Before starting your organic fertilizer business, you should make sure that your raw materials meet the production conditions. The raw materials need to go through the composting and fermentation process to produce a large number of metabolites that are beneficial to plant growth and absorption.It is worth noting that some composting materials are obvious caking after the compost fermentation process.It will affects the quality of the finished fertilizer. Based on our many years of experience, using high-quality composting machine and know some composting skills can prevent caking effectively. But first you should know what are the possible reasons for the material cake in compost fermentation? For preventing organic waste compost caking,we can supply the most effective composting machine solution for your organic fertilizer production plant.

The moisture of the raw materials is too high

Maintaining the proper moisture of the material is the first condition to promote the microbial activity and compost fermentation.However, in the process of composting fermentation, high moisture materials are easy to gather with other small materials to form caking. According to ShunXin years of experience, the most suitable moisture of composting material is 60% -75%.

For meeting this water requirement, we can design a solid-liquid dewatering machine for your compost dryer plan.It can separate pig manure, duck manure, cow manure, chicken manure and other livestock manure into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer.Finally, it can very well help you control the moisture of composting materials.

Insufficient composting depth

In the fermentation process, deep composting turning can promote the uniform fermentation of composting materials.If the turning depth of the bottom material is not enough, it will easy to form a large number of lumps at the bottom.

How to achieve deep composting turning ? ShunXin’s groove type compost turner and moving type compost turner all can finish deep turning.The turning height can be 0.8-1.5 meters. What’ more, whether it’s groove compost or ground compost, it can help you accelerate the composting fermentation process and produce high-quality fertilizer.

Uneven airflow or insufficient surround

Maintaining proper air in the compost process is conducive to the reproduction and activity of aerobic microorganisms. Once the airflow is uneven, it is prone to caking. When composting at high temperature, more attention should be paid to the tightness of the stack to facilitate ventilation. According to ShunXin years of experience,sorting or crushing compost improves air distribution and can promote organic decomposition.ShunXin recommends you leave a certain gap between the material piles, and can use our crawler compost turner machine or walking type compost turner to achieve efficient compost fermentation.

Raw materials contain non-degradable materials

Before compost process, crushing and sorting raw materials is a solution to avoid material caking. In the raw materials you collect, you can pay attention to filter out the non-decomposable materials. Otherwise it will easy to form cake because it cannot be decomposed.However, after sort out, if there are still large cake, how to deal with these bulk materials?The semi-wet material compost shredder produced by ShunXin can be widely used for the pulverization of biologically fermented semi-wet materials such as bio-organic compost fertilizer, municipal solid waste compost, grass peat, straw waste, livestock manure and so on.Besides,compost screening design also can screen out high quality powder materials using for subsequent granulation process.

Compost fermentation is the first process for high-quality & efficient organic fertilizer production. 60% to 70% water content in composting material is the most suitable for preventing caking. To meet this water requirement, customers can use dewatering machines if composting materials are too wet. Meantime, compost turner with high working depth can avoid material caking.Last,keeping the air circulation between the fertilizer stacks and using compost shredder&screening can obtain excellent powder materials.Whatever your composting problem, we can provide you with a solution and design the right composting machine for your organic fertilizer manufacturing plant. Welcome to contact us!

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