In fertilizer production industry, compost screening machine is also indispensable. The main function of the screening machine is to screen out the products that meet the requirements, and send the unqualified products back to the previous process. For making the screening machine more effective, we improve the structure of the machine. Therefore, by using the SX rotary screening machine, you can not only get the high working efficiency, but also get the long service life of the machine. While selecting the type of the screening machine, you can consult us. As experienced fertilizer equipment making manufacturer,we will try our best to provide you with the reasonable and professional advice.

Why do you need to use the compost screening machine while producing the fertilizers?

Whether you produce powder fertilizer or granular fertilizer, it is essential to use the screening machine. But why? What is the function of the screening machine in the fertilizer production line? You can solve this queation from the followings.

Remove The Impurity Substance

There are some impurities like stones and plastic in the fertilizer raw materials. These substances will impact the quality of finished products. Therefore, while making the fertilizer, you need to use the screening machine to remove the foreign substances to improve the quality of the fertilizer.

Screen Out Quality Products

While producing the powder fertilizers or granular ones, there will be fertilizers with different fineness and sizes. You can use the fertilizer sieving machine to select the fertilizers which meet your production requirements. Then, those unqualified fertilizers will be deliver to the last step of the fertilizer production.

After using the screening machine, you can get the high-purity raw materials through removing out the foreign substances. Thus, you can use such raw materials to make the high-quality fertilizers. Moreover, you can improve the fertilizer competitiveness to make more benefits.

How does fertilizer screening equipment work?

Why do so many people highly praise the SX sieving machine?

Because there are many advantages of the SX compost sieving machine, more and more fertilizer maker would like to use the machine. You can know about the advantages of the machine produced by SX from the followings.

How does fertilizer screening equipment work?

How do you choose the right model of the sieving machine for your fertilizer production line?

In order to make a reasonable use of the fertilizer plant building funds, it is very important to choose the right compost screening machine. How to choose the most suitable drum screening machine for your fertilizer production line? You can consider this problem from the following three aspects.

Fertilizer productivity is the first factor that affects screening machine model selection. When you choose the type of screening machine, you’d better consider how many fertilizers you plan to produce per hour. For example, when you plan to produce 10 tons of fertilizer per hour, you can choose a SXGS-1870 rotary screening machine with a screening output of 10-15t/h. Obviously, the shape and technical parameters of the screening machine are related to hourly and annual output of your fertilizer plant. When you are not sure which type of the sieving machine is suitable, you can ask us for help. We will recommend the most suitable machine to you.

The shape of the fertilizer you produce will also affect your choice of drum screening machine. This is because in the granular fertilizer production line, you will use two screening machines. The first use of the screening machine is the same as the powder fertilizer production line. Both are to filter impurities and screen out fertilizers that meet the production requirements. The screening machine is used for the second time in the pellet production line to screen out qualified fertilizer pellets. Therefore, it is also important to determine the fertilizer shape you are going to produce. Because it determines how many screening machines you need to buy to run your fertilizer production line.

Because the price of the compost screening machine will change with the specifications of the machine. Choosing the right screening machine is also to make a reasonable use of your fertilizer plant building budget. For example, you manage to run a powder organic fertilizer production line with the budget of $90,000. You can produce 20 tons of the organic fertilizer per hour by using fertilizer production line with such budget, so the SXGS-2080 model sieving machine is more suitable for $90,000 organic fertilizer production line. When buying the sieving machine, you can tell us about your budget. In this way, we can choose the right type of machine for you.

The above data is for your reference only. You can ask us questions about the machine according to your production plan. We will reply you as soon as possible and provide you with reasonable suggestions.

Modle SXGS-1020 SXGS-1030 SXGS-1240 SXGS-1540 SXGS-1560 SXGS-1870 SXGS-2080
Power(kw) 3 3 4 5.5 5.5 7.5 11
Reducer ZQ250 ZQ250 ZQ250 ZQ350 ZQ350 ZQ400 ZQ400
Drum Speed(r/min) 21 21 18 16 16 12 12
Capacity(t/h) 1-2 2-3 3-5 5-8 6-10 10-15 10-20

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