type of selected granulation equipment.

There are four kinds of wet fertilizer granulators and two kinds of dry fertilizer granulator for sale in market. Because of various types, these pelletizer machines are on sale at different prices. FPC is an established fertilizer granulator factory. You can find the best NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment in our company. The following are the introduction in details. You will get more information from the following.

How Many Types of Granulators Can Be Used for NPK Compound Fertilizer Production?

There are six sorts of granulator machines that can be used for NPK compound fertilizer production. They are stirring tooth granulator, rotary gear drum granulator, disc pan granulator, rotary drum granulator, flat die granulator and double roller extrusion granulator. The following are the specific information about these fertilizer pellet making machines.

Stirring Tooth Type

Rotary Drum Type

Rotary Drum Gear Fertilizer Granulation Machine

Rotary Gear Drum Type

pan granulating machine

Disc Pan Type

Flat Die Type

Double Roller Type

The mentioned above is the brief introduction of compound fertilizer granulator types. FPC is an established and certificated fertilizer granulator factory. You can contact us for consultation in details. We will recommend the most suitable granulator to you for NPK compound fertilizer production.

How Much Are the Dry Granulator Machines of NPK Compound Fertilizer?

From the above, we know about two types of dry fertilizer pelletizer machines. They are flat die granulator and double roller extrusion granulator. Because of no-drying process, you can save more money. Therefore, they are popular with the fertilizer manufacturers whose budget is limited. Then, how much is one flat die or double roller extrusion granulator?

Flat Die Granulation Machine

Flat Die Granulator Price

One set of flat die pellet machine price ranges from $ 2,500 to $ 8,000. Its price is related to the machine model and capacity. In FPC fertilizer equipment factory, you can select SXPM-400, SXPM-500,SXPM-600 flat die granulator for column-shaped fertilizer pellets.

Flat Die Granulation Effect
Double Roller Granulator

Roller Pelletizer Price

You can get the one set of compound fertilizer double roller extrusion granulator at the price of $1,700-$9,800. The price of this machine will change as its deployment like roller materials and type. You can get the latest and precised price of roller pelletizer from us.

Roller Granulator Structure

The above prices are just for your reference. When purchasing the dry fertiliser granulator machine, you can select FPC company. Our salesmen will make the newest quotation for you. What’s more, we can send you the machine working video and finished fertilizer products to you. What you should notice is the materials type will affect the granulation effect. Therefore, you can send the materials sample to us. We will test the granulation effect for you.

What Is the Cost of Npk Fertilizer Pelletizer with Wet Granulation Technology?

There are four types of granulators which can make wet NPK fertilizer granules. As told above, they are churning granulator, rotary drum granulator, rotary gear drum granulator and disc pan granulator. The types of granulation machines are different, so the machine prices are also different. You can get to know about the wet granulation machine price from the following.

rotary drum granulator

How much is a large-scale wet NPK compound fertilizer pelletizer?

Rotary drum granulation equipment is a large scale compound fertilizer production machine. You can deploy 1-20 t/h DAP or NPK compound fertilizer production line with this machine. They how much will it cost for one set of rotary drum fertilizer pellet machine? The customer could get one drum granulator at the price of about $18,600-28,000. Its specific price depends on the model. There are many models of drum type granulation machine you can choose , such as SXZGZ-1240,1560,1870,2080,3210,etc.

What is the price of a wet granulator suitable for small NPK fertilizer manufacturers?

You can use three kinds of granulator machines for producing NPK fertilizer in a small scale. They are rotary gear drum type, stirring tooth type and disk type. Among these equipment, price of pan granulator machine is cheaper. Its prices ranges from $800 to $16,000. And the other two types of granulators can be sold at the cost of about $20,000. These three types of granulator machines are available in 1-10 t/h compound fertilizer production line.

The price of these wet granulator machines are just for your reference. The actual price will change as granulator manufacter, quality and model. When buying the NPK compound fertilizer pellet machine, you can choose FPC machinery. We will offer you cost-effective granulation equipment.

What Is Related to the Cost of NPK Compound Fertilizer Granulation Machine?

As mentioned at the beginning, there are many factors that will affect the price of NPK compound fertilizer pelletizer. Then, what are these aspects? They can be divided into three classifications: granulation technology, granulation machine model and granulator manufacturer.

Expect for the above three aspects, there are also others that are related to the cost of NPK compound fertilizer granulation machine. Therefore, you need to know more when buying the fertilizer pellet making machine. You can get a further understanding about the NPK fertilizer pelletizer from the following.

Where is there NPK compound fertilizer granulator on sale at the reasonable price?

Qualified Manufacturer

Best After-Sale Service

Customer Visit from FPC Crawler Type Compost Turner Production Factory

Provide Factory Tour

Professional npk compound fertilizer granules making machines are for sale in FPC machinery, inquiry now. You will get them at the perfect cost. Please contact us freely if you are interested in our granulation equipment.

How is FPC granulation equipment of NPK compound fertilizer?

FPC company promises to provide customers with quality and high-efficiency NPK compound fertilizer granulation machines.Our fertilizer pellet making machine has been sold all over the world. What’s more, they are highly praised by most of compound fertilizer manufactuers. You can know the characteristics and advantages of FPC compound fertilizer granulator equipment from the following.

Disk Pelletizer for Animal Manure Granulation

The above is a part of properties on FPC compound fertilizer pellet machines. You can email us for more information about the NPK fertilizer granulation equipment. We will recommend the best fertilizer ball-shaping machine to you based on your real production situation.

From the above, you will get a further understanding about the cost of NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment. Meanwhile, you will have some thoughts about the granulation machine selection. To get more professional and technical knowledge, you can contact us online. If you want to get the newest price of the machine, please email us freely. There are also complete granular compound fertilizer production lines for sale in our company. If you need, contact us please.

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