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Compost Turner for Sale2023-04-11T17:19:53+08:00

In order to ferment organic materials efficiently, there are six types of compost turner machines for sale inFPC fertilizer equipment production. These compost turning machines can be divided into three types. The first is trench type composting machine like groove type compost turner, wheel type composting machine and chain plate compost turning equipment. The second is windrow type compost turning equipment. It includes the crawler type compost turner and movable composting equipment. The third is in-vessel fermentation machine. We can offer the right composting equipment according to customer’s fertilizer plan area design and production capacity. In addition, our compost turning machine has the advantages of high adaptability, high output, high service life. Therefore, our equipment is widely praised by organic fertilizer manufacturers at home and abroad. FPC compost turning machines are sold for Pakistan, Australia, Kenya and other countries and regions.

Four Wheel Compost Turner for Sale in FPC Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturer

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What Compost Turner Machine for Sale Is Suitable for Trench Type Fermentation System?

There are three kinds of organic waste trench type compost turner machine for sale in FPC. You can choose the groove type compost turner, wheel type compost turner and chain plate compost turning machine for the multi-trenches fermentation system.

Through the above, you can know more about three kinds of trench type compost turning machines. If you need to buy tunnel type compost turner, you can contact with us. We can provide you with more information about the trench type composter.

For Windrow Compost System, What Type of Compost Turner for Sale Can I Select?

There are two kinds of self-propelled compost turner for windrow type compost system. They are crawler type compost turner and movable compost turner. You can get the detailed information from the following.

Movable Compost Turner

The four-wheel compost turner can treat the 400-500m³organic manure per hour. When producing the moving composting machine, we equip it with four wheels. Because of the four-wheel walking design, it is much easier for you to operate the movable self-propelled composting equipment. It can move forward,backward and turn around. What’s more, only one person is needed to operate the moving compost turning machine.

Crawler Type Compost Turner

The crawler type compost turner machine is suitable for large-scale compost production plant. It can turn 500-1500m³organic materials in an hour. We design the working shaft of crawler type composting machine with diameter of 400-500mm. Therefore, it can turn the organic manure completely. We manufacture the SXLDF-2400,SXLDF-2600,SXLDF-2800 and SXLDF-3000 to meet customers’ different requirements.

The above two compost turning machines are available in windrow compost system. There are different technical parameters of windrow type composting equipment in FPC fertilizer equipment production plant. The customers can choose the ideal windrow type compost turner according to production capacity.

What Compost Turner Machine for Sale Can Ferment the Organic Manure Most Fast?

There is a kind of compost turning machine can save more manpower and fermentation time. It is organic fertilizer fermentation tank. The fermentation tank is a fully automatic composting machine. The following are the detailed information about the fully automatic in-vessel compost turner.

It is for the above reasons that fermentation tanks are our hot-selling equipment. We can customize 150 m³organic fertilizer fermentation pot according to customers’ different production requirement.

Newest Small Fully Automatic Compost Turner for Sale in FPC Company

When composting manure in a small scale, you can use horizontal fermentation tank except for groove or movable type composter. Here is a new designed horizontal fermentation cylinder for sale in FPC company. There are many advantages of this horizontal closed composting machine, such as lower cost, less land occupation and high fermentation efficiency. The details are as follows.

Higher Fermentation Efficiency

Less Production Site Occupation

Lower Production Investment

The above is about the advantages of horizontal organic fertilizer fermentation tank. You can get more detailed information through contacting with us. We can customize this machine with capacities of 5-50m3. When buying the small scale fully automatic composting machine, FPC will be your best choice. Welcome to our website for free inquiry.

What is the Price of FPC Compost Turner for Sale?

The compost turning machine price depends on the capacity and budget. According to customers budget and production capacity, we can offer the suitable purchase plan. We divide the budget into three ranges. You can buy the suitable compost turner machine according to these ranges. These budget range are $6,000-$15,000, $40,000-$50,000,$130,000-$180,000.

The data are just for your reference. There are many models of compost turning machine for small, medium and large scale fertilizer production factory. We can offer you the best composting machine based on your budget and production capacity.

What Are the Advantages of FPC Compost Turner Machine for Sale?

All kinds of the compost turning machine produced from FPC are our hot-selling fertilizer equipment. Because of significant advantages, FPC compost turner machines are highly praised by the customers. The followings are the advantages about FPC  composter.

From the above, you can get further understand about FPCcomposting machines. You can buy the quality fertilizer composting machine from FPC at best price. When buying the compost turner machine, the fermentation equipment made from FPC will be your best choice.

How can I get quality new type fertilizer granulator at best price?

Where to Buy Manure Organic Compost Fermentation Machine?

