FPC is an established fertilizer equipment production company. You can find various types of fertilizer production lines for fertilizer manufacturers from all over the world, such as 1-20 t/h organic, inorganic and compound fertilizer production lines, water soluble fertilizer production line and liquid fertilizer production line. Here is a successful case that customized 10 TPH urea based compound fertilizer production line for customer from Yemen. You will know more information about this line design, machine deployment and installation from the following.

What is detailed procedure of your urea based compound fertilizer production line?

The customer from Yemen wants to buy a set of efficient production line for his fertilizer plant. FPC designs and produces efficient and cost-effective urea based compound fertilizer production lines. Our production line includes raw materials disposal, granulation, finished products drying, cooling, granules coating, and fertilizer packing. For different scales fertilizer plants, we can provide them with different configurations of 1-20 t/h urea based compound fertilizer production lines. Welcome to inquiry.

Design 15-15-15 urea based compound fertilizer production line for Yemen customer

The fertilizer manufacturer in Yemen makes 15-15-15 urea based compound fertilizer. His raw materials is urea, monoammonium phosphate, potassium chloride. According to the amount of raw materials, our technical staff designs and draws 10 t/h production line for urea based compound fertilizer. This is a customized compound fertilizer production line. You can also get one complete set of tailored fertilizer production line from us. Inquiry us now, get the detailed design solution.

How to deploy the efficient machines for making 15-15-15 urea based compound fertilizer?

From the above, Yemen customer know about the detailed production process of urinary-based compound fertilizer. Based on his production capacity and fertilizer type, we recommend the best machines for him. For example, the machine for granulation is  SXZGZ-2080 rotary drum granulation machine. The drying machine for urea based compound fertilizer is SXHG-1818. In addition, we also equip the dust removal device for the fertilizer in Yemen. Different types and scales of fertilizer production lines are equipped with various types of fertilizer equipment. Contact us to get the customized fertilizer production line.

What is the price of this whole set of urea based compound fertilizer production line?

The customer in Yemen intends to get a set of 10 tons per hour urea based compound fertilizer production line with budget of $80,000. According to his budget, we redesign the production line for this customer. The machine deployments also are displaced at the same time. When buying the fertilizer production line, its configuration is also related the customer’s budget except for production capacity and fertilizer type. Our experienced technical personnel can design the best solution of the fertilizer processing line based on the customers’ production needs.

The mentioned above is for your reference only. Our compound fertilizer production line can be used for other types of urea based fertilizer making, like 19-19-19,22-22-11, 28-28-0. You can get these compound fertilizer production lines at the favorable price. There are also other types of fertilizer production lines for sale in FPC company. If you are interest in fertilizer production business, email us. We will provide you with efficient fertilizer production machines and fertilizer production lines. Welcome to contact us, we are here for you 24 hours.

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