For meeting fertilizer manufacturers’ requirements to high-quality materials and products, ShunXin designs and produces many types of screening machine. There have a latest design on screening process. It is the rotary screening machine, a new type of self-cleaning screen special equipment after the old electric vibrating screenner. Its screening capacity large than the ordinary network type roller screen that the domestic companies produced.You can use this type of self propelled screening machines in small, medium and large scale organic&compound fertilizer plant. You can get the details of rotary screening equipment from the following.

A new and upgraded screening machine

  • Long service life. The rotary screening machine produced by ShunaXin equips with an anti-corrosion screen, which can greatly improve the service life of the equipment.
  • Highly-efficient equipment. It can effectively sieve and classify organic or compound fertilizer particles of different sizes. And it will not destroy the shape of the particles. Because the equipment equips with a plate-type cleaning mechanism, the screen can never be blocked, thereby improving the screening efficiency of the equipment.Therefore, it is an efficient fertilizer screening equipment.
  • Equipment noise is low.After ShunXin has upgraded the screen, it has a higher screening rate. Equipped with the most advanced electric motor, so even if the equipment is continuously working at high intensity, there is not much noise. Meantime,during the operation of the equipment, the noise generated by the material and the rotating screen is completely isolated by the sealed dust cover. Therefore, the equipment noise is greatly reduced.
  • Good working environment.The entire screening mechanism  in a sealed dust cover, which completely eliminates the phenomenon of dust flying during screening. Therefore, the working environment will be improve. At the same time, there is a vacuuming device outside the machine, which can absorb outside dust and avoid pollution to the environment.
  • Easy maintenance.Equipment observation windows on both sides of the equipment cylinder. When the equipment is working, the staff can observe the operation of the equipment at any time.

In a word, ShunXin upgrades the screening machine in all aspects. Welcome to experience our new products.

Come and experience the latest rotary screening system!

Rotary drum screening machines are widely used in small and medium-sized fertilizer granulation production plants. You can use it for the screening of fertilizer particles such as cow manure, sheep manure, poultry manure, etc. It is widely used in the screening of various solid materials with particle size less than 300mm. The rotating speed of SXGS-2080 rotary screening machine can reach 12r/min. And the working power can be controlled at 11kw. The most prominent highlight of the rotary screening machine is the reasonable price, and the processing capacity can reach 20t/h. The following are different models of rotary drum screening equipment for your reference.

The above data is for reference only. You can consult us for details about this new invention. You can email us for the latest price list. ShunXin also sells other types of screening machines. They are all on sale at great prices. What’s more, we have a big promotion for the new device. You can get up to 10% off new products. Contact us to experience our new device at the lowest price today.

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