In October 2021, FPC fertilizer equipment manufacturer has 4 kinds of hot-sale machines for fertilizer production. They are chicken manure liquid fertilizer production line, fertilizer drying machine and windrow compost turner. They are sold for our fertilizer manufacturer customers at the best price. You can get the details from the following.

After solid liquid separation process, the animal manure waste water can be the treasure for organic fertilizer production. The manure waste liquid can be turned into liquid fertilizer. The organic fertilizer producers can make more benefits from liquid fertilizer production. FPC company designs and produces a set of production line for liquid fertilizer making. It takes the most advanced fertilizer production technology. You can use FPC liquid fertilizer production line for livestock and poultry manure disposal, such as pig manure, chicken poop and cow dung. Last month, we design and sell 10-20t/h chicken manure liquid fertilizer production line for Malawi customer. There are also other successful cases of liquid fertilizer production line. You can contact us for more detailed information about the manure liquid fertilizer production.

The Best Machine for Large-Scale Fertilizer Granules Drying—Rotary Drum Fertilizer Dryer

There is about 35% moisture in the fertilizer pellets after wet granulation process. It does not satisfy the fertilizer packing requirement.  For packing, you need to lower the moisture of fertilize granules less than 20%. Therefore, you should purchase the fertilizer granules drying machine. To improve the drying efficiency, FPC researches and develop a type of large scale drying machine. It is rotary drum fertilizer drying machine. You can dry 10-20 tons of fertilizer pellets per hour. We support customization service. You can get the tailored fertilizer drying equipment from us.

The Machine for Fertilizer Granules Surface Improving— Granular Fertilizer Polishing Machine

After granulation, there are fertilizer pellets with nonuniform size and uneven surface. In order to improve the fertilizer granules appearance, we design and produce the fertilizer polishing machine. There is one-grade, two-grade and multi-grade granular fertilizer polishing machines for you. They are on sale at the different prices. You can buy the granules polishing machine based on produced fertilizer pellets surface. If your budget is limited, you can omit this polishing process. if you want to make more fertilizer granules more beautiful, you can buy this machine. After polishing, the competitiveness of the fertilizer pellets can be improved greatly. You will make more benefit.

Compost Turner for Large&Small Windrow Fermentation System—Crawler&Movable Type Compost Turner

To adapt different fermentation systems, FPC company designs and produces various types of compost turner machines. For windrow composting system, there are two types of composting machines you can choose form. They are crawler type compost turner and moving type compost turner. The movable type windrow turner is suitable for small scale organic manure fermentation. The crawler type compost turner machine can be used for large scale animal manure fermentation. They are on sale at the favorable price in FPC. You can get different technical parameters of self propelled compost turner from us, such as SXLDF-2400,SXLDF-2600,SXLDF-2800,SXLDF-3000 crawler type windrow turner.

The above is best-selling machines for fertilizer production. You can get them at the best cost from FPC company. When purchasing these machines, you can email to us for free inquiry. We will respond you as soon as possible. We will provide you with professional technical support of fertilizer production machines. FPC is a established company which is dedicated in fertilizer production equipment design and production over 15 years. In addition to fertilizer making machines, you can get complete fertilizer production line from us like organic fertilizer production line, liquid fertilizer production line, urea-based compound fertilizer production line and NPK fertilizer production line. Welcome to contact us for consultation.

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