Fertilizer packing machine is a kind of automatic high-tech mechanical equipment specially designed for packing fertilizer to facilitate the storage and transportation of the finished products. For improving the packing efficiency, SX designs the automatic packing scales specially. There are many outstanding advantages on the SX automatic packing machine. There are also different types of the packing machine in SX. You can choose it according to your production capacity and budget.

As mentioned above, there are many types of the automatic packing scales in SX. You can select the right packaging equipment. The detailed technical parameters are as follows.

The Double Buckets Automatic Packaging Scale

The structure of double bucket automatic packing scales is similar to that of the single bucket one. But there are two feeding ports on the double bucket automatic packing machine. Through using the double bucket packaging scales, you can improve the working efficiency of packing process.Moreover,there is another advantages of the double bucket packing scales. It is low energy consumption. For instance, you will cost 1 kw electric power each hour when using the double bucket packing machine.

The Single Bucket Automatic Packing Scale

By using the single bucket automatic packing machine, you can pack 240-360 packs of the fertilizer in an hour. In addition, SX single bucket packing machine has high precision. While producing the packing scale, we select the most advanced sensors in the world to improve the accuracy of the packaging machine to about 0.02%. Furthermore, we produce the single bucket packaging scales with a wide weighing range. Therefore,you can pack a bag of 10 kg-50 kg of organic fertilizer granules.

The technical parameters are just for your reference. You can provide us with your production capacity and the budget. We will recommend the suitable packing machine to you.

3 Selling Points Of SX Fertilizer Packing Machine

In order to make the packing process more efficient, SX improves the structures of automatic packing scales. Therefore, there are many advantages of the SX automatic packing scales. You can know about three main selling points from the following.

Through the above, you can know the special advantages of the SX automatic packing scale. In addition, SX produces many type and specifications of the packaging scales. Therefore, while purchasing the fertilizer packing machine, you can get many choices from SX.

What is the price of fertilizer fully automatic packing machine?

How To Choose The Fertilizer Packing Machine For Your Fertilizer Plant?

In order to improve the fertilizer production capacity and use the investment fund reasonably, it is necessary to choose the right packing machine. While choosing the packing machine, you can consider it from the budget and the production capacity. You can get more information from the following.

As mentioned above, you be clear about your production capacity and budget while selecting the packing scales. In this way, you can deploy the right type of the machine for your fertilizer production line.

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