Different scales of npk compound fertilizer production factories will buy different types of compound fertilizer production lines. Therefore, FPC designs and produces NPK compound fertilizer production lines with different machines configurations. Here is a detailed instruction of machines deployment for 5000 Tons/ Year NPK fertilizer plant.

What machines should I buy for 5000TPY NPK fertilizer plant before granulation?

Before granulation, you should treat the raw materials. When pre-treating the straight fertilizer, the machines you will use are batching system, crushing machine and mixing machine. You can get the detailed types of these machines from the following.

Automatic Batching Systems

At the beginning of NPK compound fertilizer production, straight fertilizers will be sent to production line respectively. Then computer-controlled automatic batching systems will ingredient on them automatically according to the NPK fertilizer formula. NPK fertilizer plant with production capacity of 5000t/y can buy dynamic or static batching machines in FPC company.

Crushing Equipment

After batching, these fertilizers will be processed into powder by the crushing machine. It is to prepare for the NPK compound fertilizer granulation process. For 5000 t/y NPK fertilizer plant, there are many types of fertilizer crushing machine can be chosen, such as SXFLF-600 new type vertical crusher, SXNS-40 urea crusher, SXLTF-500 chain crusher and SXLSF-600 cage crusher.

Mixing Machine

After crushing, you should use the mixing machine to process the fertilizers. By doing this, you can make sure that all kinds of straight fertilizers distribute evenly. The SXWJ-7015 horizontal mixer, SXSJ-0830 double shafts horizontal mixer and single shaft mixer can be used for 5000 tons per year NPK compound fertilizer production plant.

Which granulator machine is the best for 5000 T/Y NPK fertilizer manufacturing plant?

FPC designs many types of granulation machines for organic, compound fertilizer pellets production. For 5000 t/y NPK fertilizer production company, we recommend the SXYZ-2800 pan granulator, SXDJ-1T double roller extrusion granulator and SXPM-400 flat die granulator. The selected type of granulator machine depend on your granulation process.

Disk Pelletizer for Animal Manure Granulation

Pan Granulator Machine

Flat Die Granulator

Double Roller Press Granulator

After granulation, what machines should be also equipped for 5000t/y NPK compound fertilizer plant?

There are also five sorts of fertilizer production machines should be buy for 5000T/Y NPK fertilizer making plant after granulation. They are drying machine, cooling machine, granular fertilizer coating machine, screening machine and automatic packing machine. You can know about their function during the NPK compound fertilizer production process from the following.

Fertilizer Drying Machine

Fertilizer Cooling Machine

Coating Machine

After drying and cooling process, the machine you need to use next is coating machine. Through using the granular fertilizer coating machine, you can improve the fluidity of fertilizer pellets. In this way, you can solve the caking problem of NPK fertilizer granules. Here is a kind of rotary drum coating machine for 5000t/y NPK fertilizer plant.

Screening Machine

In order to get quality fertilizer granules, you should use the screening machine. Those unqualified NPK fertilizer pellets will be returned to crushing process for re-granulation. By doing this, you can make full use of raw materials. The SXGS-1020 rotary screening machine is more suitable for the 5000 TPY NPK fertilizer manufacturing plant.

Packing Machine

There are three types of fertilizer packing machines for sale in FPC company. They are no-bucket packing machine, single bucket packing machine and double bucket packing machine. The 5000T/Y NPK fertilizer plant customers can choose the no-bucket packing machine. This type of packing machine can pack about 180 bags fertilizer per hour. It is enough for your NPK fertilizer factory.

The above is the solution of machines configuration for 5000 ton/year NPK fertilizer production plant. The data is for your reference only. These machines will be adjusted according to fertilizer manufacturers’ raw materials, production capacity, production site and budget. You can email us to get more information and the newest quoted price list. The complete set of NPK fertilizer production machines are on sale at the best price in FPC company. You can also get the customized NPK fertilizer production line from us. Welcome to our website for free inquiry.

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