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Chicken Waste Processing Machine Price2022-08-17T15:18:38+08:00

The chicken waste processing machine prices are related to the their types and models. When turning the chicken manure into organic fertilizer, you need to buy many types of processing machines, such as dewatering machine, compost turners, granulator machine. They are on sale at the different prices. FPC company designs and produces a set of chicken waste processing equipment. There are powder fertilizer production machine, granular fertilizer production machine and liquid fertilizer production machine in FPC. All of them are sols at the affordable price. To get the specific chicken manure processing machine price, you know what types of machine are needed. You can know the price of chicken waste processing machines from the following.


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How much is the chicken manure solid liquid separator machine?

In order to treat the wet chicken manure, FPC designs and produces two types of solid liquid separating machines. One is inclined-sieve type solid liquid separator, and the other is screw-extrusion type dewatering machine. They are efficient animal manure dewatering machines. You can use them to lower the water content in chicken manure to 30%. In addition, they are on sale at the different prices. Then, how to choose the suitable chicken manure dewatering machine at the best cost? When your budget is limited and the amount of wet chicken manure is small, the screw-extruded dewatering machine is more suitable. When you want to get higher production efficiency, you can buy the inclined-sieving solid-liquid separator.

What is the price of chicken manure fermentation machine?

They are many types of compost turner machines for chicken manure fermentation. Their prices are different. For example, when your budget ranges from $5,000 to $15,000, you can buy wheel type or groove type compost turner for trough fermentation systems. When processing the chicken manure in windrow composting system, you can purchase crawler type and moving type compost turner. Here is also a fully automatic composting machine for sale in FPC company. You can make manure composting fully automatically and save invested manpower. The price of vertical fermentation tank is higher those of above compost turners. You can get suitable compost turning equipment at the best price in FPC company. Welcome to consultation.

How to choose the chicken manure pellet machine within expected cost?

After composting completely, you can pack the powder composted chicken manure for sale. If you want to make more benefits, you can produce the powder chicken poop into granules. Then, what machines should I deploy for chicken manure granules production? Here are two main types of fertilizer granulators for you. They are wet granulator and dry granulator. A dry fertilizer granulation machine price is lower than that of wet granulation machine. When your budget is not abundant, you can select the dry granulation equipment. When applying dry fertilizer pelletizer, you can omit the chicken manure granules drying process and save investment. When producing 10-20tpd of chicken manure pellets, you can buy the rotary drum granulator. The price of chicken manure pellet machine is various. You can email us to get newest price list of chicken waste pellet machine.

To make pretty chicken waste pellets, what machines can I purchase?

For improving fertilizer pellets competitiveness , some fertilizer manufacturer would like to use granular polishing machine and fertilizer coating machine. The fertilizer polisher can make chicken manure more smooth and round. And the fertilizer coating machine can add beneficial bacteria and trace elements into the chicken manure granules. What’s more, you can also use the coating machine to dye the chicken manure pellets with different colors. From the above, you can know that they are two different types of fertilizer production equipment. Therefore, these two machines are sold at the different prices. The coating machine price ranges from $3,500.00 to $12,000.00. The fertilizer polisher are sold at the price of about $2,000. You can email us for details.

How much are machines in the chicken manure liquid fertilizer production line?

There is a new technology for chicken waste processing in FPC fertilizer equipment manufacturing plant. It is chicken manure liquid fertilizer production line. You can buy a whole set of chicken manure liquid making line at the affordable price in FPC company. Because different production lines of liquid fertilizer are sold at different prices. When starting liquid fertilizer production project, you can contact us to get the latest price list. As the same time, we can provide you with processional advice about production line design and installation according to your production needs. Welcome to consult.

The above are the main chicken waste processing machines. There are also other fertilizer equipment for chicken manure processing like rotary drum dryer, fertilizer screening and fertilizer packing machine. If you need to use these machines, you can email us from our official website. Chicken waste processing machine price doesn’t depend on its type and technical parameters only. To a large extent, the price of chicken manure processing machine depends on the production capacity and site area of your fertilizer plant.

FPC is an old-brand fertilizer equipment production company. We have been dedicated in fertilizer equipment development and production over 15 years. We have the confidence to offer you quality chicken waste processing machine. Furthermore, when buying our machine of chicken manure processing, you can experience first-class service. For example, with many years of production experience, we can give you many processional suggestions and technical guidance.

