In the fertilizer manufacturing industry, there are many customers who want to get large scale production lines for manure disposal. To satisfy customers’ requirements, FPC lunches out various types of organic fertilizer production lines. You can get a set of organic fertilizer making line from small to large scale. We will offer the production line with perfect organic fertilizer equipment configuration. Here is a example for 100,000 t/y organic fertilizer production plant solution. You can get to know the deployments and price of this fertilizer production line from the following.

If your fertilizer plant capacity is 100,000 tons annual year, you need to buy 20-75 t/h organic fertilizer production line. We recommend that you buy three sets of 20 t/h organic fertilizer making lines. The machine you need to buy are as follows.

  • For transporting the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished fertilizer, you need to buy materials buffering silo, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, batching systems and an automatic weighing&packing machine.

Rotary screening machine

Batching System

Automatic Packing Machine

Belt Conveyor

  • To collect the dust and waste gas produced during organic fertilizer production, the dust removal machine, waste materials silo, wind transmission system are required.

Cyclone Dust Collector

Loader Type Feeder

Rtotary Screening Machine

Materials Buffering Silo

  • This part is about the main machine for making organic fertilizer. They can be divided into two parts. One is pre-treatment part, and the other is granulation part. The followings are the requires equipment.

Pretreatment part

The machines which are needed for pre-processing raw materials include crushing machine, compost turner, fertilizer mixer  and fertilizer screening machine.

Vertical Crusher

Vertical Fermentation Tank

Horizontal Mixing Machine

Granulation part

Of course a granulator machine is required. For improving your fertilizer granules quality, these machines are also indispensable. They are granular fertilizer dryer, rotary drum cooler, fertilizer coating machine.

Rotary Drum Granulator

Rotary Drum Dryer

Fertilizer Coating Machine

What is the price of this granular organic fertilizer production line?

The above is brief introduction of 100,000 t/y organic fertilizer production line configuration. Then what is the price of this granular organic fertilizer production line?

You can get this line at the price of about $550,000. But the price is for your reference only. There are many factors which will affect the price of this whole organic fertilizer production line, such as steel price, machine model and manufacturing cost. You can email us for consultation in details. Our skilled and processional personnel will design the best production line of organic fertilizer for you. At the same time, you can get the latest quotation of this complete production line.

If you are investing in an organic fertilizer production project, you can consult FPC online. We will provide you with more information, such as organic fertilizer equipment selection, organic fertilizer plant cost, investment and profit, organic fertilizer plant construction. FPC is an established fertilizer equipment manufacturing factory. We sell all the machines at the fair and reasonable price. What’s more,you can experience considerate service from us. Of course, welcome to visit our factory.

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