In the organic manure production industry, the fertilizer producers will consider many questions about building the organic manure production lines. Based on our years of experience, there are six problems you’d better know while managing the $45,000 organic fertilizer production line.

It is important for producing organic fertilizer to select the raw materials. There are two main raw materials sources. One is animal manure, the other is abandoned agricultural crops. Based on your production needs, you can choose the right raw materials to make the organic manure.

Many factors will impact on the organic manure production, like formula, materials moisture, bacteria in materials stacks and composting temperature. All these play an important role in production. Therefore, you’d better learn more about these aspects before starting the organic fertilizer production line.

There are two different types of the organic manure production lines. The first one is powder  fertilizer production line. The second is granular one. Therefore, you should determine to produce the powder or granules fertilizers? Different production lines have different production processes.

You need select proper production equipment. Because the production machines used in different organic manure production processes are also different. As for your $45,000 organic fertilizer production line, SX will give you the detailed information about the production process and equipment.

 For arranging the investment fund reasonably, you’d better know how do select the suitable machines from many fertilizer equipment production plants. You can consider it from the capacity, structure and energy consumption of the fertilizer production machines.

The last problem you need to consider is that how to choose the right site for the $45,000 organic fertilizer production plant. As the  fertilizer equipment producer with years of experience, we advise that you consider it from the distance to the raw materials suppliers and to living area.

You will set up the relatively high-efficiency organic fertilizer production line through following the above six aspects. The advice is for your reference only. When you starting the organic manure manufacturing plant, we will provide you with different plans.

Generally speaking, there are many kinds of the raw materials that are suitable for making the organic fertilizer. However, if you want your organic manure production business to become more industrialize and commercialize, you can choose the raw materials from following two sources.

Animal Wastes

There are numerous nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in animal feces, you can produce the high quality organic fertilizer by making use of the chicken manure, cow dung and other animals manures.

Agricultural Wastes

Agricultural waste is often used as an auxiliary material for organic fertilizer production. You can use the agricultural waste to adjust the moisture, carbon - nitrogen ratio, and pH values in the raw material to make composting better.

In addition, you’d better add some microbial species to the organic wastes while composting. By doing so, you can shorten the composting period. The composting effect will also be better.

In conclusion, no matter what raw materials you select, the following tips will give you some help.

  • Wide range of the raw materials sources.

  • Continuous supply of raw materials.

  • The low moisture content of the raw materials.

  • The appropriate content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter.

  • Easy to compost

How To Make Full Use Of The 45,000 Usd$ To Produce High Capacity Organic Fertilizer?

Generally speaking, the $45,000 powder organic fertilizer production line can make 1-5 tons of organic manure per hour. In order to improving the production yield of the organic manure, you should note the following aspects during the production process.

By noting the above four factors, you can make full use of the 45,000 USD$ to build the organic manure production line with high capacity. Moreover, you can produce the organic manure with high quality.

What compost machine can I buy for my $45,000 organic fertilizer production plant?

What Type Of Organic Fertilizer Production Line Can You Choose With 45,000 Usd$ Budget?

In production, fertiliser manufacturers will produce granular organic manure and powder one. Therefore, there are two organic fertilizer production lines you can choose from. Within $45,000, we recommend you choose the powder organic manure production line. Because the granules organic fertiliser production line needs more equipment than the powder one. In addition, powder organic fertilizer producing process is relatively simple. You will cost less to establish production line of powder organic fertilizer. Then you can get a high yield of the organic manure.

How do you design the powder organic fertiliser production line? According to the powder organic fertiliser production process, you can select the correspondent production equipment to set up the organic powder fertilizer production line. There are only four steps for the process.

The raw materials composting is the first and the most important step in production process of the organic fertiliser. There are three composting systems for the organic manure production in SX. The groove type system and the windrow system are more suitable for the $45,000 organic fertiliser production line. Hence, you can compost the organic wastes in the trench, or you can pile the raw material into strips on the ground. Then you use the composting turner machine to turn the organic wastes. When the organic fertilizer compost turning machine is working, you can control the moisture and the temperature of the raw materials to make compost effect better.

In the composting process, the raw materials will be caking because of the high water content after the 15-day composting. For getting the quality powder organic fertilizer, you need to crush the bulk organic manure. At this moment, you’d better use the organic fertilizer crushing machine. By using the fertilizer crusher, you can produce powder organic manure that meets the fineness requirements. Moreover, you can also improve the quality of powder fertilizer products.

