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NPK Fertilizer Plant Cost

NPK Fertilizer Plant Cost2022-08-18T16:31:33+08:00

How to run an NPK fertilizer plant at the best cost?

When planning an NPK compound fertilizer production project, what should you consider? The most important part is the cost. Therefore, when you calculate the NPK fertilizer plant cost, what aspects should you consider? According to our years of experience, there are 6 points you need to consider. The six aspects are as follows.

The first aspect is the cost of building a powder NPK fertilizer plant.

The second one is to calculate the cost of running a granular NPK fertilizer plant. As for these two aspects, you can consider them from the equipment purchasing cost.

The third one is what is the cost of staring a NPK fertilizer making project. You can consider it from designing production site,selecting the raw materials and choosing the fertilizer equipment suppliers.

The fourth one is the way to lower the NPK fertilizer plant cost. There are three aspects you should note. You ‘d better consider it from land resources, production needs and transportation.

The fifth one is how to calculate the cost of NPK compound fertilizer with different scales. We give you three ranges of the NPK fertilizer production scales: 1-5t/h,5-10t/h and 10-20t/h.

The sixth one is to how to build the NPK fertilizer production factory with various budgets. There are also three ranges you can choose. They are $10,000-$30,000, $30,000-$50,000, and over $50,000.

The six aspects can be your reference while calculating the cost of the NPK compound fertilizer factory. You can also tell us about your NPK compound fertilizer production plan. We will give you the best plan for building the fertilizer manufacturing company.

How much will it cost when setting up an NPK powder fertilizer plant?

When building the fertilizer plant, the machine is dispensable. While producing the powder NPK fertilizer,  you need to buy the machines for batching, crushing, mixing, screening and packing. The followings are about these five machines.

Batching System

For making the powder NPK fertilizer with comprehensive nutrients, you’d better follow the formula proportion strictly. Therefore, you can use the compound fertilizer batching machines at the batching process. FPC dynamic and static automatic batching machines can complete the ingredients more accurately and efficiently. Moreover, there are many types and specifications of the fertilizer batching equipment in FPC you can choose.

Crushing Machine

There are different sizes of the straight fertilizer. In order to make the nutrients distribute evenly, you’d better crush the raw materials into uniform size. What’s more, the crushed NPK fertilizer is conducive to mechanical fertilization. For crushing fertilizer materials more effectively, we recommend you use  FPC new type vertical crushing machine. You can select the crushing machine based on your NPK fertilizer production budget.

Mixing Equipment

In order to make nutrients distribution evenly, you can use the fertilizer mixing machine. Because FPC mixing machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high working efficiency. For example, the SXSJ-0830 horizontal mixer consume 11 kw. the mixing speed can up to 35r per minute. Thus, you can lower the energy consumption and improve the mixing efficiency.

Screening Machine

By using the screening machine, you can remove the unqualified substances to increase the NPK fertilizer purity. The rotary screening machine FPC produces can sieve the solid materials with size of up to 300mm.

Packing Machine

To improve the production efficiency, you can use the automatic packing machine to accelerate the packing speed. FPC automatic packing scales can package about 250-300bags of fertilizer per hour. Moreover, it can correct the errors automatically.

The above is the fertilizer production equipment you should to deploy for the NPK powder fertilizer. You can calculate the powder NPK making equipment cost  by comparing machines price from different fertilizer equipment producers.

How To Customize The Granular NPK Fertilizer Production Line At The Best Cost?

Compared with the NPK powder fertilizer plant, you need to deploy more fertilizer machines for the granular NPK fertilizer plant. Therefore, the cost of the granular NPK fertilizer factory is more than that of the powder one. The followings are the machines you need to deploy for the NPK granules production line.

As mentioned above, you need to purchase the production facilities based on your NPK fertilizer plant cost. If the budget of the NPK granular fertilizer plant is limited, you can replace the dryer and cooler with the manpower. However, you can get the high production efficiency of the granular NPK fertilizer production line after deploying these machines.

Whats The NPK Fertilizer Plant Project Cost?

When starting the NPK fertilizer plant business, you’d better consider the whole cost from three aspects. There are some aspects you need to consider. You can get the detailed information from the following.

How Do I Select The Ideal Fertilizer Equipment Manufactures?

