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Fertilizer Granulator Machine Price2022-08-17T15:24:56+08:00

Fertilizer granulator machine price changes with its types and specifications. According to granulation manufacturing process, fertilizer pellet making machines can be divided into two types. One is wet granulation machine, and the other is dry granulation machine. FPC, as granulator manufacturer, has dedicated in these two types of fertilizer granules making equipment design, production and improvement for many years. What’s more, FPC wet and dry fertilizer pellet making equipment have been sold in US, Indonesian,Pakistan,Peru and other countries. Therefore, customers can choose many cost-effective organic compound fertilizer granulators from FPC.


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The machines used for fertilizer granulation

Fertilizer flat die granulator, double roller extrusion granulator, fertilizer polishing machine, rotary drum granulator, rotary gear drum granulator, pan granulator and new type organic fertilizer granulator.

Fertilizer Granulator Machine

How Much Are the Wet Fertilizer Granulation Machines

The wet fertilizer granulator machine price depends on selected granulator type and production capacity. There are four kinds of wet granulation machine you can select. They are drum granulator, churning granulator, drum and churning granulator, pan granulator. In addition, each one has different production capacities and technical specifications. From the following, you can know more about wet fertilizer granulator machines.

Rotary Drum Granulation Equipment Manufactured from FPC

The above data about fertilizer granulation machine price is just for your reference. The machine price will fluctuate with the fertilizer production equipment market. We will offer the customers latest fertilizer wet granulation machine price. In addition, customers can buy efficient wet granulation machine at preferential price.

What Is the Prices of Dry Granulation Machines?

The fertilizer drying granulation machine price is related to the production yield and machine specifications. When applying dry granulation method, you can choose flat die granulation machine and double roller extrusion granulation machine. You can get more information about them from the following.

The mentioned data is for your reference only. There are flat die granulator and roller pressing granulator with different specifications and yields in FPC. All of dry fertilizer granulation machines are on sale at perfect price.

What Are Differences Between Dry Granulation Machines And Wet Ones?

In the organic fertilizer production industry, the granulation process is often involved. Therefore, you need to use the granulating equipment. There are various types of granulation equipment on the market. Generally, they can be divided into dry granulator and wet granulator. Through understanding working principle of granulation machines, you can produce quality fertilizer pellets.

Compared with wet granulation method, the dry granulation method will cost less. That’s because there is no drying process after granulation. Therefore, fertilizer pellets manufacturers can coat the granules directly after granulating process.

How to Choose the Right Organic Fertilizer Granulation Production Equipment?

For different granulation processes, FPC company designs and produces the above six types of fertilizer granulating machines. Then, how to buy the right granulating machine for your fertilizer equipment? It depends on your production budget and granulation process. The following can be your reference when choosing the fertilizer granulator equipment.

What Is the Best Machines for Fertilizer Plant with Limited Budget?

If your budget is limited, you can consider to buy the pan granulator, flat die granulator and double roller extrusion granulator. While expanding the scale of fertilizer granules production line, you can buy one or two more same granulator machines. When  producing the dry fertilizer pellets, the flat die pelletizer and double roller press pelletizer will be your best choice. They will save the cost of drying process.

For Large Scale Organic Fertilizer Granules Production Line, Which Granulator Is Best?

Among various types of granulation machines, rotary drum granulator machine is more suitable for large scale organic fertilizer pellets production. From the above, you can know that there are many technical parameters of drum granulation equipment in FPC company. When purchasing the large scale granulating machine, FPC drum granulator will be your better choice.

The above is for reference only. You can buy the most suitable fertilizer granulation machine through consulting with us. We will recommend the best organic fertilizer granulation machine for you. What’s more, our technical personnel will provide you with granulator machine installation and operation skills.

Why FPC Fertilizer Granulation Machine Are Cost-Effective Equipment?

In addition to meet customers’ different production requirements, fertilizer pellet making machine produced from FPC also have some significant advantages, such as high working efficiency, long service life, low energy consumption and strong adaptability. Precisely because of these advantages, FPC fertilizer granulation machines are called cost-effective production equipment. Their advantages are as follows.

High Working Efficiency

The granulation rate and pellet size are important criteria to measure the working efficiency of granulation machine. The wet granulation equipment made by FPC has over 90% pelleting rate. The granulation rate of FPC dry pellet making machines is over 85%. As for pellet size, customers can use FPC fertilizer pellet making equipment to produce 3-8mm fertilizer granules.

