In the  organic fertilizer production industry, why do more and more fertilizer manufacturers choose in-vessel composting machine to deal with organic wastes such as animal manure? Is the fully automatic composting machine price reasonable?

The fully automatic composting machine price is related to its performance and working method. There are many advantages about the fermentation tank. From the structure, there are many designs in the fermentation tank to make the machine structure more reasonable. For example, SX improves some structures of the automatic composting machine. You can compost the organic waste at constant temperature. And with the deodorization device, you can have a good working environment and protect the environment from pollution, For the working process, the composting period of fermentation tank is shorter than that of traditional fermentation method. In SX, there are different sizes of fully automatic composting machine. You can choose the right size according to your feeding scale and fecal yield. Of course, we can also provide you with customized services. As an established fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we can do our best to meet your reasonable requirements.

Large-Scale Fully Automatic Composting Equipment for Organic Fertilizer Production.

In this part, we will measure the fully automatic composting machine price from the aspect of fermentation steps.

When organic fertilizer producers dispose of livestock manure, most of them will use fully automatic fermentation machine to compost these organic wastes. Not only because the fermentation principle of the fully automatic composting machine is so advanced, but also because the production process of in-vessel fermentation tank is simple. There are only three steps in the fermentation process of automatic composting machine. They are materials preparation, material fermentation and materials automatic discharge. Preparing materials need manual, but while composting and discharging the materials are fully automated. One person can operate the machine.

For preparation of organic waste, you need to consider the carbon-nitrogen ratio, carbon-phosphorus ratio, carbon-potassium ratio, PH value, etc. Then according to the organic fertilizer production formula, you add livestock manure, crop straw and other organic waste to the organic fermentation tank. Then you adjust the organic waste moisture to about 60%.

Organic Manure Compost Pile in Fertilizer Manufacturing Factory.

The fermentation is the most important step in the automatic composting process. This step can be divided into three stages: rapid heating stage, high temperature stage and cooling stage.

As the above mentioned working principle, after the material enters the in-vessel composting machine, aerobic bacteria will quickly decompose organic matter in 24-48 hours. This stage is the rapid heating stage. During decomposition, the material will release a large amount of heat, resulting that the temperature in the tank will be increased quickly. The temperature in the tank is generally 50℃-65℃. maximum temperature up to 70℃.

When the temperature in the fermentation tank reaches the highest, the air supply aeration system of the automatic composting machine will deliver oxygen evenly to the tank. Because the material needs sufficient oxygen to be fully fermented and decomposed. This phase will last about 7 days.

When the material is almost completely decomposed, the decomposition rate of aerobic bacteria will slow down. At the same time, the temperature in the tank will slowly drop to 50℃.

There is an automatic unloading device on the fully automatic fermentation machine. When the material is completely decomposed, it will be discharged by the automatic unloading device without manual operation. After thorough fermentation, the material will become the organic fertilizer with water content below 30%. In order to make the finished organic fertilizer more stable, you can put the organic fertilizer in the organic fertilizer warehouse for one month. After that, organic fertilizer can be applied to the field. By using fermentation tank, you can recycle the organic waste.

Therefore, from above mentioned, the fully automatic composting machine price is reasonable. Because you only need staff to add the material to the fermentation machine in the three-step fermentation process of automatic composting equipment. And the other processes are fully automated. To some extent, when using highly automated fermentation tank, you can reduce the cost of organic fertilizer production by reducing manpower.

5 Technological Innovations Which Are Related To The Fully Automatic Composting Machine Price.

Is fully automatic composting machine price reasonable? This problem can be considered not only from the fermentation steps of the fermentation tank, but also from the structure of the organic fertilizer fermentation machine.

In order to make the fully automatic composting machine work more efficient and energy-saving, we have carried on the technical innovation of 5 devices to the fully automatic composting machine.

SX designs heat exchange device especially on fully automatic fermentation machine. When working, the hot gas produced by the material decomposition will enter the heat exchange equipment through the pipe under the action of the centrifugal fan device. In the heat exchange device, the hot gas produced by decomposition exchanges energy with fresh air. Then the fresh air after heating up will enter the fully automatic composting machine again. Heat exchange machinery achieves the purpose of recycling waste heat through such a process. At the same time, when using heat exchange device, you can also reduce the energy waste of continuous heating fan.

Because there is a deodorization in the fully automatic composting machine, you can remove about 99% odor produced during the composting process. Exhaust gas from heat exchange device enters the deodorizer. After spraying and filtering, the deodorization device will discharge the exhaust gas that meets the purification standard. Liquid organic fertilizer produced by the deodorization system can also be applied to the field. Deodorization systems alsohave the function of recycling Therefore, you don’t have to worry about producing polluting gases during fermentation.

 Many harmless treatment machines of livestock and poultry waste have unreasonable mixing blade shape or installation angle. This can lead to uneven ventilation in fermentation equipment. In order to maintain good ventilation effect, SX not only improved the shape and structure of the stirring blade, but also adjusted the angle of installation of the stirring blade. Through the improvement of the mixing blades, the ventilation area and ventilation effect of the fermentation tank are improved.

In order to heat the air in fermentation tankin a short time and meet the temperature required for the fermentation, the SX specially adopts the high power heating device. You need not run the heating device all day. When the temperature in the fermentation tank reaches the appropriate temperature, you can turn off the heating device. This kind of the heating device has the characteristics of high power and low energy consumption. By equipping with this high power, you can not only improve the running speed of the fermentation equipment, but also improve the production efficiency.

