When build an NPK compound fertilizer processing plant, what should you do? You should consider production site, working staff and civil construction. Except for these, the most important thing you should consider is the machine selection. FPC specializes in fertilizer equipment and production line design and production over 15 years. You can get 1-50 t/h fertilizer production line in our company. We can also give you the best design solution for your compound production plant. Here is a solution for 40 t/h compound fertilizer processing factory. You can get the detailed design solution from the following.

What machines are included in 40 tph NPK compound fertilizer making line?

When producing the 40 tons NPK compound fertilizer per hour, you should deploy a complete set of granules production line. The machine you should buy are as follows:

Conveying System

Pre-Treatment System

Granulation Machine

Materials Return System

Granules Optimization System

Packing System

The above is brief introduction about the 40 t/h NPK compound fertilizer production line configuration. The model of fertilizer making machines should be brought according to the raw material type and production budget. You can email to us for the detailed consultation.

How large production site should I prepare for installing 40t/h NPK fertilizer making line?

When installing 20 t/h compound fertilizer making line, we advise the customer to prepare the  10000 square meters area. Therefore, you should rent a 20000 square meters of production site at least. When setting up an NPK production manufacturing plant, the area should be expanded. You should build a finished fertilizer storing warehouse and raw materials storing warehouse. In other word, you should rend a much larger site for building this fertilizer plant.

If you plan to an NPK compound fertilizer production project, you can choose FPC. We will provide you with the best design solution whether production line or plant planning. What’s more, we can provide you with complete NPK compound fertilizer making line. Inquiry now, you can get the customized production line of compound fertilizer at the favorable price.

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