For arranging the investment cost of the NPK fertilizer plant, you should select the fertilizer equipment makers strictly. When selecting, we suggest you consider it from three aspects. The details are as follows.

By considering the above three aspects, you can select the ideal NPK fertilizer equipment suppliers. What’s more, you will establish the NPK fertilizer production line at best cost.

What NPK fertilizer production equipment can I get from FPC?

How To Design The NPK Fertilizer Plant At The Best Cost?

In order to save planning investment, shorten construction period, reduce production cost, and make full use of land resources, you can divide the factory into the following three parts according to production needs and use function

Through such a clear division of factory function zone, you can not only rationally arrange the plant area, but also make the people flow and logistics more convenient. Therefore, you can improve the working efficiency of the NPK fertilizer production plant.

How do I design NPK compound fertilizer production site?

How Do I Collect The Raw Materials For Making The Npk Fertilizer?

While collecting the NPK compound fertilizer raw materials, we suggest you’d better be clear about the chemical properties of the base fertilizers. In this way, you can produce the quality NPK fertilizer. Here are three tips for you.

In order to produce the NPK fertilizer with comprehensive nutrients, you should use the raw materials which can be mixed. For example, you can mix the urea and the ammonium sulfate to make the compound fertilizer. Urea can also be mixed with ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride to make high concentrations urine-based compound fertilizer.

When producing the NPK fertilizer, you should pay attention to the raw materials with such a characteristic. Otherwise, the nutrients will deteriorate or even be lost in the NPK fertilizer products. For instance, there are no toxic and harmful substances after mixing urea with ammonium nitrate. However, ammonium nitrate phosphate is acid matter, urea is alkaline matter. Thus, mixed interaction of the two will theoretically reduce the effective ingredients.

When these raw materials are mixed, there will be nutrient degradation and nutrient loss. For example, you can not mix ammonium bicarbonate with ammonium nitrate. Otherwise,there is a significant decrease in nitrogen of the mixture. What’s more, the mixture can not be a nitrogen fertilizer.

 Straight Fertilizer Suitable for Making NPK Compound Fertilizer

By paying attention to the above three aspects, you can reduce materials waste. What’s more, you will produce the quality NPK compound fertilizer with qualified raw materials.

The Cost Of NPK Fertilizer Plant With Different Production Scales

The different production scales of the NPK fertilizer plant will have the different budget. According to our years of experience, we can divide the production scale into three ranges of 1-5t/h, 5-10t/h and 10-20t/h. The following content can be your references.

Through the above, you will know more about calculating the plant cost of the NPK compound fertilizer for different scales. What’s more, you can contact with us while building the NPK fertilizer plant. We can provide you with the latest quota about the whole set of NPK fertilizer production line.

How can I get perfect NPK compound fertilizer production line at best cost?

How To Set Up The Npk Fertilizer Plant With Different Budgets?

With different budgets, you can set up the NPK fertilizer plant with different scales. As summarized from our experience, there are three budget ranges you can refer to. The first budget range is $10,000-$30,000, the second one is $30,000-$50,000, the third one is over $50,000.

With such budget, you can establish the small scales NPK fertilizer production factory. For example, with the budget of $30,000, you will set up 3t/h NPK fertilizer production line. You should deploy the SXZGZ-1240 rotary drum pellet making machine or SXYZ-2800 pan granulator for the granulation process.

When setting up the $30,000-$50,000 NPK fertilizer plant, you can produce about 5 tons NPK fertilizer granules. When deploying the fertilizer machines, you can buy the equipment with the capacity of 3-5t/h. For instance, the SXFLF-600 vertical crusher is more suitable for your fertilizer making factory.

You will build a large-scale fertilizer production line with the budget of more than $50,000. therefore, when running the NPK compound fertilizer production line, you’d better use the rotary drum granulation machine. Of course, you can use multiple disc pellet making machines to improve the production efficiency.

The above data is just for your reference only. You can change the fertilizer machines and production line lay out based on your real production condition. If you choose FPC, we will provide you with some reasonable suggestions.

As the old-brand compound fertilizer equipment supplier, we have sold our fertilizer machines to home and abroad. Moreover, our customers highly praise the quality of the fertilizer making machines produced by FPC. Therefore, while building the NPK fertilizer factory, you can email to us. You will get the fertilizer production equipment at the best price. You will also build the NPK fertilizer plant at best cost.