After crushing, there are different fineness of fertilizer. How can I screen out the qualified powder organic fertilizer particle size? The organic fertilizer screening machine will give you help. By using the screening machine, you can not only get the powder organic manure that meet your requirements, but also get the powder fertilizer with other fineness. In this way, you can make full use of the raw organic materials.

Packaging is the last step of the organic fertiliser production process. After screening the organic manure, you can pack the different fineness of powder organic fertilizer. In order to make the packaging process more automated, you can use the automatic packing scale. There are two kinds of the automatic packing systems. One is single-bucket packing machine, the other is double-bucket bagging machine. For the $45,000 organic fertilizer production line, the single bucket automatic packing equipment is enough.

As mentioned above, you should purchase the compost turner, the crusher, the screener and the packer to set up the powder organic manure production line. However, these four machines are just the main equipment for the organic manure production line. You also purchase some auxiliary machines like loader type feeder and belt conveyor to make your production line more complete. You can also consult us about designing the organic fertiliser production line. SX is a old brand fertilizer equipment production company. We can give you some reasonable advice about building the organic manure production line and choosing the production equipment.

The Production Machines For The $45,000 Organic Manure Making Plant

There are different configurations of the organic manure production equipment. The price depends on the particular configuration. For the 450,000 USD$ organic manure production line, SX can offer the following detailed equipment configurations to you.

Because the budget of the organic fertiliser production line is 450,000 USD$, there are two types of the composting machines you can purchase. The followings are the technical parameters about these two compost turners.

The Organic Fertilizer Composting Machine

  • The Groove Type Compost Turner For Organic Fertilizer

  • The Organic Fertiliser Moving Type Compost Turner

The moving composting machine is suitable for the windrow composting system. Thus, you can save the cost of building the civil engineering. You can cut down some expenses of building the organic manure production line.

For managing the $45,000 production line of powder organic manure, we recommend that you use the SXXFD-2500 self-propelled windrow composting machine.The processing capacity of the SXXFD-2500 composting turner is 300-400m³/h. This is equivalent to an hour’s work for 100 people.

 The width of the organic waste that the SXXFD-2500 self-propelled windrow compost turner can turn is 2200mm. The SXXFD-2500 moving type compost turner can compost the materials with a height of 600mm-800mm.

In addition to the above two fertilizer composting machines, SX has other organic fertilizer compost turning machines. In SX, you can also select the wheel-type composting machine, chain plate composter and crawler type fermentation machine.

 The Organic Fertilizer Crushing  Machine

The new type vertical crushing machine is one of the most effective crushing machines in the organic manure equipment production market. We designed and manufactured the vertical grinders for livestock waste through our production practices. After considering, the SXFLF-600 vertical crusher is more proper for you to build the $45,000 organic manure production line.

While flipping, the SXFLF-600 can crush 3-5 tons of the organic manure per hour.

The external dimension of the SXFLF-600 is 1300 mm*750 mm*1900 mm. It can be seen that the SX vertical crusher has less land occupation.

There are two inlets on the new type vertical crusher. The material inlet size of the SXFLF-600 is 400mm*400mm. Therefore, you can improve the crushing effective by using the vertical crushing machine.

By using the SX fertilizer crusher equipment, you can cut down the power consumption. Because the motor power of the SXFLF-600 is 22kw.

Of course, this is for your reference only. There are different models of the organic manure shredding equipment. You can select the crushing machine according to your production plan and investment fund.

The Organic Fertilizer Rotary Screening Machine

The organic manure rotary screening machine is the special equipment for screening the materials. You can screen the 60 to 1000 tons of organic waste per hour through using the organic fertiliser rotary screening machine produced by the SX. For building the $45,000 powder organic manure production line, you can buy the SXGS-1240 rotary screening machine.

  • Cleaning Device

    For screening the organic manure more effectively, we design the self-cleaning device in the rotary screening machine.

  • The Flipping Capacity

    Through using the SXGS-1240 rotary drum screening equipment, you can get 3-5tons of sieved organic manure per hour.

  • The Rotating Speed

    Drum speed of the SXGS-1240 rotary sieving machine is 18 r per minute.

While producing, we make the organic manure screening machine with high performance. Therefore, you can maximize  fertilizer production efficiency by improving screening efficiency.

The Organic Fertilizer Single Automatic Packing Equipment

For improving the bagging efficiency, there is a special packing machine for the powder organic manure. It is the single bucket automatic packing scales. You can know some information about the single bucket bagging machine.

You can choose the suitable configuration of the single bucket automatic packaging machine according to the production capacity of the $45,000 fertilizer production line. We can also provide you with customized services.

