Because of high moisture, there is lower nutrients content in the cow dung. To improve the nutrients content, you need to use the cow dung dewatering machine. While producing the cow dung organic fertilizer, how can you buy the dewatering machine at the best price? As for this question, we can provide you some advice about cow dung dehydrator selection. Moreover, you can get the information about the technical specifications of the cow dung solid-liquid separator from us. Moreover, as the experienced fertilizer making machines supplier, we will provide you the dewatering machine at the proper price.

The organic fertilizer productivity and budget you plan will affect the cow dung dewatering machine price you buy. Therefore, you should consider the two aspects while selecting the cow dung dehydrator. You can refer to the following.

Production Capacity

When considering the cow dung dehydrator selection based on production capacity, what you should note is that raw material shall be three times the weight of the finished product. For example, when producing 5 tons of organic fertilizer per hour, you should get 15 tons of the dry cow dung. Therefore, when your organic fertilizer output is about 5 tons, we recommend that you choose the SXTS-180 cow manure dehydrator with an output of 10-15 tons.

Production Budget

With different budgets, you will build the organic fertilizer with different productivity. For instance, when you set up an organic fertilizer production line with the budget of $45,000, as mentioned above, you can produce 5 tons of the fertilizers per hour. And you need to buy the cow dung dehydrator with the capacity of 15 tons. Therefore, when you purchase the cow dung solid-liquid machine, you should be clear about production budget of your fertilizer plant.

The above data is for your reference only. Each customer has different situation. As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the organic fertilizer equipment production, when you can consult us about the machine based on the output and budget, we will provide you with a very fair cow manure dewatering price.

How can I get quality  cow dung dewatering machine at least cost?

How do you judge whether the cow dung dewatering machine price is reasonable?

Are you afraid of buying the low-quality cow dung dehydrator at unreasonable price? For acquiring the machine at perfect price, you can confirm the following two aspects while selecting the cow dung solid-liquid machine.

Oblique Sieve Soild-Liquid Separator for Cow Dung Treatment
Manure Solid Liquid Separator Deisgned by FPC Fertilizer Equipment Production Factory
Model Capacity(m³/h) Power(kw) Dimensions(mm)
SXTSX-800 15-20 4 1700×1500×1300
SXTSX-1200 30-40 5.5 2200×1500×1700
Model Capacity(m³/h) Power(kw) Dimensions(mm)
SXTSX-180 10-15 4 1850×650×1150
SXTSX-230 15-20 5.5 1850×800×1150

By confirming these two aspects with the dehydrator supplier, you can roughly judge whether the cow dung dehydrator price is reasonable. Then you can get a high quality cow manure dehydrator at a fair market price.

What are the technical parameters of the SX cow dung dewatering machine that you buy at the right price?

For making the cow dung dewatering machine work more efficiently, SX improves the dehydrator structure. You can know the detailed information from the following.

Through the above, you can understand that our dehydrator has the advantages of stable operation and long-term service life. Therefore, you can lower the investment through cutting down the maintenance cost.

After dewatering, you can make use the cow dung waste water to make the liquid fertilizer. If you want to make full use of the organic manure raw materials, there is a whole set of liquid fertilizer production line in SX. You can contact with us if you intend to make the fluid fertilizer from animal manure and agricultural waste.

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