You can buy manure organic compost fermentation machine in FPC company. FPC is an experienced fertilizer equipment manufacturer. We have more than 15 years of experience in fertilizer equipment research and development. Therefore, the manure composting machines we produce are of high quality, practical and reliable. The following can be your reference.

Various Compost Turners for Sale

There are many types of composting equipment for sale in FPC company. We consider the fertilizer manufacturer applies different manure fermentation systems. Therefore, we design and produce groove type composting machines, windrow composting machines and in-vessel composting machines. When buying the manure organic compost fermentation machine, you can consult us for specific consultation.

FPC Compost Turners with Strong Adaptability

The composting machine we produce can be used for many types of raw materials fermentation. You can use them for composting of livestock manure and plant straws. Our composting machines are made of anti-corrosive materials. Therefore, you can save the maintenance cost of compost turner machines.

FPC is an established compost turner machines manufacturer. You can get quality compost turning equipment from us. We also support customization service of fertilizer making machines. You can contact and tell us your organic fertilizer production requirements. We will provide you with best advice of compost turner selection.

Successful Case of Compost Turner for Sale with Customers from Peru

FPC has been engaged in producing efficient compost turning machine over 15 years. Therefore, there are many successful cases of composting equipment in FPC. The following is the successful case that Peruvian customer buy the groove type compost turner.

What Capacity of Compost Turner for Sale Do I Need?

The customer from Peru wants to produce 10-20 tons organic compost per hour. According to the production plan, we recommend the Peruvian customer the groove type compost turner. There are different capacities of groove type composters in FPC. You can buy 1-20t/h trench type fermentation machine from FPC.

What Materials do I Want to Treat by Using the Compost Turner?

Peruvian organic compost production customer has many kinds of organic raw materials, such as animal manure, dairy cow dung and plants stubble. FPC groove type compost turner machine has strong adaptability. Therefore, you can turn many kinds of organic materials with FPC compost turning equipment.

What Is the Price of Your Compost Turner?

According to customer requirement, we recommend the suitable type of groove type compost turner to the customer from Peru. For the machine price, we explain our price advantages to the customer. What’s more, we can provide organic compost production customers with cost-effective fermentation machine.

What Payment Method do We Offer to Peruvian Customer?

Customer in Peru is concerned about the security of payments. We suggest the customer to use the Alibaba payment method and give some discounts. We support multiple modes of payment. Therefore, we can adjust the payment method flexibly according to the customer’s situation.

There are also many cases of other organic compost turner machine. You can contact with us to get more information. Our compost turning machine has been sold at home and abroad. In addition, we can guarantee that you can buy the compost turning machine at perfect price from FPC.

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    How Much Does A Chicken Manure Production Line Cost?2022-08-09T17:27:46+08:00

    A chicken manure fertilizer production line consists of many different fertilizer machines.Thus, Shunxin machine engineer need to know your budget, factory site, types of the raw material and some other information to design a perfect fertilizer production line for you.For example, if you choose fresh chicken manure as raw material, there is no doubt that you need buy a dewatering machine to reduce the moisture content of the fresh chicken manure. However, if you choose dry chicken manure as raw material, you should choose a crusher machine for your chicken manure production line. What’s more, configuration of the fertilizer machines will influence the price of a chicken manure production line. For instance, if you have high configuration of fertilizer machines in your chicken manure production line.You can equip with Siemens motors, definitely, your fertilizer production line will cost more.

    compost machine

    All Shunxin fertilizer machines are sold at factory prices, because we have our own large factory. What’ more, Shunxin aims to provide high-quality and economical fertilizer facilities to all our clients.Anyway, if you want to buy a chicken manure production line, please contact us. Our sales will give you best advice.

    How To Choose A Chicken Manure Production Line At The Lower Cost?

    While choosing the chicken manure fertilizer production line, you can determine it based on your budget.With the different budgets, you can buy different lines to set up the chicken manure fertilizer production lines. The following is about the line selection of different budgets ranges.

    As mentioned above, when setting up the chicken manure fertilizer line with the budget of $35,000-$9000, your plant is suitable for producing the powder organic fertilizer. Therefore, while composting the materials, you can choose the composting machine and loader type feeder. For the crushing process, we recommend you buy the new type vertical crushing machine. Then to improve the packing efficiency, you’d better use the fully automatic packing scales.

    When you intend to run the chicken manure fertilizer line with the budget of $110,000-$190,000, you can set up the granular organic fertilizer production line.While assembling the granular chicken manure fertilizer production line, in addition to purchasing equipment that composes the powder production line, you also need granulating equipment like churning granulation machine that can make powdered organic fertilizer into granules. To improve the fertilizer granules quality, the equipment you still need to buy are the rotary drum cooling machine, drying machine and coating machine.