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    How Much Does A Chicken Manure Production Line Cost?2022-08-09T17:27:46+08:00

    A chicken manure fertilizer production line consists of many different fertilizer machines.Thus, Shunxin machine engineer need to know your budget, factory site, types of the raw material and some other information to design a perfect fertilizer production line for you.For example, if you choose fresh chicken manure as raw material, there is no doubt that you need buy a dewatering machine to reduce the moisture content of the fresh chicken manure. However, if you choose dry chicken manure as raw material, you should choose a crusher machine for your chicken manure production line. What’s more, configuration of the fertilizer machines will influence the price of a chicken manure production line. For instance, if you have high configuration of fertilizer machines in your chicken manure production line.You can equip with Siemens motors, definitely, your fertilizer production line will cost more.

    compost machine

    All Shunxin fertilizer machines are sold at factory prices, because we have our own large factory. What’ more, Shunxin aims to provide high-quality and economical fertilizer facilities to all our clients.Anyway, if you want to buy a chicken manure production line, please contact us. Our sales will give you best advice.

    How To Choose A Chicken Manure Production Line At The Lower Cost?

    While choosing the chicken manure fertilizer production line, you can determine it based on your budget.With the different budgets, you can buy different lines to set up the chicken manure fertilizer production lines. The following is about the line selection of different budgets ranges.

    As mentioned above, when setting up the chicken manure fertilizer line with the budget of $35,000-$9000, your plant is suitable for producing the powder organic fertilizer. Therefore, while composting the materials, you can choose the composting machine and loader type feeder. For the crushing process, we recommend you buy the new type vertical crushing machine. Then to improve the packing efficiency, you’d better use the fully automatic packing scales.

    When you intend to run the chicken manure fertilizer line with the budget of $110,000-$190,000, you can set up the granular organic fertilizer production line.While assembling the granular chicken manure fertilizer production line, in addition to purchasing equipment that composes the powder production line, you also need granulating equipment like churning granulation machine that can make powdered organic fertilizer into granules. To improve the fertilizer granules quality, the equipment you still need to buy are the rotary drum cooling machine, drying machine and coating machine.

    The equipment configuration of the chicken manure fertilizer line built with a budget of $360,000-$550,000 is higher than that of the building with a budget of $110,000-$190,000. While granulating the chicken manure organic fertilizer, we recommend you use the rotary drum pellet making machine or the disc granulation machine. But using the granulation machine, you can produce the granular chicken manure fertilizer on a large scale.

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      What is the cost of chicken manure organic fertilizer production ?2022-07-26T17:30:45+08:00

      Chicken manure organic fertilizer powder line cost is related to the capacity and machine configuration. For small to large fertilizer manufacturer, we design and produce the chicken manure fertilizer powder line with various production capacities. They are 1-3t/h, 5-10t/h,10-20t/h. Because of different yields, the powder line are deployed by fertilizer equipment with different types and technical parameters. The price of chicken manure powdery fertilizer production line ranges from $35,000-$90,000. You can know the detailed production line design and price from the following.

      1-3t/h chicken manure powder line

      The whole set of 1-3t/h chicken manure powder fertilizer production line is worth about $35,000. The machines you should deploy are groove type compost turner, SXSF-60 semi-wet materials crusher,SXSJ-0830 double shafts horizontal mixer ,SXGS-1030 rotary drum screening machine and powder packing machine. In addition, you should buy some belt conveyor to connect all parts of powder organic fertilizer production. You need to prepare 800 square meters ( about 0.198 acre) to install the entire production line. The 1-3t/h chicken manure powder line is more suitable for small fertilizer manufacturer with less chicken manure or low budget.

      Model:1-3t/h chicken manure powder line


      Configuration:groove type compost turner, SXSF-60 semi-wet materials crusher, SXSJ-0830 double shafts horizontal mixer ,SXGS-1030 rotary drum screening machine, powder packing machine,belt conveyor an so on

      Occupied land Area:800 square meters ( about 0.198 acre)

      Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

      5-10t/h chicken manure powder production line

      The configuration of this powder line is higher than that of 1-3t/h chicken manure powder line. Therefore, you should buy the large production equipment to deploy the 5-10 tons per hour power fertilizer production line. You’d better buy the wheel type compost turner machine for chicken manure fermentation. For the crushing process, the SXFLF-800 vertical type compost shredder machine will be your better choice. The SXGS-1560 drum screening machine replace the SXGS – 1030 drum sieving machine. The area of production site you need to prepare is 1500-3000 square meters (0.37-0.74acre). The production line is more suitable for organic fertilizer producers with more chicken waste and adequate budget.

      fertilizer machine

      Model:5-10t/h chicken manure powder production line


      Configuration:wheel type compost turner machine,SXFLF-800 vertical type compost shredder machine, SXSJ-0830 double shafts horizontal mixer, SXGS-1030drum sieving machine and powder packing machine, belt conveyor and so on.

