With the population growth, the problem of food shortage is more and more obvious. In order to improve the food yield, it is necessary to develop the fertilizer manufacturing industry greatly. For producing the fertilizer efficiently, the fertilizer manufacturing equipment and production line are dispensable. In 2021, there are top 5 best-selling fertilizer production machines recommended for fertilizer manufacturers.

Why Is Compound Fertilizer Production Line Hot Sale in 2021?

Compound fertilizer is one of fertilizers which are used the most widely. This fertilizer can supplement N, P, K and other trace elements to the crops and soil. There are higher and higher demands of compound fertilizer all over the world in recent years. Therefore, compound fertilizer production line is one of the most popular products in the fertilizer manufacturing industry in 2021. According to the production methods, FPC designs BB (bulk blending) fertilizer production line and NPK fertilizer production line for compound fertilizer plant. We manufacture 1-30t/h BB, NPK, urea-based fertilizer production line to meet customers’ different needs. In addition, we can customize the compound fertilizer production line based on customer’s production area and budget. Our compound fertilizer production machines also have strong adaptability. While deploying FPC compound fertilizer production line, customers can produce the complex fertilizer with SSP, TSP, MOP, TOP, ect.

20t/h Granular Compound Fertilizer Production Line Flow Chart
Simple Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line 3D Flow Chart Designed for Small Scale Compound Fertilizer Plant

How can I get the customized NPK, BB or urea based compound fertilizer proeduction line?

What Machines Are Hot Sale in 2021 for Organic Fertilizer Production?

In addition to compound fertilizer needs, there are also higher organic fertilizer demands. Organic fertilizer is an efficient and environment-friendly fertilizer. Organic fertilizer production is in line with environmental protection topic in the world. What’s more, it can improve the soil structure and crop yield. There are two hot-sale organic fertilizer production machines offered for fertilizer producers in 2021. One is animal manure fermentation tank, and the other is chain plate compost turning machine.

Fully Automatic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank Designed for Large Scale Organic Fertilizer Production.

Which Auxiliary Machine Are Best-Selling Fertilizer Equipment in 2021?

Auxiliary equipment is needed whether to produce organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer. In 2021, there are two types of best-selling auxiliary machines. The first machine is fertilizer blender. The second one is compost shredder.

Why Is The Fertilizer Blender Best-Selling Machine?

When producing organic fertilizer, you should mix the auxiliary materials like crop straw with animal manure evenly. The fertilizer blending machine is required at this process. While making the NPK, BB or urea based fertilizer, you should mix all kinds of straight fertilizers. Currently, you need to use the fertilizer mixing machine. As mentioned above, the fertilizer blending machine is dispensable when producing organic and compound fertilizer. Therefore, the fertilizer blender is one of popular machines in 2021. There are six types of fertilizer mixing machine you can choose in FPC. They are horizontal mixer, double shafts horizontal mixer, single shaft horizontal mixer, disc mixer, BB fertilizer mixer, drum type BB fertilizer mixer. We can recommend the suitable mixing machine to customers according to production capacity and budget.

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How to Make Quality Fertilizer With Compost Shredder in 2021?

Organic fertilizer compost applies aerobic fermentation system. There are strict requirements about the materials size. Therefore, organic fertilizer manufacturers need to use the compost shredder to crush the animal manure and other auxiliary materials. Through using the compost shredding machine, the contact area between air and materials will be also increased to shorten the fermentation time. That’s why the compost shredder is one of most popular fertilizer machines in 2021. Considering different materials used, FPC designs and produces six types compost crushing machine. They are new type vertical crusher, semi-wet materials crusher, urea crusher, cage crusher, chain crusher, straw crusher. When buying the compost shredder, welcome to our website for consultation.

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The above is top 5 hot-sale fertilizer production machines in 2021. Customers can choose the ideal production equipment according to fertilizer production types and yield. FPC, as established fertilizer equipment production company, can provide you with quality fertilizer making machines for small to large scale organic, bio-organic, compound fertilizer production. Welcome to our official website to get the latest machine price lists.

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