The compost shredder fro sale produced SX is highly praised by the customers from the home and abroad. The main reason is that there are some advantages of the SX crushing machine like high working efficiency and long service life. With years of experience about the fertilizer equipment production, we can recommend the right shredder machine for you according to your budget and production capacity. Besides getting the crushing machine with high working performance, you can also experience the high-quality service.

Compost Shredder for Small, Medium, Large Fertilizer Production Plant

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Our shredders have been sold at home and abroad. Most of the customers highly praise the SX compost shredder. That is because of the fertilizer compost shredder produced by SX with high quality. You can get the specific information from the follows.

Efficient Compost Crusher with Longer Service Life And Stronger Application

What technical parameters of  compost shredder machine can I get from you?

You will have a certain understanding of our crushing machine from the above mentioned. If you need to crush the raw materials while making the fertilizer, the SX compost shredder will be your better choice.

Here is the technical parameters about the SXFLF-600, SXFLF-800,SXFLF-1000 vertical type crusher. The data is just for your reference.

Model Power Capacity Inlet Size Dimensions
SXFLF-600 22 3-5 400×400 1300×750×1900
SXFLF-800 30 5-8 600×400 1800×1020×2100
SXFLF-1000 37 8-15 650×450 2150×1220×2700

What Production Line is Suitable for Compost Shredder For Sale in SX?

We have produced different types of grinders for different fertilizer production lines. You can know more detailed information from the followings.

The technical parameters are for your reference only. In general, we will improve or modify some parts such as motor according to the customers’ requirements. You can also propose your requests to us. We will try our best to meet your demands.

Which type vertical type crusher is suitable for my fertilizer production line?

What Special Services Can You Experience After Buying The Sx Compost Crusher?

We have engaged in the fertilizer equipment production for many years. Therefore, you will have a better using experience after choosing SX. The detailed information are as follows.

According to the customers needs , we can modify some parts of the crushing machine. And we will guarantee that its the working efficiency will not be affected. After customizing, we will test the the performance of the crushing machine. You can also visit the crusher production process on site.

There are not middlemen to sell our crushing machine. Therefore, you will not get the crushing machine at high price. In addition, we will send you the latest machine quote.

After buying the SX crushing machine, our technician can give you some technical support. For example, we can provide you with the on-site install service. We can also change the vulnerable parts during the warranty period.

As mentioned above, we can not only provide you with the high-quality crushing machine,but also offer you the first class service. Therefore, you can choose the SX compost shredder without worries.

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