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There are four processes during the production of powder organic fertilizer. They are fermentation process, crushing process, screening process and packing process. When producing 5ton powdery organic fertilizer per hour, you should buy some machines for these processes. You can know the detailed information from the following.

The above is the configuration of 5 tons/hour powdery organic fertilizer production line. There are some auxiliary machines you should buy, like belt conveyor and loader type feeder. When buying the complete production line, you should prepare the investment cost of $45,000. When searching for whole organic powder fertilizer production line, FPC company will be your best choice. We have more than 15 years of experience in fertilizer equipment research and development. You can buy quality fertilizer making machines at the best cost from us.

There are various fertilizer production lines you can buy in FPC company, such as chicken manure liquid fertilizer production line, urea based compound fertilizer production line, cow manure bio organic fertilizer production line. If you need them, you can email us for the detailed consultation.

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