Organic fertilizer production line cost changes as the the production capacity and machine deployment. If you want to know 1-3t/h organic powder fertilizer production line cost, you should know about the its needed machine. The powder organic fertilizer production process includes fermentation system, crushing systems, screening system, conveying system and packing system. Therefore, you need to buy compost turner, compost shredder, fertilizer screening machine, belt conveyor and powder fertilizer packing machine. For small scale 3 tons per hour organic fertilizer production line, the machines we recommend to deploy are as follows.

The above data is for your reference only. You can contact us for specific consultation. In order to produce organic fertilizer continuously and efficiently, you need also to buy conveying system, like belt conveyor and load type feeder. In general, you need to prepare about $40,000 to buy a whole set of 1-3t/h powdery organic fertilizer making line. In addition, you’d better rent a production site whose area is about 800m2 to install this whole line.

FPC is an established fertilizer equipment production plant. We have been engaged in design and production of fertilizer machine and production line over 15 years. Therefore, there are various types of fertilizer production lines for sale in FPC company. You can buy liquid fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer line, ect at best cost. When purchasing fertilizer production machine or line, you can email to us for free inquiry.

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