Double roller press granulator, as the dry granulator, is popular with the fertilizer manufacturers. FPC roller pelletizer is sold all over the world. What’s more, The double roller compression pelletizer is on sale at the best price. It is highly praised by customers from home and abroad. Here is a successful case of 5 tons/hour double roller fertilizer granulator for Canadian fertilizer producer customer. You can get the detailed information according to the following.

The customer from Canada would like to purchase the largest double roller fertilizer granulator for his 5t/h granulation line. According to his requirements, we recommend the best model of roller granulation machine and make the latest quoted price list for him. There are many double roller extrusion granulators for sale in our company. They are on sale at the different prices. When purchasing the fertilizer granulator machine, you can tell us your fertilizer production capacity and the amount of raw materials. We will recommend the suitable fertilizer granulator machine for you. At the same time, we will also provide you with the newest quoted price.

  • Can your double roller press pelletizer process the materials with size of 100mesh?

The Canadian customer produces the fertilizer granules with rock phosphate. The raw materials size is about 100mesh and below. The double roller extrusion granulation machine is more suitable for his fertilizer production line. Because our double roller fertilizer pelletizer can granulate the materials with the size of 50-200mes. When buying the granulator machine, we mush know about your raw materials types and sizes. Only in this way, can we recommend the best fertilizer granulator machine for you.

  • What is the suitable moisture for your double roller press pelletizer?

Our roller press granulator machine can treat the raw materials with 5-10% moisture. Canadian fertilizer manufacturer customer send us some raw materials. We use the machine to granulate rock phosphate. Then we show the finished products to him. He is very satisfied with the granulation effect of the roller press machine. If you are not sure that the granulation effect is good or not, you can do this. Send the raw materials to us. We test the machine for you.

  • What is the machine and roller materials?

When producing the roller granulation machine, we choose the quality and strong materials. The whole machine materials are broil steel S235. This type of materials can avoid machine damage while operating. As for the roller materials, we use the materials of 20GrMoTi. Because the roller is granulation part, it is main easy-wearing part.  Therefore, we select the robust materials for it specially.

  • Can you show me the finial granules made by your double roller extrusion?

After testing the machine, we show the picture of final fertilizer granules to Canadian customer. His requirement is to produce the 3mm fertilizer pellets. Our press granulator machine can produce the 3-10mm fertilizer grains. The fertilizer granules hardness ranges from 15N to 20N. They can be packed and stored directly.

  • What are the differences between 22kw and 30kw roller extrusion granulator?

The double roller press granulator with different power can make granules with different sizes. When the power is 22kw, the granulator machine can make the fertilizer pellets with the diameters of less than 4.5mm. 30kw double roller extrusion granulator machine can make the fertilizer grains with the diameters of more than 4.5mm. There are different powers of the roller press pelleting machine in FPC company. You can tell us your required fertilizer granules size. Our sale-staff will recommend the most suitable model for you.

The above is a part of communication process with Canadian customer. There are also many successful cases of roller double roller extrusion granulation machine. You can contact us to know about more information about the machine. FPC has been dedicated in fertilizer equipment production for many years. The products have been sold at home and abroad. You can trust our granulation machine quality. You can find complete set of fertilizer production machine in FPC, such as organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer production line, urea based compound fertilizer production line, water soluble fertilizer production and liquid fertilizer production line. Welcome to our website to know more detailed information.

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