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    What Is The Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant Cost In United States?2022-07-05T11:14:56+08:00

    When producing fertilizer on your production line, there are many things that can affect the overall costs. You need to know fertilizer manufacturing plant cost, and get a sizable profit from the fertilizer that you are producing. For building your own fertilizer plant in US, you will pay money in many aspects.What is the fertilizer manufacturing plant cost in United States?You should consider the following before starting a fertilizer plant project.

    Cost On Raw Materials

    The raw materials selection is the first step and the top priority of the fertilizer production process. The US has many kinds of the raw materials.You can choose animals manure and crops straw to make the organic fertilizer. Besides, you can use Nitrogen Fertilizer& Phosphate Fertilizer& Potash Fertilizer to produce NPK fertilizer or urea based compound fertilizer.

    Renting The Productions Sites

    Firstly, you should consider the using land cost in United Stated.The best choice is to choose the cost-effective regions. In addition, you can choose the area with enough power and water sources. Moreover, it has the convenient transportation.You can look for the fertilizer production sites nearby the farms.Because it can help you collect raw materials quickly.Therefore, you’d better to choose the raw materials nearby. In addition, you can build the fertilizer plant near the place whose raw materials are abundant.

    How Much Production Scale To Invest In?

     If you want to invest a fertilizer production plant in America, the scale of fertilizer production can be large or small.Different fertilizer production scale cost is also different.You should decide on your production scales.For the production scale of 20tons fertilizer per hour, you should $600,000 USD. In addition, the raw materials supply and fertilizer sales markets needs of the US will also affect your production scales. Therefore, you should make widely research on American fertilizer market.

    Different Prices On Production Process

     It is important for you to determine the fertilizer production process. Because it will affect what is the prices of the production equipment you need to buy. The fertilizer machine will sell to America at different prices.For example,there are big differences between the powder fertilizers and the granular fertilizer. Or the dry granulation and wet granulation. From our years of experience, granular fertilizer is sold better in the United States.

    Top 3 the most popular fertilizer manufacturing line prices in the US

     If you have prepared the raw materials& production capacity , you can choose the fertilizer production line that suits you. A good fertilizer production line can help you start a fertilizer production business in America as soon as possible. We recommend you three of the best-selling production lines in the United State.They all sell at favorable prices.

    150,000$USD for 6t/h fertilizer manufacturing

    This is a production line designed for small and medium-sized American fertilizer manufacturers. The production line needs to cover an area of about 800㎡, The initial budget is about 150,000 USD. It has the advantages of less investment and quick returns.It is suitable for manufacturers who have just started the production of fertilizers. The 6t/h production line works for 8 hours a day. It can help you produce 50 tons npk fertilizer per day, and the annual output can reach 15000T.

    400,000$USD for 18t/h fertilizer production line

    You can choose the large-scale production line, the annual production capacity can reach 100000 mt per year.The budget is about 400,000 USD.It covers an area of of about 2500㎡. Our company equipped this large-scale production line with our hot-selling rotary drum granulator.This production line is suitable for American manufacturers already operating the fertilizer business.His production cost is the most economical and well-equipped.In the United State, the production line ranked first in the sales charts.

    $50,0000USD for a set of 25t/h fertilizer making equipment

    If you want to expand the production scale on the existing fertilizer plant scale, you can consider this production line within $50,0000.It can help you reach 200tons per day. It covers an area of of about 3145㎡.This will greatly shorten the production time and improve the efficiency to increase your benefit. At the same time, you can make more smoother and more beautiful fertilizers for selling in the US. This line design guarantee higher quality fertilizers throughout the fertilizer production process. It is important to have high quality pellets so you can make the most money.

    Our company is a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer. There are many types of equipment for you to choose.  Meanwhile, the prices are different. For your small size plant, there are some key equipment for you to start your company. It can highly reduce your expense. And if you want to make high quality fertilizers, we have a set of complete automatic equipment for you to choose.Therefore, the price will be higher.Welcome to contact us!