      Occupied land Area:1500-3000 square meters (0.37-0.74acre)

      10-20t/h powder chicken manure production line

      10-20tons per hour powder chicken manure production line is mostly used in fertilizer manufacturer with more raw materials and higher yield. To produce 1 ton of finished organic fertilizer requires 3 tons of raw materials, so to produce 10-20 tons of powdered bio-organic fertilizer per hour, you need to prepare 30-60 tons of chicken dung raw materials. At the same time, your production line also need to be equipped with organic fertilizer production equipment with corresponding production capacity. Because of higher configuration of the powder production line, you will spend much more money on it about ($60,000-$90,000).

      Model:10- 20t/h powder chicken manure production line


      Configuration:crawler type compost turner machine,SXFLF-1000 vertical type compost shredder machine,SXWJ-1630 horizontal mixer, SXGS-2080 drum sieving machine and powder packing machine, belt conveyor and so on.

      Occupied land Area:3000-5000 square meters (0.74-1.25acre)

      The above are 1-3th,5- 10t/h,10-20t/h powder chicken manure fertilizer production line price and required machines. The data is for your reference only. We will modify the organic fertilizer powder line design solution according to the customer’s budget and yield. You can also buy the customized chicken manure powder line from us. Please contact with us and tell us your organic fertilizer production plan.

      How much is the granular chicken manure bio organic fertilizer production line?

      The price of the chicken manure granules production line is higher than powder one. That is because that the granular chicken manure bio organic fertilizer is further produced based on the powder fertilizer. You should deploy more fertilizer equipment for making chicken manure fertilizer pellets than that of powder production. The granular chicken manure fertilizer production line budget is also related to the yield and deployed machines. We can divide the granular chicken manure bio organic fertilizer production line into two types according to the yield. One is 1-5 tons/hour granular fertilizer production line, and the other is 10-20t/h fertilizer granules production line. They are on sale at the different prices. You can get the specific price and machine deployment from the following.

      The 1t/h-5t/h chicken dung fertilizer granulation line is worth about $1 10,000-$190,000. The chicken manure pellet production line is more suitable for medium and large scale organic fertilizer plant. When intending to buy this 1-5t/h fertilizer granulating line, you should prepare 2000m2-4000m2(about 0.5-1 acre) production site to install the entire production line. Therefore, you will spend more money on production site construction. Besides, fertilizer machines you need to buy are new type organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer,drum cooler, fertilizer coating machine, fertilizer screening machine and granular fertilizer packing machine. Thus, you need to prepare more money than $110,000-$190,000 to running this production line.

      Disc Granulator

      Model:1-5 t/h chicken manure granular fertilizer production line


      Configuration:compost turner machine , SXSF-120 semi wet material compost shredder machine, SXWJ-9015 horizontal mixer, new type organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, drum cooler, fertilizer coating machine,SXGS-1240 drum sieving machine and granular fertilizer packing machine, belt conveyor and so on.

      Occupied land Area:2000m2 -4000m2 (about 0.5-1 acre)

      The price of entire 10-20ton/hour granulation line ranges from $360,000-$550,000. The whole line configuration is higher than that of 1-5t/h fertilizer granulation line. Therefore, you should prepare larger production site for complete 10-20t/h chicken manure granules production line (about 5500-10000m2, 1.4 acres-2.5 acres). The production line is available in large scale fertilizer manufacturer. In addition, you’d better replace the stirring tooth pelletizer with pan granulator and rotary drum granulator. This will not only increase the output of the production line, but also reduce energy consumption.

      Model:10-20 t/h chicken manure fertilizer granules production line


      Configuration:compost turner machine , SXSF-120 semi wet material compost shredder machine, SXWJ-9015 horizontal mixer, pan granulator, rotary drum granulator ,drum dryer, drum cooler, fertilizer coating machine, SXGS-1240 drum sieving machine and granular fertilizer packing machine, belt conveyor and so on.

      Occupied land Area:5500m2-10000m2(1.4 acres-2.5 acres)

      What Is The Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant Cost In United States?2022-07-05T11:14:56+08:00

      When producing fertilizer on your production line, there are many things that can affect the overall costs. You need to know fertilizer manufacturing plant cost, and get a sizable profit from the fertilizer that you are producing. For building your own fertilizer plant in US, you will pay money in many aspects.What is the fertilizer manufacturing plant cost in United States?You should consider the following before starting a fertilizer plant project.

