FPC is an organic fertilizer equipment manufacturing company. We have been in fertilizer equipment and production line research and development over 15 years. You can find best fertilizer production machines and efficient fertilizer making lines from our company. In addition, there are many transaction cases of fertilizer production lines. For example, in October 2021, we design and sell a set of 2tph organic fertilizer granules production line for the customer form Netherlands. You can get the details about this successful cases from the following.

Can your organic fertilizer production line be used for CMS pellets production?
What machines need I buy for this whole organic fertilizer making line?
What is the price of the 2 ton per hour granular organic fertilizer production line?

The above is about the communication process between our company and customer from Netherlands. The data is just for your reference. You can email us for more detailed information. FPC is an established fertilizer equipment production factory. You can buy various types of fertilizer production lines here. For water soluble fertilizer, you can get a whole set of liquid fertilizer production line. For compound fertilizer, you can get the urea based compound fertilizer production line. There are also many types of fertilizer processing machines, such as compost turners, granulator machines and crushing machines. You can visit our official website to know more.

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