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      Organic Waste Shredder Machine Price2022-05-31T10:15:24+08:00

      When you invest in the production of organic fertilizer, the first step is to consider whether your raw materials meet the production standards.Too wet or too large raw materials in the production can not easy to produce high quality fertilizer.Only the pre-processed composting materials can enter the organic fertilizer production line.So when you are ready to buy a complete organic fertilizer production line, you are often equipped with shredder machine in the production line.Because the purpose is to improve the working capacity of the production line without paying for additional crushing equipment.In order to make the raw materials to achieve suitable conditions for production, the choice of crusher is also very important.But how to choose the most suitable shredding equipment?We recommend some popular crushing equipment to you.

      New Type Vertical Shredder

      New vertical shredder machine

      The new vertical shredder is mostly used together with the whole production line.Even the materials with high water content, it is not easy to block the equipment in the work.In addition, its other design point is the special material of steel sheet. Therefore, it ensures your crushing equipment can have a long service life.These eye-catching designs help you reduce the tedious workflow and save greatly on the cost of hiring workers and repairing equipment.

      Semi-wet material shredder equipment

      Semi-wet material shredder is suitable for all kinds of organic waste.Therefore,in fertilizer production, it is often used as pre-process of composting materials.You can use it to experience the highest quality compost materials at the lowest shredder price.Besides, semi-wet material crusher is used in the crushing of high moisture material ,like bio-organic compost fertilizer ,MSW compost ,grass mud carbon ,rural straw waste,industrial organic waste,livestock,and poultry droppings,etc.

      Semi-Wet Material Shredder

      Chain shredder machine

      A good shredder can be used in different production phases.On the one hand, the chain grinder produced by ShunXin can crush compost materials or blocks in compound fertilizer production.On the other hand, it also plays an extremely important role in the second crushing process of fertilizer production.Once the unqualified granulation material is returned for secondary crushing and then granulation.

      The organic waste shredder machine prices are related to the their types and models. So when turning the composting materials into organic fertilizer, you can consider many types of composting shredder machines.For example, new type vertical crusher, semi-wet material crusher, urea crusher and chain crusher. So they are on sale at the different prices. However,all of them are sols at the affordable price. To get the specific crusher machine price, you should know what types of your materials. What’ more, you can know the price of organic waste shredder machine by contacting us now!

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        How to Start An NPK Fertilizer Plant?2021-11-17T16:49:29+08:00

        Senior Plant Design Engineer

        Learn more about setting up fertilizer plant

        Contact us to get a fertilizer production line for your plant

        Setting up NPK fertilizer plant, you need to consider many aspects, such as production site selection, plant construction and equipment purchase. We can know how to run an NPK compound fertilizer company form the above three aspects. You can get the detailed explanation from the following.

        • Question 1: how to choose the right production site for my NPK fertilizer plant?

        Production site selection is very important for starting an NPK fertilizer plant. The choice of site is not only required to not affect the surrounding environment, but also must be conducive to the transportation of products and raw materials. Therefore, you should note the following four points when choosing the NPK fertilizer plant production site.

        • Question 2: how to design the NPK fertilizer production plant?

        According to the production site area, you should divide the functional areas of the NPK fertilizer plant reasonably. You can divide the production site into four functional areas. They are raw materials processing area, NPK fertilizer production area, finished products storeroom and working-living zone. The former three functional areas should not far away each other. In this way, you can ensure that the NPK compound fertilizer production process is successive. The working-living area should be far away the NPK fertilizer production area. The production area size depends on the NPK fertilizer production plant capacity and budget.

        • Question 3: what machines should I buy for NPK fertilizer production?

        Generally, the compound fertilizer manufacturer produce and sell the granular NPK fertilizer. Therefore, you need to purchase one or more complete sets of NPK fertilizer granulation line. The equipment you need to buy are dynamic batching system, fertilizer crushing machine, horizontal mixing machine, fertilizer granulator machine, drying machine, cooling machine,drum screening machine and automatic packing machine. You can also purchase the coating machine to dye the NPK fertilizer granules. The machines configuration is related to your NPK fertilizer plant capacity and budget.

        The above is three aspects about setting up an NPK fertilizer plant. Of course, there are still many aspects need to consider. You can ask us for suggestions when starting an NPK fertilizer plant. FPC, as established fertilizer equipment manufacturer, has been engaged in NPK fertilizer equipment and production line designing and manufacturing for many years. We can provide you with efficient NPK compound fertilizer equipment and entire NPK fertilizer production line. What’s more, we can also offer reasonable suggestions about the NPK fertilizer plant production site design.

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