      Cost On Raw Materials

      The raw materials selection is the first step and the top priority of the fertilizer production process. The US has many kinds of the raw materials.You can choose animals manure and crops straw to make the organic fertilizer. Besides, you can use Nitrogen Fertilizer& Phosphate Fertilizer& Potash Fertilizer to produce NPK fertilizer or urea based compound fertilizer.

      Renting The Productions Sites

      Firstly, you should consider the using land cost in United Stated.The best choice is to choose the cost-effective regions. In addition, you can choose the area with enough power and water sources. Moreover, it has the convenient transportation.You can look for the fertilizer production sites nearby the farms.Because it can help you collect raw materials quickly.Therefore, you’d better to choose the raw materials nearby. In addition, you can build the fertilizer plant near the place whose raw materials are abundant.

      How Much Production Scale To Invest In?

       If you want to invest a fertilizer production plant in America, the scale of fertilizer production can be large or small.Different fertilizer production scale cost is also different.You should decide on your production scales.For the production scale of 20tons fertilizer per hour, you should $600,000 USD. In addition, the raw materials supply and fertilizer sales markets needs of the US will also affect your production scales. Therefore, you should make widely research on American fertilizer market.

      Different Prices On Production Process

       It is important for you to determine the fertilizer production process. Because it will affect what is the prices of the production equipment you need to buy. The fertilizer machine will sell to America at different prices.For example,there are big differences between the powder fertilizers and the granular fertilizer. Or the dry granulation and wet granulation. From our years of experience, granular fertilizer is sold better in the United States.

      Top 3 the most popular fertilizer manufacturing line prices in the US

       If you have prepared the raw materials& production capacity , you can choose the fertilizer production line that suits you. A good fertilizer production line can help you start a fertilizer production business in America as soon as possible. We recommend you three of the best-selling production lines in the United State.They all sell at favorable prices.

      150,000$USD for 6t/h fertilizer manufacturing

      This is a production line designed for small and medium-sized American fertilizer manufacturers. The production line needs to cover an area of about 800㎡, The initial budget is about 150,000 USD. It has the advantages of less investment and quick returns.It is suitable for manufacturers who have just started the production of fertilizers. The 6t/h production line works for 8 hours a day. It can help you produce 50 tons npk fertilizer per day, and the annual output can reach 15000T.

      400,000$USD for 18t/h fertilizer production line

      You can choose the large-scale production line, the annual production capacity can reach 100000 mt per year.The budget is about 400,000 USD.It covers an area of of about 2500㎡. Our company equipped this large-scale production line with our hot-selling rotary drum granulator.This production line is suitable for American manufacturers already operating the fertilizer business.His production cost is the most economical and well-equipped.In the United State, the production line ranked first in the sales charts.

      $50,0000USD for a set of 25t/h fertilizer making equipment

      If you want to expand the production scale on the existing fertilizer plant scale, you can consider this production line within $50,0000.It can help you reach 200tons per day. It covers an area of of about 3145㎡.This will greatly shorten the production time and improve the efficiency to increase your benefit. At the same time, you can make more smoother and more beautiful fertilizers for selling in the US. This line design guarantee higher quality fertilizers throughout the fertilizer production process. It is important to have high quality pellets so you can make the most money.

      Our company is a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer. There are many types of equipment for you to choose.  Meanwhile, the prices are different. For your small size plant, there are some key equipment for you to start your company. It can highly reduce your expense. And if you want to make high quality fertilizers, we have a set of complete automatic equipment for you to choose.Therefore, the price will be higher.Welcome to contact us!

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        Manure Composting Machine Price2022-06-07T09:12:19+08:00

        Are you a farmer raising poultry? Do you feel overwhelmed when you collect a lot of animal waste? Do you know the best solution when you want to manage poultry manure for more profits?

        How to manage your poultry manure problem?

        We have designed effective management solutions:The collected animal manure is composted and fermented. Next, you can go through a series of fertilizer granulation processes. Finally, you can manufacture organic fertilizers for sale. If animal waste is not disposed of in time, air pollution will occur. At the same time, it loses its value. Because animal manure contains a lot of nutrients suitable for soil and crop growth. Therefore, the best management solution is to maximize the value of poultry waste and make a profit by composting it into fertilizer.

