The chain plate type compost turner is a fermentation machine which is suitable for working in the deep groove. Like other composting machine, the chain compost turning machine can adjust the materials moisture, pH and other components. If you want to buy the chain plate composting machine to flip the raw materials, please read this passage. We will give you detailed explanation about the working process and the technical specifications about the machine. Moreover, you can consult us for the cost of the chain plate composting machine. We will give you reasonable suggestions about the composting machine based on your budget and production capacity. Besides, we will provide you with the high-quality service.

It is important for you to use the chain plate composting turner when composting the raw materials. But why? You can find the answer about the question from the followings.

While composting, the aerobic bacteria will play an important role. Therefore, you should make the aerobic bacterial distribute in the raw materials piles when fermentation. While flipping the organic manure, the chain-type trench compost turner machine has a mixing function. You can use it to blend the organic manure evenly. In this way, you can make sure all the organic fertilizer materials are composted completely.

There needs sufficient oxygen when aerobic fermentation. However, there will produce some bulk organic manure while composting. In order to ensure supply abundant the oxygen for the fertilizer materials, you should crush these bulk organic materials. Therefore, while flipping the raw materials, the chain-plate trench compost turning machine can shred the bulk organic materials to increase the ventilation.

If there is to much water content in the organic waste, the composting effect of the raw materials will be impacted. At the composting process, there will produce the extra moisture due to the high temperature. When the chain plate compost turner is turning the organic materials, the extra water will evaporate into the air. Therefore, the machine has the function of reducing the organic manure piles moisture.

The aerobic fermentation effect depends on the aerobic bacteria action. However, there is a high temperature of 70℃ at the composting process, which will impact flora activity. Therefore, you’d better use the chain plate composter to reduce the temperature. While working, the machine will spray the materials into the air. The cool air will into the material pile. In this way, the materials pile temperature will decrease.

As shown above, the chain plate composting machine will play an important role in the composting process. Therefore, so many fertilizer maker choose to buy the chain plate type composting machine when they adopt the groove type fermentation system.

What Is The Composting Process Of The Chain Plate Type Compost Turner?

The chain compost turning machine is used for the groove type fermentation. Therefore, before composting, what should you do? And how does the chain composting tuner flip the raw materials?You can know about the questions from the followings.

You can know about the working process of the chain plate compost machine through the mentioned above. By using the chain plate type composting machine, you can reduce the manpower and speed up the composting process.

What capacity of chain plate compost turner can I get from you?

What Are The Design Highlights Of The Sx Chain Plate Type Compost Turner ?

There are many design highlights on our chain plate composting machine. By using SX chain compost turning machine, you can flip materials more efficiently. Here are the design highlights of our composting machine.

Our chain plate composting machine is equipped with a supporting plate device with chain drive and roller support. With the chain plate composting machine designed in this way, you can operate the machine in the deep groove and reduce power consumption. Our chain plate composting turner is also equipped with a flexible tensioning and elastic shock damping system. This is designed to protect the drive system and working components when you use a chain plate composting machine. There are also removable and wear-resistant curved tooth blade on the plate. Such blades have very strong crushing capabilities. By using the chain-plate turner configured in this way, you can get a material pile with good composting effect.

With the shift device, the chain compost turning machine can flip material horizontally and vertically. Such chain plate composting equipment are more flexible. You can also flip the raw materials completely.

The lifting of our chain plate compost turner is operated by the hydraulic system. With such a hydraulic lifting device, you can improve the work efficiency of the chain plate composting machine.

To operate the chain plate dumpers safely, we design separate remote control devices specially. Therefore,you can control the chain composting equipment forward, sideways, flip and fast back from long distances.

Through the above, you can get a further understanding about the structure of the SX chain plate compost turner. These structural features can be used as a reference for you to choose the chain plate composting facility.

The Detailed Technical Parameters Of Sx Chain Plate Type Compost Turner.

There are many different specifications of the chain compost turning machine in SX. You can buy the right type of the compost machine according to your fertilizer production needs.  The followings are the technical parameters of the chain plate composting turner you can refer to.

The Power Motor

When producing the chain-type compost machine, we install the 17-20kw powder motor on it. Therefore, you can reduce the energy consumption and get the maximum motivation through using the chain compost turner with such power motor.

The Working Capacity

You can use the SX chain compost tuner to flip the raw materials with width of 2000mm-4000mm. With the SX chain plate compost turning machine, you can flip 1800mm height organic waste. And you can compost 300m³-650m³ raw materials per hour.

The Compost Speed

For the no-load speed of the SX chain plate compost turning machine, it can move forward about 350m per hour. When you operate the chain compost turning machine, the working speed of the machine is 90 m per hour.

The above data is for your reference only. We will modify the structure and some parts of the chain plate compost turning machine. Therefore, if you have other requests that you can propose to us, we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Here are different technical parameters of chain plate type compost turner. The data is just for your reference.

Power(kW) 31.55 31.55 31.55
Width of flip chain plate(mm) 2000 2000 2000
Materials Heights(mm) 1800 1800 1800
Working speeds(m/h) 120 120 120
No-load speed(m/h) 300 300 300
Production Capacity(m3/h) 432 432 432
Span (m) 3-4 3-4 3-4
Hoist Heights(mm) 4250 4250 4250
Fermentation tank width (track center distance) (m) 4.40/6.40/8.40 10.40/12.40/14.40 16.40/18.40/20.40
Fermentation tank heights (mm) 2000 2000 2000

How To Choose The Type Of The Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

There are many factors which can influence the price of the chain plate compost turner. Thus, how do you buy the right chain compost turning machine? You can consider this question from the following two aspects.

If you have the production capacity and the budget which are greatly different from the above data, you can consult us. We can customize the chain plate compost turner based on your actual production needs and the budget.

How much will I cost when buying chain plate composting machine?

What Service Can We Offer When You Choose Our Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

As the organic fertilizer equipment producer with years of experience, we have the confidence to give you the first class service. The followings are our services that yo can experience once choosing the SX chain plate compost turner.

Site Inspection

If you have any doubts about the chain plate compost turner production and quality, you can come to the production base of the organic fertilizer equipment. If it is not convenient for you to come to our factory. We can send the pictures and the video of the chain plate composting machine which are photographed on site for you.

Free Design

Because we have the customized service of the production equipment. Therefore, you can give us your requirements about the structures and the part of the chain composting machine. Our technical personnel will design the chain plate trench composting machine drawings freely.

Quality Guarantee

During the production of the chain compost turning equipment, we choose the best materials for the machine. Only through the strict quality inspection, can the chain plate composting equipment be delivered to the customers. Therefore, you can buy the SX chain plate compost turner without any worries.

Technical Support

There are  professional technical teams in our  company. After you receive the chain plate composting machine, we will help you install and debug the compost turner. We can also send the replacement parts of the vulnerable parts to you within the warranty time. Therefore, you can trust our after-sale service.

Because of our high quality service, many organic fertilizer producers are willing to choose the SX chain plate compost turning machine. Therefore, you can trust that we have the ability to provide you with high-quality chain plate groove type compost turning machine.

We are a customer-oriented fertilizer equipment producer. Furthermore, we have engaged in manufacturing the fertilizer making machines for many years. Therefore, we have the ability to provide you with the high-quality chain plate type compost turner and special service.

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