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Make Liquid Fertilizer From Chicken Manure

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Make Liquid Fertilizer From Chicken Manure2022-08-18T16:15:55+08:00

Chicken manure is one of important raw materials ro make the organic fertilizer. As the same time, you can  also make liquid fertilizer from chicken manure. Then how to make liquid fertilizer from chicken manure? You can get the detailed production process of liquid chicken manure fertilizer from the following.  What’s more, you can know that complete production equipment for chicken manure liquid fertilizer. When disposing the chicken manure, FPC chicken manure liquid fertilizer complete production line will be your best choice. We have many years of experience in organic fertilizer production line design and production. You can get entire liquid chicken manure fertilizer production line at the best cost in FPC company. Welcome to email us for consulation.


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The machines used for making liquid fertilizer from chicken manure
Compost shredder machine, chicken manure dewatering machine, impurities filter device, UV sterilization equipment, raw materials mixing tank and anaerobic fermentation tank.

Why Is The Chicken Manure Suitable For Making Liquid Manure?

The feed nutrients cannot be absorbed entirely in the shorter digestive tract of the chicken and then excreted with the feces. Therefore, the large amount of nutrients remain in chicken manure. You can recycle these nutrients for making the quality liquid fertiliser. The following will give you some useful information.

The chicken manure nutrients are related to its growth stage and economic use.

Chicken Manure for Quality Organic Liquid Fertilizer Production
  • Nutrients Content

    Generally, there are 50% moisture, 25.5% organic matter, 1.65%N, 1.54%P, 0.85%K in the fresh chicken manure.

  • Broilers Manure

    Because the farmyard worker feed the broilers with the high-energy and high-protein feed, the broilers manure contains crude protein.

  • Lay Hen Dung

    Because of its economic use, there is high calcium content in the laying hen manure.

From the above, you can know the reason why the fertilizer producers use the chicken manure as the raw materials of the liquid fertilizer production. When running the chicken manure liquid fertilizer production line, you can consult us about the raw materials selection. We can give you some advice about it.

How Do You Separate The Wastewater From The Chicken Manure To Make The Liquid Fertilizer?

After collecting the chicken manure, then how do you process it to make the liquid fertilizer? There are two steps in the initial treatment of chicken manure. One is to crush the chicken manure, the other is to dewater the chicken poop. The followings are the details about these two steps.

Crush The Chicken Manure

When you collect the chicken waste, there must be some bulk materials in it. In order to speed up the solid-liquid separation, you need to use the fertilizer crushing machine to grind the chicken manure. There is a new type vertical crushing machine in SX you can choose. You can use the SX vertical crusher to process up to 15 tons of the chicken manure per hour. Moreover, it has the advantages of high working efficiency and long service life.

Separate Solid And Liquid

There are approximately 50% water content in the fresh chicken manure. You should use the solid-liquid separator to get the wastewater from the chicken manure. The chicken wastewater also contains the large amount of the nutrients. You can use the waste water from the chicken manure to make the liquid fertilizer. While separating the chicken dung solid and water, we recommend the chicken manure dewatering machine produced by SX.

After the chicken manure solid-liquid separation, you can not only produce the liquid fertilizer with the waste water, but also produce the organic fertilizer with the solid chicken manure. By doing so, you can make full use of the raw materials to maximum the benefits.

Before Making The Liquid Fertilizer, How Do You Process The Chicken Manure Wastewater?

Follow the above operation, you can get the waste water which is the raw materials of making liquid fertilizer from the chicken manure. Then how do you treat the waste water to make the liquid water soluble fertilizer? The following is the treatment of the chicken manure waste water.

After doing the above, you can improve the purity of the chicken dung waste water. However, you still continue to improve the purity of the materials for manufacturing qualified liquid manure products. Next, you can pump the original liquid in the overflow tank through the centrifugal pump to the pipeline for the next liquid fertilizer production process.

What is the area and depth of the sedimentation tank and the overflow pool for making chicken manure liquid fertilizer?

How To Improve The Raw Materials Quality For Making The Chicken Manure Liquid Fertilizer?

After the sedimentation, there are still tiny foreign particles, parasites and infectious bacteria in the chicken waste liquid. What you should do next is to remove these substances. But how? The following can be your reference.

You can improve physical and chemical properties of the raw materials for the liquid fertilizer production through filtering and sterilizing. You can also produce the high-purity liquid fertilizer with such raw materials.

Filter Twice

Because the liquid fertilizer purity is determined by the raw materials purity. There, you need to use the liquid filter to remove the impurity substances in the liquid. For improving the filtering efficiency, SX designs the liquid fertilizer filter specially. When designing the liquid manure production line, we set up two filters to ensure the original liquid purity. In addition, we use the stainless steel to produce the filtering machine to prevent the raw materials corrosion. Therefore, you can use the SX liquid filtering machine for 10 years at least.