        However, poultry waste cannot be directly used for fertilizer pelleting. First, you need to compost the poultry manure. Through the principle of oxygen-consuming fermentation, it will make poultry manure, agricultural waste, sugar mill filter mud, sludge, household waste and other pollutants into green, environmentally friendly fertilizer.But how to do fermented composting? If you want to use manual processing, this is extremely unwise behavior. Because it is not only inefficient in composting, but also in insufficient fermentation. According to Shunxin’s many years of experience, you can use composting turner machine and for compost fermentation. The bio-organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine can achieve heating in one day, deodorization and sterilization in 3-5 days, and fertilizer in seven days. It is faster and more efficient than other mechanical means of fermentation.

        In addition, depending on the characteristics of your site, there are different types of flipping machine options. However, different types of composting machines have different prices. The following content can give you some reference.

        manure composting machine price

        Groove Type Compost Turner for Organic Fertilizer Production Line

        If you raise enough poultry, you will produce a lot of animal manure every day. Additional cleaning costs will be incurred if not dealt with in a timely manner. The groove compost turner can process these poultry manure in a timely and fast manner for the composting and fermentation process. If your waste includes animal manure, sludge residue, straw and other fertilizers, the full crushing and mixing function of the groove turning machine can also meet your needs. Because the turning teeth of the compost machine are strong and durable, they have a certain ability to break and mix most materials. In addition, the groove turning machine needs to do the turning work in the fermentation tank, and cannot work directly on the ground. Therefore, the cost of the groove turning machine also includes the construction of the groove. But it has a unique design that can be used together with the mobile machine to achieve the function of one machine with multiple slots. Moreover, the manure processing capacity of the groove-type turner is much greater than that of the ground crawler turner. As a result, you can achieve efficient fertilizer production and achieve high yields quickly.

        Crawler Type Compost Turner

        Ground Turner for Organic Fertilizer Production Line

        The crawler-type turning machine is a kind of large-scale ground turning machine. Not only does it have a fully hydraulic operating system, but the lever-type steering wheel is easier to operate. Ground flipping machine greatly saves space, labor and diesel. In addition, turning shortens the composting time of poultry. If you use a ground turner, you need to pile the manure into long stacks. On the one hand, it is beneficial for the turning and throwing machine to regularly stir and pulverize the materials. On the other hand, it can also promote air circulation and make the raw material fluffy. At the same time, it can increase the temperature of the compost pile, which is beneficial to compost fermentation.

        If your farm has 300,000 chickens, you can collect at least 30 tons of animal manure a day. You can manage these poultry waste for compost granulation with a groove turner or a crawler turner. Both the groove turner and the crawler turner are Shunxin’s hot-selling composting equipment. Whether you need any composting equipment, composting methods or a complete organic fertilizer production line, we can meet your needs. You can get our most sincere quotation, welcome to consult!

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          What Is the Cost of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line?2021-11-26T15:31:18+08:00

          Chicken manure is the raw materials of organic fertilizer which is rich in nutrients. When running an organic fertilizer production line of chicken manure, how much should I cost? The price of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is related to its production capacity and area. You can choose the suitable fertilizer production line of chicken manure from the following.

          How much is the 1-5 tph chicken manure organic fertilizer production line?

          1-5 t/h chicken manure organic fertilizer production line can be divided into powder line and granular line. These two types of organic fertilizer processing line prices are different. For small organic fertilizer plant, we recommend you buy the powder chicken manure organic fertilizer producing line. You can get whole line at the price of about $45,000. The entire chicken manure production line includes compost turner, crushing machine, fertilizer screening machine, fertilizer packing machine and conveyor system. In addition, you should lease the production area about 1,500㎡ for install complete chicken manure fertilizer production line.

          What is the price of 10-20tph chicken manure pellets production line?

          10-20t/h organic manure granular production line price ranges from $360,000 to $550,000. It is more suitable for large scale chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturing factory. The complete line consists of crawler type compost turner, vertical type compost turner, SXGS-2080 rotary screening machine,pan granulator, rotary drum granulator, fertilizer dryer machine, ect. You can visit our website for whole design solution of 10-20 tons per hour chicken manure organic fertilizer granules production line. Choosing FPC, you can get efficient and energy saving granular fertilizer production line.

          The above data is just for your reference. Different configurations of chicken manure fertilizer making lines are sold at the different prices. When searching for complete set of organic fertilizer production machines, FPC fertilizer equipment manufacturer will be your best choice. Welcome to our website for consultation. We will provide you with professional suggestions.

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