The wheel type compost turner plays a very important role in the organic fertilizer composting process. By using the wheel type composting machine, you can meet the composting requirements like moisture and the temperature. In order to make the composting process more efficiency, SX designs the wheel type composting machine with strong adaptability. You use the SX large scale composting machine to flip different materials. Moreover, there are many advantages of the SX organic fertilizer wheel type composting equipment. It is because that so many customers want to buy the SX wheel type composting turner. We not only can provide the high-quality wheel type composting machine, but also can give you some suggestions to maintain the composting machine. In this way, you can reduce the production cost.

High water content may cause the anaerobic fermentation. For making the fermentation successful, you can regulate the materials moisture by using the wheel-type compost turner. The disc compost turner will make the extra water evaporate into the air during the working process. In this way, you can meet the environmental requirement of the aerobic fermentation system.

In order to ferment completely, you need to increase the fermenting area of the organic waste. Besides crushing the raw materials in advance, you can also crush them through the effect of the lager scale compost turning machine. While flipping the organic manure, the blade of the disc-type compost tuner will broke the bulk materials to meet the fermenting condition.

 In order to ensure the activity of the aerobic bacteria in the raw materials pile, you should keep the fermenting temperature at 60℃-65℃.You can use the wheel type compost machine to control the composting temperature. When the machine working, the organic manure will be sprayed into the air. The coll air will contact with the raw material to reduce the high temperature.

For making the nutrients distribute evenly, you should make the organic manure mix thoroughly. when wheel type composting machine is flipping the material, the accessories added in the material can be fully mixed with the raw materials under the action of the blade. By using the wheel-type compost turner machine, you can get the raw materials of the organic fertilizer with balanced nutrients.

While composting, you should keep the better permeability for the aerobic bacteria. To improve the materials permeability, you can also use the disc-type compost turning machine. While flipping the raw materials. The machine can make the sticky and dense piles fluffy and elastic. After such a transformation, there will form the suitable fermentation pores among the material particles.

As the mentioned above, you can know that the wheel type composting machine can promote fermentation and shorten the fermentation cycle. You can also improve the efficiency of fertilizer production by using the wheel-type compost turning machine.

What Materials Can You Compost By Using the Wheel Type Compost Turner?

The wheel type composting machine produced by SX have the strong adaptability to different types of the raw materials. Generally speaking, the materials can be divided into three categories.

As shown above, you can reduce the loss of the nutrients in different kinds of the materials through using the wheel type composting turner when composing. Therefore, you can produce the high-quality fertilizer with the lager scale wheel type compost turner.

What Is Advantage Of The Wheel Type Compost Turner?

Another reason why so many fertilizer producers like to use the wheel type composting turner in the fertilizer production industry is that there are many good characteristics in the composting machine. The followings are the characteristics of the high efficiency wheel type composting machine.

Disc Type Groove Composting Machine with High Depth and Large Scale
Energy-Saving Wheel Type Composting Equipment for Trench Type Fermentation System
Wheel Type Composting Equipment Produced by FPC with Large Disc

It is because of these remarkable features that the wheel composting machine can be widely popular with organic fertilizer manufacturers. If you need to buy the wheel type composting machine, the SX trench disc-type compost turner machine will be better choice.

Here is technical parameter about the SXLPFD-2000 wheel type compost turner machine. The data is for your reference only.

Model Power(kw) Overall size(mm) Turning span(m)
SXLPFD-2000 22+1.5×4+4 22000×5800×4500 30

Why Can You Select The Sx Wheel Type Compost Turner?

There are many types of wheel type composting equipment with different specifications in SX. Moreover, the large scale wheel type composting machine produced by SX has many advantages. The detailed information of the advantages are as following.

How can I get wheel type compost turner at least cost?

Because of the advantages of the SX wheel type composting machine, many customers prefer to buy the SX organic fertilizer groove disc type compost turning machine.

How To Compost The Material By Using The Wheel Type Compost Turner?

From the above, you can know that the wheel type composting equipment has high working efficiency. Then, how does the wheel type composting machine process the raw materials? You can solve the question from the following.

In addition, there are hydraulic lifting system and fully automatic electric control system on the wheel type composting machine. You can operate the composting machine safely and conveniently.

How To Compost The Material By Using The Wheel Type Compost Turner?

In order to use the wheel type composting machine for a long time, you need to do the following things to maintain the machine regularly.

Clean The Disc In Time

Because the flipping disc is contacted directly with the materials. And the raw materials have the property of strong corrosion. Therefore, you need to clean the wheel type composting machine, especially the chassis. If there are some place to drop the paint, you should brush timely.

Check The Oil In Reducer

Before running the wheel type composting machine, you must check whether there is some oil in the reducer. At the first running of the groove disc type compost turner, you should change the oil after 100-hour running. Then you should replace the new oil every 1000-hour operation.

Check Transmission Part

For ensuring the wheel type composting machine work normally, you should often inspect the chain transmission device. If there is a little looseness in the chain, you need to adjust the chain. If the chain can’t turn, you should use the butter and lubricating oil to lubricate the chain.

Clean The Hydraulic System

You should remove the foreign substances in the hydraulic system regularly. After the 200-hour operation of the hydraulic system, you should clean the impurity materials and check the filter  to make the machine operate normally. In this way, you can make the composting process without a hitch.

Can I get technical support about wheel type compost tuner operation and installation ?

By doing the above maintenance work, you can use the wheel type compost turner more efficiently. What’s more, you can also reduce the maintenance cost and investment cost of the organic fertilizer plant.

Where to Buy the Best Wheel Type Fertilizer Compost Turner?

There are many fertilizer equipment manufacturers to sell the wheel type fertilizer compost turner. However, you can not sure that the quality of their wheel type compost turner machines are good or not. Therefore, where to buy the best wheel type compost turner machine is the problem which fertilizer manufacturers concern. FPC is an established fertilizer equipment manufacturer. We have over 15-year production and selling experience. And the wheel type compost turner machine has been sold at home and abroad. They are highly praised by our customers. Thus, you can buy quality wheel type compost turning machine from us. You can enjoy the following three services once choosing us.

From the above, you can know that FPC is a responsible and professional fertilizer equipment manufacturing plant. You can trust our service and machine quality. When purchasing the machine for fertilizer compost production, FPC company will be your best choice. In addition, our wheel type manure composting machine is on sale at the favorable price. Welcome to our website for free inquiry and latest price list.

Through the above, you have a further understand about the wheel -type composting machine. As the old-brand fertilizer equipment producer, we can provide you with high-quality trench type compost turner. What’s more, you will get a better buying experience after choosing SX.

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