Granular fertilizer is conducive to mechanized fertilization. Therefore, farmers would like purchase the granular fertilizer for crops. In other words, the granular fertilizer production will be an profitable project. When planning the granular fertilizer production project, you can choose FPC machinery. We will provide you with the design solution and complete line of fertilizer production. What’s more, there are many successful cases about organic&compound fertilizer production line and machines. Here is a case that we design a 40 t/h compound fertilizer granules production plant for the customer in Belarus. The details are as follows.

The customer from Belarus produces the compound fertilizer with straight fertilizers like nitrogen, Phosphorus, potassium. They wants to get one set of efficient production line for the compound fertilizer from us. In FPC fertilizer machinery, there are many types of production lines which  are suitable for these materials. Meanwhile, they can also be used for other materials treatment. Inquiry us for details.

What Type of NPK Compound Fertilizer Is the Best for Belarusian Client?

The fertilizer manufacturer in Belarus is looking for 40 t/h granular fertilizer making line. Therefore, we recommend the rotary drum fertilizer granulation production line with dual processes to him. This kind of fertilizer production line can be satisfied with production needs of his plant. We can provide the customers with tailored production line for fertilizer making. Thus, contact us to get customized fertilizer production line.

What Is the Cost of 40t/h Compound Fertilizer Making Line for Sale in Belarus?

The cost of whole granular compound fertilizer making line is about 1.1million dollars. If you buy the fertilizer production line, the price is just for your reference. The compound fertilizer production line price will be affected by many aspects, such as steel price, artificial fee and delivery fee. You can contact us to get the latest price. We will offer the complete quotation list of fertilizer production line to you.

How Long Will It Take for the Belarusian Client to Receive the Whole Fertilizer Production Line?

It will spend only one month on fertilizer equipment manufacturing. Then we choose the delivery company which we have cooperated for a long time for shipment. The customer will get the fertilizer equipment products as soon as possible. We guarantee that we will provide the fertilizer making machine in time so as not to delay the production plan.

The above are some details about the case of Belarusian compound fertilizer production line designed by our company. You can get other types of fertilizer production lines. For example. You can choose organic fertilizer production line and liquid fertilizer production line for animal manure and organic waste disposal. There are also BB fertilizer making line for sale in our company. Welcome to visit our official website and contact us.

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