Long Service Life

In order to reduce the maintenance cost, we use the quality materials to produce the fertilizer equipment. Each fertilizer granulation machine is equipped with special design to prolong its working life. For example, the gear on drum-churning granulator is made of anti-wear carbon steel. There is anti-corrosive rubber or 304 stainless steel inner lining in the drum pelletizer.

Low Energy Consumption

We equip the granulation equipment with the most energy-saving drive device. In this way, the fertilizer pellet making machine not only has powerful drivers but also has low energy consumption. For example, 8-15t/h drum fertilizer pelletizer can consume 18.5kw per hour. Its power is equivalent to that of the disc granulator with the largest yield.

Strong Adaptability

As mentioned above, the double roller extrusion granulator can process ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, monoammonium phosphate, etc. Other fertilizer granules making equipment also has strong adaptability. In addition to granulating organic materials like animal manure, crop straw, the drum fertilizer pellet machine is also suitable for granulation of DAP,SSP,MOP, etc.

The above is just for your reference. However, the above four points can indicate that FPC fertilizer granulation machine price is reasonable. What’s more, we have our own fertilizer equipment production factory. Therefore, you have the chance to get the fertilizer granulation machine at factory price.

How to Make the Fertilizer Granules More Salable After Granulation?

After granulation with drum, churning or pan granulator, you might get fertilizer pellets with different sizes and uneven surface. To make fertilizer pellets more salable, you need to use the fertilizer polisher. You can know the more detailed information about the fertilizer polishing machine from the following.

Multi Grade Polishing

Considering customers’ different production capacities, FPC manufactures one grade polishing machine, two grade polishing machine and multi grade polishing machine. Customers can select the fertilizer round shaping machine according to the pellet surface situation and strength.

Various Types

We produce different types of fertilizer polishing equipment according to different fertilizer making plants. For organic fertilizer plant, you can get cow dung polishing machine, chicken manure polishing machine, sheep manure polishing machine,etc. You can also find compound fertilizer polisher in FPC.

Different Yields

You can get fertilizer polishing machine with yield of 1-8t/h in FPC company. There is SXPY-800, SXPY-1000, SXPY-1200, SXPY-1500 fertilizer polish machine you can choose from. Each of them has a disc with different diameters. In addition, we can provide you with customization service.

The above is for your reference only. After using polishing machine, you can get fertilizer granules with stronger hardness and more beautiful appearance. In this way, you can improve the fertilizer pellets competitiveness to make more benefits.

Drum Granulation Production Line at Best Price for Thailand Fertilizer Production Customer.

Our granulation machine has been sold at home and abroad for many years. Our machine has been highly praised by fertilizer manufacturers from all over the world. Here is a successful case about drum granulation line in Thailand.

  • What Materials Can I Use for Granulation Process?

  • The Thailand customer use the animal manure and life waste to make organic fertilizer. We indicated him that the animal manure is more suitable for making fertilizer pellets. Because the life waste contains unknown substances, the customer need to treat the waste in advance.

  • How Many Tons Fertilizers Can I Make in An Hour?

  • Considering the amount of animal manure, we recommend the double rotary drum granulation system to the customer in Thailand. The double drum granulator system can produce 15-30tons fertilizer pellets per hour.

  • What Machines Do I Need to Deploy After Granulation Machine?

  • Before granulation, we deploy the fertilizer mixing machine and automatic dynamic batching system. After granulation, we suggest the Thailand customer to deploy the fertilizer coating machine and dust removal device.

  • How large is the fertilizer production area I need to prepare?

  • According to customer’s production capacity, we send the double drum granulation system drawings to the Thailand fertilizer manufacturer. We mark the needed floor area on the drum granulation line drawing.

When dealing, we give some discount to the Thailand fertilizer producer. Therefore, you can also get the efficient granulation line at preferential price from FPC fertilizer equipment manufacturer. What’s more, we can customize the granulation line according to the customers’ requirements.

FPC is a fertilizer equipment production company with 15-year experience. Therefore, we can provide granular fertilizer manufacturers with efficient fertilizer pellets production machines. Customers can get fertilizer granulator machine at minimum cost from FPC.

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    What is the difference between granular and powder fertilizer?Which one will be the better?2022-05-30T12:01:37+08:00

    In recent years, more and more fertilizer manufacturers have chosen to sell more granular fertilizer in the fertilizer market,not powdery npk. But why?What is the difference between granular fertilizer and powder fertilizer?In general, the particle size of the boundary is about 0.1 mm. Particles with a size of less than 0.1 mm are called powder, and the granular size is about 0.1 mm to 10 mm.The larger particles exceeding 10mm are will be caking.

