When running an livestock and poultry farm, you can recycle the animal waste to make the organic fertilizer. We have the abundant experience in designing organic fertilizer production lines for different scales of farms. Here is a successful case which we customize the organic fertilizer processing line for 4000-head goat farm in Nigeria. You can get more details from the following.

What type of organic fertilizer line is suitable for 4000-head goat farm in Nigeria?

The customer from Nigeria have farm of 4000-head goat. He wants to find organic manure composting line for goat manure disposal. According to the amount of raw material, we recommend him the powdery organic fertilizer production line. In this way, Nigerian farm owner can make the maximum benefits from the organic fertilizer production line with the best cost. We have many years of experience in organic fertilizer production line design, production and installation. You can trust our professional ability.

Could you send me the working video of your powder organic fertilizer production line?

The customer in Nigeria starts the organic fertilizer production project for the first time. Therefore, we send the operation video of installed powder organic fertilizer making line made by our company in other countries. After that, we make the newest quoted price list for this customer in Nigeria. In order to service each customer very well, we will try our best to know about the customer’s production needs . In this way, we can make the adjustment of the fertilizer production line design drawings in time.

How do we design the 6t/d powdery organic fertilizer making line for Nigerian customer?

Because one goat can excrete about 1.5kg manure per day. We design the 6 tpd powdery organic fertilizer production line for the 4000-head goat farm in Nigeria. This line includes composting system, crushing system, screening systems, packing system and conveying system. We deploy the right machine for each system in 6 tons/day powdery goat manure organic fertilizer production line. The specific configuration of whole fertilizer production line is related to the raw materials type, amount and production budget.

What is price of 6tpd organic powder fertilizer production line for Nigerian goat farm?

The price of complete 6tpd organic powder fertilizer processing line depends on its machine deployment. The 6t/h organic fertilizer production line customized for Nigerian customer is equipped the following machines. They are SXCF-2500 groove type compost turner, SXFLF-600 vertical type compost shredder, SXGS-1020 rotary screening machine, no-bucket packing machine, loader type feeder and belt conveyor. It is sold at the best price. You can also get a complete of customized fertilizer production line from us.

The above is just for your reference. Each fertilizer production plant has different types of raw materials, budget and production site area. Thus, the machines used in organic fertilizer production line are various.When purchasing the organic fertilizer production line, you can email us to get more details. We will provide you with the best solution of fertilizer production line design. Welcome to visit our website and contact us.

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