Sterilize Twice

There are some harmful bacteria like the parasites and infectious bacteria in the chicken manure. For preventing the infectious bacteria into the ecosystem to threaten the human healthy and plant growth, you need to eliminate them completely. SX has designed the liquid UV sterilization equipment to solve this problem. The SX UV sterilization machine have sterilization rate of up to 99%. During the production, the chicken manure will be sterilized twice. In this way, you can make sure the materials quality.

What other materials should you add for making chicken manure liquid fertilizer?

Under the action of the centrifugal pump, you can fill the treated chicken waste water into the ingredients tank. Then you should put some auxiliary materials into the tank for the next fermenting process. You can know the specific information from the follows.

What you need to note is that you should crush the bulk materials before adding these substances into the tank. By doing so, you can speed up the dissolve rate of the auxiliary materials to mix them evenly.

How many additive agent and fermentation promoter should I add?

How to ferment the chicken manure liquid fertilizer?

There are three aspects you should note when fermenting the materials for making the chicken manure liquid water soluble fertilizer. They are fermented temperature, environment and time. You can learn more information from the followings.

Fermented Environment

While producing the liquid water soluble fertilizer, you should choose the anaerobic fermentation system. Therefore, you should ensure that the liquid is fermented in the completely enclosed environment. By doing so, the chicken waste liquid will contact with air to affect the fermentation effect.

Fermented Temperature

In order to make the anaerobic bacteria more active, you should keep the fermented temperature at 28℃-35℃. You can make the fast fermentation at this temperature range.

Fermented Time

You will spend about 72h on the chicken waste water fermentation. After 72 hours, you can get the high-quality liquid fertilizer which is thoroughly fermented.

Regarding the fermentation process, we have designed the liquid fertilizer ingredients tank and fermented tank. You can tell us your liquid fertilizer production plan. We will design a liquid fertilizer production line for you for free.

The above is about the liquid chicken manure manufacturing process. The information is for you reference only. You can contact with us for the further detailed information about making the liquid fertilizer from the chicken manure.

What Is the Cost of Complete Chicken Manure Liquid Fertilizer Making Line?

The cost of liquid chicken manure fertilizer production is related to many aspects, such as machinery cost, maintenance cost and operation cost. Therefore, it is hard to get a precise cost for running a chicken manure liquid fertilizer. However, you can cut the unnecessary cost lost through finding a certificated and capable liquid fertilizer machine manufacturer.

FPC liquid fertilizer production machine is made of quality materials—stainless steel. The materials can avoid the raw materials corrosion efficiently. What’s more, the whole line can be used at least 10years. Thus, you can save the post-maintenance costs. In addition, you can save operating cost by using our liquid fertilizer machines. All of them takes energy-saving design. For example, the self-priming pump power is 0.75kw/h in the 500 tons per year chicken manure liquid fertilizer production line.

We have own fertilizer machinery production factory. All the machines are sold by our factory directly. Therefore,you can get the whole chicken manure liquid fertilizer processing line at the fair price from FPC company. Through the above, you can run a liquid chicken manure fertilizer at the perfect cost.

You can email and tell us your requirements. We can calculate the basic cost of liquid fertilizer production line according to your needs. Meanwhile, our technical staff will give you professional advice. Welcome to our website for free inquiry.

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    Collect The Suitable Raw Materials For Organic fertilizer2022-06-11T11:04:31+08:00

    You should select the raw materials according to the organic fertilizer production formula.It should be made after various investigations and research. In this way, you can produce the organic fertilizer with high and comprehensive nutrients.

    You can use many kind of the raw materials to make the organic fertilizer. However, for effective&quality organic fertilizer , you can select animal manure and agricultural waste.

    The Poultry Waste

    There are many kinds of nutrients in poultry manure. For example, in animal waste, the content of organic matter is about 25%. There are 1.63%N, 1.5%P205, 0.85% K20 in the poultry manure.

    If poultry waste is not disposed of in time, air pollution will occur. At the same time, it loses its value. Because animal manure contains a lot of nutrients suitable for soil and crop growth. Therefore, the best management solution is to maximize the value of poultry waste. Therefore, when making the organic fertilizer from the animal manure, you should compost the manure completely. Otherwise, the harmful bacteria will affect the crop growth.

    How to manage your poultry manure problem

    We have designed effective management solutions:The collected animal manure is composted and fermented. Next, you can go through a series of fertilizer granulation processes. Finally, you can manufacture organic fertilizers for sale.