    Why is the fertilizer made into granules in fertilizer manufacturing,?What are the advantages of fertilizer granules compared with powder?

    • The control of fertilizer particle size is of great significance to the storage and transportation of fertilizers. Powdered fertilizers are easy to produce dust during transportation, causing pollution and waste, while granular fertilizers are not easy to cakeand are easy to transport.
    • NPK production line will add some trace nutrients to improve the fertilizer efficiency of compound fertilizer, while powder fertilizer is easy to absorb moisture and cakeafter adding trace elements. However, the composition of granular fertilizer is stable, and it is not easy to cakeeven if trace elements are added.
    • Fertilizer granulation improves the quality of agricultural production. Fertilizer granules play the role of slow-release fertilizer effect. Itis convenient for fertilization and not easy to damage the soil.
    • Compared withpowdered fertilizers, fertilizer manufacturers choose to produce granular fertilizer can makea higher profit.In the fertilizer market, the price range of per ton granular fertilizer is 200-300$.

    Granular fertilizer are selling well in the market

    Compared with powdered fertilizers, granular fertilizers need to increase the granulation process. But granular fertilizers have more advantages in circulation, application and fertilizer efficiency, enough to offset the cost of granulation. Therefore, most of the fertilizers sold in the market are in granular form. Recently, farmyard manures and organic fertilizers such as compost and poultry manure have also been used after being granulated.

    Manufacturing granular fertilizer

    Granular fertilizer market prospect is broad. Therefore, how to manufacture fertilizer particles?Fertilizer pelleting production process includes mixing,granulating, drying, cooling and so on, so the composition of granular fertilizer production line is more elaborate. Hence you need a variety of fertilizer production equipment to equip the granular fertilizer production plant. However, the npk granulate production complicated line can get more high-quality npk fertilizer. What’ more, ShunXin’s process of manufacturing granulator npk is economical, and you can pay less money but get high benefits.Our company can provide you any solution about npk granulation plant to help you produce npk pelleting fertilizer effectively.Welcome to contact us now.

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      Moisture Control in Pan Granulation Process2022-05-27T16:41:49+08:00

      Disc granulator is a type of popular sale fertilizer equipment in our factory, since its wide applicability in both organic and compound fertilizer production plants. The more fertilizer pellets made by the pan granulator, the more profits you will get from your fertilizer production business. Thus, it is key to increase the production capacity of this granulation machine. However, how to do it? By using wet granulation technology, customer can make pellets fertilizer from organic or compound raw materials within 25% to 30% moisture contents. The moisture content in the raw materials to be granulated are paramount during pan granulation for quality and efficient fertilizer production. The following are detailed tips for your reference.

      Disc Granulator

      Adopted by wet granulation design technology, when working, it is the key to maintain the raw materials within a certain moisture content.

      In the pan granulation process, if the raw materials are too wet, it will be stuck in the pan. However, if the raw materials are too dry, it will hard to make fertilizer granules products.Usually, raw materials within 25% to 30% moisture are perfect for mass production granulating with the disc pan. Thus, for a higher capacity and quality fertilizer pellets production, it is crucial to control the raw materials moisture within a certain degree. How to do that? The following technical supports from our factory just for your reference.

      Technical Supports in Wet Granulation Process with Fertilizer Pan

      With over 30 years’ experience in the fertilizer granulation equipment research and development, we are always manufacture products that strictly meet customers’ requirements. In the wet fertilizer granulation process, to meet the requirements on the moisture control, we develop different types of machines. They are, dewatering machines before granulation, dryers after granulation, and assisted water spring systems during granulation.

      Before granulation, what to do if the moisture too high?

      Before granulation, organic materials like cow dung, chicken manure, piggery waste or sheep dung, are rich in moisture content. Customers need to compost these materials for granulation. However, dewatering is the first step you need to do. Dewatered raw materials are efficient for composting and the later granulation.

      After granulation, worry about the moisture in the granules?

      After fertilizer pan granulation process, the moisture content in the granules are also within 25% to 30%. Within such moisture content, it is not appliable for long time storage and transportation. To solve this, there are rotary drum dryers, you can use to decrease the moisture content to 8% to 15% after disc pan pelleting process.

      Whereas, raw materials too dry to graduate, what to do?

