When you invest in the production of organic fertilizer, the first step is to consider whether your raw materials meet the production standards.Too wet or too large raw materials in the production can not easy to produce high quality fertilizer.Only the pre-processed composting materials can enter the organic fertilizer production line.So when you are ready to buy a complete organic fertilizer production line, you are often equipped with shredder machine in the production line.Because the purpose is to improve the working capacity of the production line without paying for additional crushing equipment.In order to make the raw materials to achieve suitable conditions for production, the choice of crusher is also very important.But how to choose the most suitable shredding equipment?We recommend some popular crushing equipment to you.

New Type Vertical Shredder

New vertical shredder machine

The new vertical shredder is mostly used together with the whole production line.Even the materials with high water content, it is not easy to block the equipment in the work.In addition, its other design point is the special material of steel sheet. Therefore, it ensures your crushing equipment can have a long service life.These eye-catching designs help you reduce the tedious workflow and save greatly on the cost of hiring workers and repairing equipment.

Semi-wet material shredder equipment

Semi-wet material shredder is suitable for all kinds of organic waste.Therefore,in fertilizer production, it is often used as pre-process of composting materials.You can use it to experience the highest quality compost materials at the lowest shredder price.Besides, semi-wet material crusher is used in the crushing of high moisture material ,like bio-organic compost fertilizer ,MSW compost ,grass mud carbon ,rural straw waste,industrial organic waste,livestock,and poultry droppings,etc.

Semi-Wet Material Shredder

Chain shredder machine

A good shredder can be used in different production phases.On the one hand, the chain grinder produced by ShunXin can crush compost materials or blocks in compound fertilizer production.On the other hand, it also plays an extremely important role in the second crushing process of fertilizer production.Once the unqualified granulation material is returned for secondary crushing and then granulation.

The organic waste shredder machine prices are related to the their types and models. So when turning the composting materials into organic fertilizer, you can consider many types of composting shredder machines.For example, new type vertical crusher, semi-wet material crusher, urea crusher and chain crusher. So they are on sale at the different prices. However,all of them are sols at the affordable price. To get the specific crusher machine price, you should know what types of your materials. What’ more, you can know the price of organic waste shredder machine by contacting us now!

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