The lifting system of SXorganic fertilizer automatic composting machine adopts hydraulic drive device. Because the hydraulic device can make the machine run smoothly. It will not cause great impact force because of overload, which will cause damage to the fermentation tank. Moreover, the hydraulic device can also make the machine produce little noise during the You can improve the operating rate of the fermentation tank with the hydraulic device.

From the above five major equipment design highlights of SX organic fertilizer composting machine, you can realize that SX automatic composting machines have a good performance. If you want to compost organic waste, you can consider using SX organic fertilizer fermentation tank. We will provide you with the latest and most reasonable fully automatic composting machine price.

How To Make Compost Better By Using The Fully Automatic Composting Machine ?

According to the above mentioned, the organic fertilizer composting depends on the aerobic fermentation.What should you do to meet aerobic fermentation requirements?

By doing the following four work, you can efficiently ferment the organic waste.

In addition to high-temperature fermentation of high moisture raw materials, our equipment can also play the role of drying materials. Therefore, you can save the cost of the drying process. You will also improve the production efficiency of the organic fertilizer.

What are differences between fermentation tank and other composting machines?

Six Advantages Of The Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Machine

While producing the organic fertilizer, many fertilizer makes prefer to use the fermentation tank. There are many advantages of the in-vessel fermentation machine. You can get the further information from the following.

As shown above, because the fully automatic in-vessel composting machine equips a vertical closed tank structure, you can compost various organic wastes in closed containers. This structure greatly saves the land occupation area of the organic fertilizer fermentation tank. And the area that fermentation tank occupies is 1/1000 of that required by traditional fermentation method. Therefore, you can save the fermentation area by using the organic fertilizer fermentation tank.

By using the fermentation tank, you don’t worry the environment pollution problem totally. Because when you use the in-vessel fermentation machine, the composting process will be carried out in a closed environment. When the material is decomposed under aerobic conditions, it not only does not produce odor gas, but also saves energy. The deodorization rate of organic fertilizer fermentation machine can reach 99%. Therefore, organic fertilizer fermentation machine is a zero-emission and pollution-free fermentation equipment.

 You can use the fully automatic composting machine in all seasons. The reason is that the has main body of organic fertilizer fermentation tank adopts the heat preservation and auxiliary heating system design. Therefore, the in-vessel composting machine has strong adaptability and is not limited by seasons and regions. The structure design solves the influence of environmental temperature during fermentation process. Therefore, at minus 20 degrees, you can operate the fully automatic composting machine normally.

In general, it is not necessary to add fermentation adjuncts when using fully automatic composting machine. But in winter, you can add appropriate fermentation adjuncts to accelerate the fermentation process. In the fermentation tank, the material can be fermented in 8-10 hours under normal conditions. Just spending 15 days, then you can get organic fertilizer with high quality.

The full automatic fermentation tank has the characteristic of the corrosion resistance because there isa lining made by special stainless steel in the machine. And the thickness of the stainless steel lining is 3 mm. Therefore, you can use it for a long time. The stainless steel lining can also reduce the materials residue when you use the organic fertilizer automatic composting machine.

Because when using the automatic composting machine, you only need to put organic waste such as animal manure into the in-vessel composting machine. The organic fertilizer can be composted automatically. Therefore, controlling the whole fermentation process just need 1-2 people, so as to avoid direct contact between people and materials. By using organic manure automatic composting machine, you can not only save manpower, but can control the whole fermentation process intelligently.

From the above contents, you can understand that the fully automatic composting machine has many obvious advantages not only in working principle but also in operation. That is why so many organic fertilizer want to use the fermentation tank to compost the organ waste. And the fully automatic composting machine price is related to its performance. It can be said that the fully automatic composting machine is a high cost-effective fermentation equipment. Also, other aspects about the organic fertilizer production will be related to the fully automatic composting machine price. The followings will give you detail explanation about this.

How can I operate fully automatic fermentation tank efficiently?

How To Buy The Fully Automatic Composting Machine At The Suitable Price?

If using the fully automatic composting machine to compost organic waste, how do you choose the right machine at a suitable price? You can choose the type of the automatic fermentation machine from the composting productivity per day.

The Production Capacity

If you have the large scale organic fertilizer production plant, you can buy the SXFT-100 fully automatic composting machine. Because the SXFT-100 fermentation tank can compost 12m³ of the organic waste per day (12 m³ of organic waste is equivalent to the sum of 100,000 chickens and 6,000 fattening pigs). If you want to compost more organic waste, we can customize bigger in-vessel fermentation machine for you.

The Production Budget

If you have chicken manure of 80,000 to 90,000 chickens and pig manure of 5000 fattening pigs, you can choose the fully automatic composting machine of 5.5 meters in diameter. And then you can dispose of about 10 m³ of organic waste every day.

You need to note that blister manure and pig manure need dehydration. When you reduce the manure moisture to about 70%,you can add the manure to fermentation tank for composting. If you need to dehydrate animal feces, there are many types of solid-liquid separator machines in SX you can choose.

What type of in-vessel fermentation machine can I buy at best cost?

Two Featured Services Let You Choose The Sx Full Automatic Composting Machine Without Hesitance.

What do you fear most when you buy the fully automatic composting machine? Too many unqualified manufacturers?No after-sales protection? Buy a low quality fermentation tank ? The unreasonable fully automatic composting machine price?

Our company has many years of experience in fully automatic composting machine production. You can believe that we can provide you with the fermentation tank to your satisfaction. Moreover,you can buy the machine at the proper fully automatic composting machine price.

What other special services can you get form us?

From the above, you will know the advantages of automatic fermentation tank. What’s more, you get the further understand about the SX in-vessel composting machine. When buying the composting equipment, you can contact with us. We will provide you with the high-efficiency fully automatic fermentation tank at the best price.

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