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Liquid Fertilizer Production Line

Liquid Fertilizer Production Line2022-08-18T16:12:41+08:00

Because liquid fertilizer has the advantages of wide sources of raw materials, high economic value and simple production process, more and more fertilizer factories have begun to produce liquid water-soluble fertilizer. As a manufacturer engaged in the fertilizer equipment production for many years, we have designed the whole liquid fertilizer production line. While you intend to produce the liquid fertilizer, SX will be your relatively better choice. There are advantages of the SX liquid fertilizer production line such as simple operation and short production period. We can also offer you some useful advice about the material selection and treatment. You will also know more detailed information about the liquid fertilizer production from us.

The machines used in liquid fertilizer production line

High-moist materials shredder, solid-liquid separator, filter device, UV sterilization, mixing system and fermentation system.

Liquid fertilizer production line

The liquid fertilizer purity depends on the raw materials purity. Therefore, it is important to process the raw materials before making the liquid fertilizer. You treat the raw organic materials according to the following.

Crush The Raw Materials

In order to speed up the solid-liquid separation, you need to use a crushing machine to crush bulk materials. There are different types of crushing machines produced by SX. We can recommend suitable shredders according to your raw material type.

Solid-Liquid Separation 

Because what you produce is liquid fertilizer, you should collect wastewater from animal waste and agricultural waste. At this time, you need to use a solid-liquid separator. The SX screw extruding solid-liquid separator can dewater materials with a water content of about 80% to about 40%.

Filter The Raw Materials

After precipitation, in order to obtain higher-purity materials, you also need to use a filter to filter the precipitated stock solution twice.

Sterilization The Materials

Because the raw materials contain harmful bacteria. In order to prevent these harmful bacteria from entering the biological chain and endangering human health and plant growth, you need to sterilize the raw materials. The UV sterilization method used in the liquid fertilizer production line designed by SX. In this way, harmful bacteria in the raw materials can be completely removed.

Through following the above five steps to process the liquid fertilizer materials, you could increase the security of the finished liquid manure. What’s more, you can get the high-purity liquid water soluble fertilizer.

After Processing The Raw Materials, What Should I Do Next For Making The Liquid Fertilizer?

There are two steps you need to do next after processing the raw materials. One is to mix the materials evenly, the other is to ferment the mixed materials. You can know about the two steps from the following.

For mixing liquid fertilizer ingredients and fermenting processes, SX has designed such batching tanks and fermentation tanks. They are composed of three layers of inner tank, heat conduction layer and heat preservation layer, which can effectively ensure that the liquid fertilizer is fermented at room temperature.

What Materials Can You Use For The Liquid Fertilizer Production?

As mentioned above, you can know that it is easy to collect the raw materials. Then what kinds of the raw materials can you collect? There are three raw materials sources you can choose. The following will provide you some useful information.

Animal Waste

There are a large number of nutrients such as protein and organic matter in the animal feces. The animal waste is one of the most important raw materials for production the liquid fertilizer. By using the animals manure, you can make the liquid fertilizer with high nutrients content.

Livestock Manure Used for Organic Fertilizer Liquid Production Process
 Top 8 Agricultural Waste as Organic Liquid Fertilizer Production Raw Materials

Agricultural Waste

There are still a lot of nutrients remaining in abandoned crops. You can turn agricultural waste into treasure by making water-soluble fertilizer. The crude protein and crude fat in the agricultural can be used to promote plant growth.

Biogas Slurry

The biogas slurry is rich in nutrients. It not only contains organic matter, but also humic acid that can improve plant resistance. Therefore, biogas slurry is another important raw material for making liquid fertilizer. In addition, after being fermented under anaerobic conditions, there are still intact the nutrient content which remains in the biogas slurry.

Biogas Slurry Used for Making Liquid Fertilizer

You can get the high-quality liquid fertilizer by treating the raw materials described above. However, you need to add other substances in the raw materials to supply the liquid fertilizer you produce. By doing so, you can improve your liquid fertilizer competitiveness to make more benefits.

Why Does Many People Produce The Liquid Fertilizer?

In the fertilizer manufacturing industry, why are more and more people producing liquid fertilizer? there are three reasons for that: easy to collect the raw materials, high economic value and simple production process. The following are the detailed information about these three aspects.

500t/y Liquid Fertilizer Production Line Customized by FPC

For the raw materials for the liquid fertilizer production, there is a wide range of sources. Spoiled fruits, animal manure, and even well water can be used as raw materials for liquid fertilizer production. Therefore, it is especially easy for you to collect.

Because liquid fertilizer has high fertilizer efficiency and is easily absorbed by plants. For example, the strawberry fruits applied with liquid fertilizer will be larger than those not applied, and there will be larger and thicker leaves on the strawberry using the liquid fertilizer. Therefore, liquid fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer that is in short supply.

Generally speaking, the liquid fertilizer production line is fully automated. The operation method is simple and easy to master.

How can I get the liquid fertilizer production line at the best cost?