    The Agricultural Waste

    Agricultural waste is an agricultural by-product, a useful resource. What’s more, it is one of the indispensable raw materials for making organic fertilizer. For example, the content of organic matter in the straw of crops is 15%. Of course, it also contains calcium, magnesium, sulfur and other important trace elements. These are all essential nutrients for the growth of crops.

    How to convert agricultural waste into suitable materials?

    Agricultural waste is mostly urban household waste, grass peat, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste, etc.These agricultural fertilizers have large water content or lumps, which are not suitable directly as raw material for fertilizer. How to convert these agricultural waste into suitable materials?We have designed two crushers to process raw materials: semi-wet material crusher and straw crusher.They can guarantee standard rate of the materials using for fertilizer production.In addition,they can solved the inconvenience due to uneven fitness of materials.It has the advantages of small footprint,simple operation and no dust pollution.Therefore, they are ideal crushing powder equipment for raw materials.

    Both animal manure and agricultural waste can be used for producing the organic fertilizers. In addition, you should note the compost process when using them to make the fertilizers.

    According to formula, collecting the raw materials for organic fertilizer

    The formula determines what kinds of the raw materials you can choose. When you choose the materials based on the scientific formula, you can making the organic fertilizer with high quality and adequate nutrients. Then the organic fertilizer you produce will have the strong competitiveness and suitable for all plants & gardening purpose.

    Therefore, you can make soil surveys before fertilizer production to avoid blindly producing organic fertilizers. Because it can provide scientific information for soil testing and formula fertilization, ensuring that agricultural production can maintain crop yields. The raw materials you lack in soil survey exactly also are what kind of fertilizer formula you should produce.

    After you already have the right ingredients, we design the advanced compost fermentation equipment for you.Whether you need composting turner equipment or complete fertilizer granulation production line, we can meet your needs.Welcome to consult with us!

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      How to Use Cow Manure to Make Liquid Fertilizer?2021-10-21T11:38:42+08:00

      Cow manure is an important raw material for organic fertilizer production. It has the characteristic of high moisture. Therefore, the cow dung should dewatered by the solid-liquid separator when using it to produce the organic fertilizer. After being dewatered, the solid cow manure is used for powder or granular organic fertilizer production. To make full use of cow manure, the left cow dung wastewater can be used for making liquid fertilizer. Then, what is the production process of cow dung liquid fertilizer? There are four steps when making cow dung liquid fertilizer. They are solid-liquid separation, remove impurities, sterilization, anaerobic fermentation.

      Fresh cow manure contains high moisture and nutrients. Therefore, it is the good raw materials for liquid fertilizer productiob. The cow dung dewatering machine is required at this moment. There are two types of solid-liquid separator machines in FPC you can choose. One is screw-extruding solid-liquid separator, and the other is inclined sieve solid-liquid separator. Our dewatering equipment can treat the cow dung with over 50% moisture. After being dewatered, the cow manure moisture can be decreased to about 30%. Therefore, FPC cow manure solid-liquid separator is an efficient fertilizer production machine. In addition, you can get more cow manure wastewater to make liquid fertilizer.

      After dewatering, there are still some impurities like grass craps in cow manure wastewater. To make quality cow manure liquid fertilizer, you’d better remove these impurities. First, you should build sedimentation tank and overflow tank to remove impurities initially. Then, the wastewater will be pumped into the filter device with the help of centrifugal pump. The filer equipment will remove the left impurities. In this way, you can get the high-purity cow dung wastewater.

      Through the filtering process, you can improve the cow manure wastewater purity. However, there are many harmful bacteria like Escherichia coli in the waste water. To make safety liquid fertilizer, you should use the sterilization device to kill these pathogenic bacteria. For this step, FPC produces the UV sterilization device. This equipment can kill the pathogenic bacteria effectively. After that, you can use the treated cow dung wastewater to make liquid fertilizer.

      You should add fermentation agents and other auxiliary materials into the cow dung wastewater after the above three steps. The purpose of this is to shorten the fermentation time. When adding these substances, you’d better crush them with shredding machine in advance. In this way, the dissolution rate can be increased to improve the production efficiency. Then, the mixture will flow into the fermentation tank under the action of centrifugal pump. Liquid fertilizer production applies the anaerobic fermentation system. It is different from the solid organic fertilizer production.

      The mentioned above is about the cow dung liquid fertilizer production process. For the bio-organic liquid fertilizer production, FPC designs the liquid fertilizer production line specially. Therefore, you can get complete set of animal manure wastewater liquid fertilizer production line form us. FPC liquid fertilizer production line has the advantages of less land occupation, long service life and high production capacity. Welcome to our website to get newest information about the cow dung liquid fertilizer production line.

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