Other Support Machines For Organic Fertilizer Production

You still need some auxiliary equipment besides the above main fertilizer production machines. While composting, you’d better use the loader type feeder to transport the organic manure. Between two organic manure producing process, you also need the belt conveyor to deliver the materials. The detailed information about these two machines are as follows.

The Loader Type Feeder

For the loader type feeder, We equip the machine with the mixing and vibration anti blocking devices. In this way, the forklift feeder can discharge the organic fertilizer at a uniform speed.

The Belt Conveyor

there is a device on the belt conveyor for preventing powdery materials from flying. Thus, you don’t worried about the environment pollution and organic fertilizer materials waste.

The above content is for your reference only. There are various types of the  fertilizer production equipment in SX. You can run the $45,000 organic fertiliser production line according to your actual demands. If you have the special requirements, we will try our best to meet them as long as it is reasonable.

How To Buy The Organic Fertilizer Machines Within The Budget Of 450,000 Usd$?

The SX production equipment of organic manure has different specifications. Then how do you buy production equipment within $45,000 to set up an organic manure production line with relatively high capacity? Our company has a complete feedback professional team and design team. If you choose us, we will help you complete the overall fertilizer production project planning for you. Of course, we will also help you buy relatively good production equipment within the budget. You can purchase the organic fertilizer production equipment by considering the following aspects.

As the organic fertilizer manufacturers,you must consider the production capacity of the organic fertilizer. For improving the organic fertilizer production capacity, you can choose the organic fertilizer production machines with high processing  SX, as an organic fertilizer production equipment with years of experience, designs the high capacity production equipment specially for the $45,000 organic fertilizer production line. For example, the SXXFD-2500 self-propelled windrow compost turner can compost 300-400m³of organic material per hour.

Under the premise of ensuring high production capacity, the organic fertilizer production equipment you decide to buy should also have the characteristics of low energy consumption. When the SXXFD-2500 self-propelled composting turner produced by SX composts a ton of organic fertilizer, the energy consumption is less than 1kW. To reduce the energy consumption is not only to protect the environment but also to reduce energy investment. By reducing energy consumption, you can lower input costs and get more benefit from the organic manure production .

The organic manure making equipment with the reasonable structures have strong adaptability to the different organic materials. For instance, there is a new type vertical crusher made by the SX. While designing, we equip this kind of organic manure grinder with high strength and durable cemented carbide chain. In this way, the SX vertical type crushing machine runs smoothly. There will be no materials blocking.

The above suggestions are for reference only. You can select the machines according to your actual organic manure production demands and your budgets. Also, you can ask us for the further detail information about the organic fertilizer production equipment.

How Do I Select The Production Site For The $45,000 Organic Fertilizer Production Plant?

As a new starter of building the organic fertiliser production line, you need to consider a problem besides the selection of the organic materials and the production equipment. The problem is to sit and area of the organic manure production plant. Generally, the area of the $45,000 organic fertiliser plant is 1500 m2. Then how do you choose the right place for the $45,000 organic fertiliser plant? We advise you can consider this problem from the following aspects.

The Distance To Organic Fertilizer Supplier

The farm is the main raw material origin. Because of the big volume and high water content of the animals manure, it is not convenient for you to transport them. Therefore, you’d better make the organic fertilizer plant closer to the farm. By doing so, you can cut down the transport cost. However, you should not set up the fertilizer plant too close to the farm in order to save transportation costs. Or it is easy to infect diseases, which brings difficulties to the epidemic prevention of breeding plants. Generally, organic fertilizer plants should not exceed 50 km from where raw materials are supplied.

The Distance To The Residential Area

The organic fertilizer plant should far away from the place where people live. Because there will be odious gas produced during the fertilizer production. Thus, the distance to the residential area should not less than 500m. In addition, the living and working area in the  factory should also be set in the upper place of the organic fertilizer production area.

In addition to the above two points, you should also ensure that there is no problem for the water and power supply of the organic manure plant. The site selection of organic fertiliser plant is very important .You need to consider what the impact it will have on the surroundings during organic manure production and fermentation. You should choose the organic fertiliser production site for environmental protection. When choosing the site , you can consult with relevant experts. Or you can contact with us, we will provide you with a professional team to help you complete the planning of the organic fertiliser site and the assembly of the organic manure production line.

The above is about how to start the $45,000 organic fertilizer production business. They are summarized through the years of our experience. The suggestions can be your references. When managing the organic manure production line, you can communicate with us for the detailed information.

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