To meet organic fertilizer manufacturers’ requirements, FPC designs and produces many types of livestock manure compost turners. There are two types of compost turner machines for windrow composting system in FPC company. One is movable type compost turner, and the other is crawler type compost turner. These two types of self propelled composting machines can be used in small, medium and large scale organic fertilizer plant. You can get the details of windrow compost turning equipment from the following.

Moving type compost turner designed for small&medium scale fertilizer plant

The moving type compost turner is widely applied in small to medium scale organic fertilizer production plant. The machine can be used for disposal of cow dung, sheep manure, poultry poop, ect. SXXFD-2500 movable type composting machine can turn 400-500m³ organic waste per hour. The price of moving type windrow composting equipment is lower than that of crawler type composter. You can email us to get the newest price list. You can also get the tailored moving self propelled composter in FPC company. Get inquiry now!

Large scale hydraulic crawler type compost turner for sale in FPC

Crawler type compost turner machines produced by FPC equip the robust working knives. It can mix viscous animal manure with microbial preparations and straw powder effectively. There will form a suitable aerobic environment for the fermentation of materials. Therefore, it is an efficient windrow fermentation equipment. FPC crawler type compost turning machine can process 500-1500m³ animal manure per hour. Our crawler type compost turner can deal with the raw materials with the size of 250mm. You can get a customized crawler type windrow compost turner from us. Welcome to consultation.

The above data is just for your reference. You can get the details about these two types of organic manure windrow compost turners. There are also other types of compost turners for sale in FPC company. All of them are on sale at the favorable price. What’s more, we carry out a big promotion of fertilizer production equipment. You can get up to 10% sales off. Contact us, get discount right away.

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