      In pan granulation process, if the raw materials too dry, it will be hard to making granules. Considering this, we design water sprinklers systems installed on the pan disc. When using the pan pelletizer, customers can provide enough moisture contents for better granulation effect. Moreover, you can also add nutrient liquid additives to make quality pellets by this system.

      25% TO 30% MOISTURE, how to estimate?

      25% to 30% moisture content are ideal for quality and efficient granulation. But such standard is difficult for most of green hands on fertilizer production process. Here we recommend you tips to estimate the moisture content whether it is ok for granulate or not. Before granulation, customers can gab the raw materials. If you feel the raw materials are easy to sticky, that will be too wet to granulate. However, if they are loose to flow with your fingers, that will be perfect for granulating.

      Moisture control is the key process for quality and efficient organic compound fertilizer production. 25% to 30% moisture content in the raw materials are perfect for pan granulation. To meet this requirement, customers can use dewatering machines if raw materials are too wet. If they are too dry, the associated water spring system will do the job for quality granulation. However, after the pan pelleting, customers can use dryers too decrease the moisture content in the granules for long time storage and convenient transportation. While for customers new to this business, you can grab the materials to determine whether it is good for granulation. More detailed info on pan granulation, welcome contact us now.

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        What Is the Price of Wet Granulator Machine for Sale?2021-10-22T17:07:54+08:00

        The wet granulator machine price varies with its specification and yield. There are many types of fertilizer pelleting machine used in wet granulation, such as disc granulator, stirring tooth granulator, rotary granulator and two-in-one granulator. Then, how much are these wet granulation machines? Here is information about agglomeration wet granulation machine price. the You can buy the wet granulation equipment for organic and compound fertilizer manufacturing according to the following.

        How much is the organic fertilizer pan granulator?

        You can buy the disc pelletizer machine at the price of $800-$6,000. Its price changes as models and yields. The disc fertilizer pellet making machine is widely used in fertilizer granulation line whose yield is less than 10t/h. Therefore, you need to buy ideal model of disc pelletizer according to fertilizer granules production yield. There are 1-6t/h pan granulation machines for sale in FPC fertilizer equipment company. You can use our pan granulation machine to make 1-8mm fertilizer pellets with in 5-8 minutes. In addition, you can get the machine at the affordable price.

        Disk Pelletizer for Organic and Compound fertilizer Granulation

        1-8t/h Stirring tooth wet granulator price

        The stirring tooth pelleting machine price is higher than pan granulator, about $8,000-25,000. That is because production capacity of churning wet granulator is higher than that of disc pelleting machine. You can buy the 1-8t/h new type organic fertilizer granulation equipment form FPC company at the favorable price. There are many technical specifications of the machine you can choose, like SXJZ-600, SXJZ-800, SXJZ-1000, SXJZ-1200, SXJZ-1500. All of them are on sale at the different price. You can contact us for the detailed price of the stirring tooth granulation machine.

        $7,000-$70,000 large scale organic fertilizer drum granulator machine

        Compared with the above two granulation machines, the rotary drum pelletizer machine is more suitable for large scale fertilizer production factory. Therefore, you will get the rotary drum granulation machine at a higher price. The market price of the drum wet granulation equipment ranges from $7,000 to $70,000. The finial price of machine is related to its yield and configuration. SXZGZ-1240, SXZGZ-1560, SXZGZ-1870, SXZGZ-3120 drum granulators are on sale in FPC factory. You can purchase them at the different price. You can get the customized rotary drum pelleting machine from us.

        What is the price of new type two-in-one wet granulator?

        The new type two in one granulation machine made from FPC wet granulator manufacturer is on sale at the best price. You can buy the stirring tooth and drum granulation machine at the budget of about $30,000. The price is just for your reference. You can get the real-time price list of machine from us. Compared with the churning granulator and drum granulator, the new type two in one granulation machine is more suitable for medium fertilizer manufacturing plant. You can produce the 5-8 tons of fertilizer pellets per hour with the churning and drum pelleting machine.

        The above four fertilizer granulation machines are efficient wet granulation equipment. You can buy the ideal equipment for wet granulation in FPC fertilizer pelletizer supplier. The above price data is for your reference only. You can contact us to get the latest machine quoted price list. We have been in fertilizer equipment production over 15 years. Our machines have been sold at home and abroad. They are highly praised by the fertilizer manufacturer customers. Therefore, you can trust our fertilizer pelletizer machine quality and working efficiency. Welcome to our website for purchasing cost-effective fertilizer wet granulator.

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