Although you will have a high investment for purchasing the liquid fertilizer production equipment, you can get high profits from making the liquid fertilizer in a short period of time. Therefore, many fertilizer manufacturers have begun to produce liquid fertilizers.

What Are The Advantages Of The Sx Liquid Fertilizer Production Line?

For producing the liquid fertilizer, SX designs the production line specially. Therefore, there are many advantages of SX liquid fertilizer production line. You can know more about the production line from the following.

  • The Short Production Period

    While producing the liquid fertilizer, you need ferment the raw materials completely within 72 hours. You will spend less time in making the liquid fertilizer.

  • Low Operation Cost

    Our liquid fertilizer production equipment are low energy devices. For example, for liquid fertilizer line of 500 tons, the centrifugal pump power is 4kw.

  • No Pollution

    There will be no waste water,gas or residue and less noise produced while making the liquid fertilizer. Furthermore, you can recycle liquid raw materials 100%.

  • Less Land Occupation

    There is a compact structure of the whole SX liquid fertilizer production line. You only need more than ten square meters of space to produce the liquid fertilizer.

  • Simple Operation

    While designing, we have set up a special control cabinet for the liquid fertilizer production line. You can control the liquid fertilizer manufacturing process remotely .

Because of these significant advantages, the SX liquid fertilizer production line is more competitive. What’s more, you can make the liquid water soluble fertilizer with relatively economic cost and high efficiency.

How can I get cost-effective liquid fertilizer production line from you?

What Service Can You Experience After Choosing The Sx?

Once choosing SX, we will provide you with customized service, formula designing service and technical support. You can know more from the following.

From the above, you can know that SX has a series of perfect service system. Therefore, you can get a wonderful purchasing experience from the SX. And you will get a whole set of high-efficiency liquid fertilizer production line.

As the old-brand fertilizer production equipment supplier, we have the confidence to provide you with high working-efficiency liquid fertilizer production equipment and the first-class service. While setting up the liquid water-soluble fertilizer production business, you can contact with us. We will propose the suitable plan of manufacturing liquid fertilizer to you.

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    What Is Liquid Fertilizer Production Process?2022-05-24T14:32:48+08:00

    Liquid fertilizer production process is to make the organic wastewater like animal urine into liquid type organic fertilizer. FPC has been dedicated in organic liquid fertilizer production line design and production for many years. We can summarize specific liquid fertilizer manufacturing procedures for you. The liquid organic fertilizer manufacturing process can be divided into three steps, get the original liquid organic waste, remove impurities in organic wastewater, fermentation of liquid organic waste. You can know the detailed production process from the following.


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    • Step1: how to get the liquid waste water from the organic materials?

    Some raw materials like well water and biogas slurry can be used for liquid fertilizer production directly. However, raw materials like animal manure need to undergo solid-liquid separation before they can be used in liquid fertilizer production. Therefore, you need to use the dewatering machine for livestock and poultry manure disposal. In addition, while separating the waste water from solid materials, you may need to use the crushing machine to treat the caked animal manure. After the solid and liquid separation, you can put the waste water into the tanks which are built in advance for sedimentation and overflow.

    • Step2:after solid and liquid separation, what should I do to remove the impurities?

    Following the former step, you fill the organic waste liquid into the sediment and overflow tanks after solid-liquid separation. This step is to remove big impurities like stones. After a while, you can pump the animal wastewater into the filter devices through the centrifugal pump. FPC liquid fertilizer production filter device can remove the micro impurities like grass scraps. After filtering, there are still harmful microbes like e. coli in the animal manure waste liquids. Therefore, the waste solution from these animals manure should be sterilized before being used in liquid fertilizer production. The UV sterilization device is required at this time. After sterilization, the impurities in organic wastewater will be removed completely. Then, you can use these liquid materials to ferment into organic liquid fertilizer.

    • Step3:How to ferment the organic liquids quickly?

    The organic liquids will be pumped into the liquid fertilizer mixing systems after removing the impurities. In order to ferment the organic wastewater quickly, you should add some auxiliary materials and fermentation agent into the mixing equipment. You can use the fertilizer crushing machine to treat bulk auxiliary materials. In this way, you can speed up materials dissolution to improve the production efficiency. After mixing, the mixture can be pumped into the chelating tank to anaerobic fermentation. You can get the fermented liquid organic fermentation through 72-hours fermentation, What’s more, you can deploy an organic liquid fertilizer canned packing line to pack the liquid fertilizer products. Then you can sell them to make more benefits.

    The above is the complete production process of liquid organic fertilizer. You can also contact with us for more detailed information. FPC is an old-brand organic fertilizer equipment production company with years of experience. In addition to offer professional suggestions, we can also provide you with quality solid-liquid separator, fertilizer crushing machine and whole set of liquid fertilizer production line. You can use our production line to make the rooting liquid fertilizer, expanded fruit liquid fertilizer and disease-resistant liquid fertilizer. Therefore, FPC liquid fertilizer equipment and production line will be your better choice. Welcome to our website for consultation.

      If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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