    The equipment configuration of the chicken manure fertilizer line built with a budget of $360,000-$550,000 is higher than that of the building with a budget of $110,000-$190,000. While granulating the chicken manure organic fertilizer, we recommend you use the rotary drum pellet making machine or the disc granulation machine. But using the granulation machine, you can produce the granular chicken manure fertilizer on a large scale.

      If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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      What are the possible reasons for the material cake in compost fermentation?2022-05-30T11:52:26+08:00

      Before starting your organic fertilizer business, you should make sure that your raw materials meet the production conditions. The raw materials need to go through the composting and fermentation process to produce a large number of metabolites that are beneficial to plant growth and absorption.It is worth noting that some composting materials are obvious caking after the compost fermentation process.It will affects the quality of the finished fertilizer. Based on our many years of experience, using high-quality composting machine and know some composting skills can prevent caking effectively. But first you should know what are the possible reasons for the material cake in compost fermentation? For preventing organic waste compost caking,we can supply the most effective composting machine solution for your organic fertilizer production plant.

      The moisture of the raw materials is too high

      Maintaining the proper moisture of the material is the first condition to promote the microbial activity and compost fermentation.However, in the process of composting fermentation, high moisture materials are easy to gather with other small materials to form caking. According to ShunXin years of experience, the most suitable moisture of composting material is 60% -75%.

      For meeting this water requirement, we can design a solid-liquid dewatering machine for your compost dryer plan.It can separate pig manure, duck manure, cow manure, chicken manure and other livestock manure into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer.Finally, it can very well help you control the moisture of composting materials.

      Insufficient composting depth

      In the fermentation process, deep composting turning can promote the uniform fermentation of composting materials.If the turning depth of the bottom material is not enough, it will easy to form a large number of lumps at the bottom.

      How to achieve deep composting turning ? ShunXin’s groove type compost turner and moving type compost turner all can finish deep turning.The turning height can be 0.8-1.5 meters. What’ more, whether it’s groove compost or ground compost, it can help you accelerate the composting fermentation process and produce high-quality fertilizer.

      Uneven airflow or insufficient surround

      Maintaining proper air in the compost process is conducive to the reproduction and activity of aerobic microorganisms. Once the airflow is uneven, it is prone to caking. When composting at high temperature, more attention should be paid to the tightness of the stack to facilitate ventilation. According to ShunXin years of experience,sorting or crushing compost improves air distribution and can promote organic decomposition.ShunXin recommends you leave a certain gap between the material piles, and can use our crawler compost turner machine or walking type compost turner to achieve efficient compost fermentation.

      Raw materials contain non-degradable materials

      Before compost process, crushing and sorting raw materials is a solution to avoid material caking. In the raw materials you collect, you can pay attention to filter out the non-decomposable materials. Otherwise it will easy to form cake because it cannot be decomposed.However, after sort out, if there are still large cake, how to deal with these bulk materials?The semi-wet material compost shredder produced by ShunXin can be widely used for the pulverization of biologically fermented semi-wet materials such as bio-organic compost fertilizer, municipal solid waste compost, grass peat, straw waste, livestock manure and so on.Besides,compost screening design also can screen out high quality powder materials using for subsequent granulation process.

      Compost fermentation is the first process for high-quality & efficient organic fertilizer production. 60% to 70% water content in composting material is the most suitable for preventing caking. To meet this water requirement, customers can use dewatering machines if composting materials are too wet. Meantime, compost turner with high working depth can avoid material caking.Last,keeping the air circulation between the fertilizer stacks and using compost shredder&screening can obtain excellent powder materials.Whatever your composting problem, we can provide you with a solution and design the right composting machine for your organic fertilizer manufacturing plant. Welcome to contact us!

        If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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        How Much is a Compost Turner Machine for Sale?2022-02-11T13:40:18+08:00

        The price of compost turner machine is a question which is more concerned by fertilizer manufacturer customer. However, compost turning equipment cost is unfixed. It will be affected by many aspects, such as compost turner models, quality and manufacturers. The compost turner machine made from FPC company will be your best choice.

        FPC has specialized in compost turning machines design and production over 15 years. What’s more, there are many types of manure compost turners for sale in our company. For example, you can get composting machine which works in the fermentation trough like groove type, wheel type and chain plate type. In addition, you can also get crawler type and movable type compost turning machine for windrow fermentation.

        Whether a small scale or large scale organic fertilizer production plant, you can find the best commercial compost turner from FPC company. Furthermore, what you must know is that all of them are on sale at the best price. You are welcome to inquiry us for the newest price list of manure compost turners.

        Movable Compost Turner

        Horizontal Fermentation Tank

        Crawler Compost Turner

        Wheel Compost Turner

        Crawler Compost Turner


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