At the end of 2021, we make a list about selling amount of fertilizer equipment. Through analyzing our annual production report of fertilizer equipment, we summarize top 10 popular fertilizer making machines. They are from three classifications: compost turners, granulator machine and fertilizer production lines. You can get the detailed fertilizer production machine instruction from the following.

Groove Compost Turner

This type of groove composting machine is designed by FPC company for small and medium scale organic fertilizer plant. Its cost will be less than crawler type compost turner and fermentation tank. What’s more, you can use it for multi-trough fermentation mode. You can improve the efficiency of organic manure fermentation through using the groove type compost turner. There are many models of groove type composters for sale in FPC, such as SXCF-2500, SXCF-3000, SXCF-4000, SXCF-5000.

Windrow Compost Turner

There are two types of windrow turner on sale. One is crawler type self propelled compost turner, and the other is movable type compost turner. When composting the animal manure in small scale, the moving type self-propelled composter is more suitable for you. The hydraulic crawler type compost turner can be used for large scale windrow composting. When buying the window compost turner, please contact with us. We will provide you with newest windrow turner price list.

Wheel Compost Turner

If ferment organic manure in trough with large span, the wheel type fertilizer compost turner will do a great help. FPC wheel type compost turner can ferment the organic waste with the depth of 1.5m-3m and span of 30m. It is an efficient and energy-saving large scale composting equipment. When producing the wheel compost turner, we choose the quality carbon steel. You can get one customized wheel fertilizer compost turner at the best price in FPC company.

Fermentation Tank Composting Machine

There are two types of fermentation tank composting machines for sale in FPC. They are available in small and medium scale manure composting. Both of them are fully automatic composting machines. When disposing animal manure with small amount, you can buy the horizontal in-vessel composting machine. The vertical type fermentation tank are widely used in large-scale manure management. They can be customized for your organic fertilizer plant.

The above four machines are the best-selling fertilizer composting machines in FPC company. You can get one of them at the favorable price from us. Please email us for more detailed information about the organic fertilizer compost turners.

Three best machines for fertilizer granules production in FPC company

For making fertilizer pellets, FPC designs six types of granulators, fertilizer coating machine and fertilizer polishing machine. They are widely used in granular fertilizer production line. In 2021, new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum coating machine and fertilizer polishing machine are the popular granular fertilizer making equipment for sale in FPC. Their details are as follows.

Stirring Tooth Granulator

Rotary Drum Drying Machine

Fertilizer Polishing Machine

The above three types of machine are common equipment for fertilizer pellets production. These machines are in stock in FPC fertilizer equipment production factory. Please contact us as soon as possible, we will provide you with working video and finished products.

Best-selling fertilizer production lines on sale in FPC

In 2021, there are three types of popular fertilizer production lines in FPC company. They are chicken manure liquid fertilizer production line, NPK fertilizer plant and organic fertilizer plant. You can get the detailed information from the following.

Make Liquid Fertilizer from Chicken Manure

In the past, many customers inquire us for making liquid fertilizer from chicken manure, cow manure or other organic waste. Therefore, FPC researches and designs liquid fertilizer production line. You can use FPC liquid fertilizer making line for disposal of cow dung, sheep manure, chicken litter. It is another way to make more benefits from animal manure management. You can get a complete set of liquid fertilizer production equipment from us.

NPK fertilizer Production Line

We have specialized in production line of NPK compound fertilizer over 15 years. You can find many types of production lines for your NPK fertilizer plant, such as BB fertilizer making line, urea based compound fertilizer making line. FPC production line of NPK fertilizer can be available in compound fertilizer production with MOP, TSP, MAP,etc. The cost of NPK compound fertilizer production line is reasonable in FPC company. Welcome to email us for the quotation.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line

FPC researches and develops 1-20 tph organic fertilizer production lines. Therefore, you can get one set of organic fertilizer making line whether small scale or large scale from us. What’s more, these organic fertilizer processing lines are equipped with different types of fertilizer equipment. The purpose of this is to be able to adapt to the different raw materials and production sites of customers. On the other way, our technical staff will recommend the suitable production line of organic fertilizer to you based on your fertilizer production requirements.

The above is about FPC top 10 hot-selling organic fertilizer production machine products in 2021. It is just a part of information about these fertilizer manufacturing machine. You can visit our official website to get details of these machines. We have over 15-year experience in design and installation of fertilizer equipment and production line. When purchasing the fertilizer production line or starting an organic fertilizer production project, welcome to email us. We will provide you with the professional advice and guidance.

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