You should select the raw materials according to the organic fertilizer production formula.It should be made after various investigations and research. In this way, you can produce the organic fertilizer with high and comprehensive nutrients.

You can use many kind of the raw materials to make the organic fertilizer. However, for effective&quality organic fertilizer , you can select animal manure and agricultural waste.

The Poultry Waste

There are many kinds of nutrients in poultry manure. For example, in animal waste, the content of organic matter is about 25%. There are 1.63%N, 1.5%P205, 0.85% K20 in the poultry manure.

If poultry waste is not disposed of in time, air pollution will occur. At the same time, it loses its value. Because animal manure contains a lot of nutrients suitable for soil and crop growth. Therefore, the best management solution is to maximize the value of poultry waste. Therefore, when making the organic fertilizer from the animal manure, you should compost the manure completely. Otherwise, the harmful bacteria will affect the crop growth.

How to manage your poultry manure problem

We have designed effective management solutions:The collected animal manure is composted and fermented. Next, you can go through a series of fertilizer granulation processes. Finally, you can manufacture organic fertilizers for sale.

The Agricultural Waste

Agricultural waste is an agricultural by-product, a useful resource. What’s more, it is one of the indispensable raw materials for making organic fertilizer. For example, the content of organic matter in the straw of crops is 15%. Of course, it also contains calcium, magnesium, sulfur and other important trace elements. These are all essential nutrients for the growth of crops.

How to convert agricultural waste into suitable materials?

Agricultural waste is mostly urban household waste, grass peat, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste, etc.These agricultural fertilizers have large water content or lumps, which are not suitable directly as raw material for fertilizer. How to convert these agricultural waste into suitable materials?We have designed two crushers to process raw materials: semi-wet material crusher and straw crusher.They can guarantee standard rate of the materials using for fertilizer production.In addition,they can solved the inconvenience due to uneven fitness of materials.It has the advantages of small footprint,simple operation and no dust pollution.Therefore, they are ideal crushing powder equipment for raw materials.

Both animal manure and agricultural waste can be used for producing the organic fertilizers. In addition, you should note the compost process when using them to make the fertilizers.

According to formula, collecting the raw materials for organic fertilizer

The formula determines what kinds of the raw materials you can choose. When you choose the materials based on the scientific formula, you can making the organic fertilizer with high quality and adequate nutrients. Then the organic fertilizer you produce will have the strong competitiveness and suitable for all plants & gardening purpose.

Therefore, you can make soil surveys before fertilizer production to avoid blindly producing organic fertilizers. Because it can provide scientific information for soil testing and formula fertilization, ensuring that agricultural production can maintain crop yields. The raw materials you lack in soil survey exactly also are what kind of fertilizer formula you should produce.

After you already have the right ingredients, we design the advanced compost fermentation equipment for you.Whether you need composting turner equipment or complete fertilizer granulation production line, we can meet your needs.Welcome to consult with us!

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