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Double Roller Extrusion Granulator2021-10-21T15:27:20+08:00

The double roller extrusion granulator is an excellent fertilizer pellets making equipment. The double-roller press fertilizer pellets making machine adopts the dry granulation. For granulating the powder fertilizer, more and more fertilizer makers choose to use the double-roller pellet machine. It is because that there are many advantages of the double roller extrusion granulating machine. SX designs many kinds of the double roller press granulation machine. While granulating, many fertilizer manufacturers would like to use the SX double-roller extrusion machine. You can know about the reason by reading the following. As the fertilizer equipment producer with years’ experience, we can also offer some skills about operating and maintaining the double roller extrusion granulating machine. Of course, we can also give you technical support if you need.

Double Roller Extrusion Granulation Equipment Manufactured from FPC

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Why So Many Fertilizer Producers Prefer To Use The Sx Double Roller Extrusion Granulator? 

When producing the granular organic fertilizer, there are many people to choose the SX organic fertilizer double roller extrusion granulation machine for the granulating process. What are the advantages of the SX double roller pellet press pelleting machine? You can know the answer from the following.

Double Roller Dry Granulation Machine from FPC with Less Energy Cost and Pollution

When using the double roller extrusion granulating machine produced by SX,  there is no need to dry the fertilizer materials. Therefore, differ from other granulation machines, you can save the drying process through using the double roller pellet press granulation equipment. At the same time, you will cut down the investment fund for drying process.

SX double roller press pelleting machine works under normal temperature conditions. Compared with other granulation methods, you don’t need to use fuel or gas to dry the materials or drive the machine. Moreover, when the SX double roller pellet making machine is working, there will be no waste water, waste gas and other environmental pollution substances.

SX double-roller extrusion granulating machine has a strong adaptability to different kinds of the fertilizer raw materials. You can granulate more than 20 kinds of raw materials such as ammonium nitrate and urea with SX double-roller extrusion granulation machine. Therefore, our double roller type granulator can be used for the different fertilizer production lines.

When using a double-roll press granulating machine for granulation, you can get the finished product at one time, with less reworked materials. In addition, there is a high ball formation rate on the SX double roller press granulating machine. The ball-forming rate can reach about 85%.Thus, you can improve the fertilizer production efficiency through using it.

As mentioned above, you can know about the advantages about the double-roller extrusion pelleting machine produced by SX. Because of these advantages, more and more fertilizer makers choose the SX double-roller press granulating machine.

What Is The Detailed Technical Parameters Of The Sx Double Rollers Extrusion Granulator?

There are many types and specifications of the double roller pellet machine produced by SX. We can guarantee that the granulation machine you buy must be high quality and working efficiency. You can know about the specific technical parameters from the followings.

  • Production Capacity

    Within an hour, you can produce a 1-4 tons of fertilizer particles. You can also increase production capacity with multiple granulation combination work.

  • Operating Power

    You will cost less than 30 kw in an hour by using the SX double roller pellet machine. In this way, you can cut down the energy consumption and save the investment.

  • Working Temperature

    There is no special request about the working temperature. Therefore, you can operate the SX double-roller press granulation machine at the ordinary temperature.

  • Pellets Quality

    The double roller type granulator can make the fertilizer pellets with the diameters of 3 mm-8 mm. And the fertilizer particles can withstand the pressure of 10-25 N each unit area.

In addition to the above technical parameters, we also choose the excellent materials to produce the double roll extrusion grain making machine. For example, our frame material is carbon steel plate. Therefore, you can believe in the quality of our granulation machines.

Model Powder(kw) Granule Diameter(mm) Roller Sheet Size (mesh) Dimension(mm)
SXDJ-1T 15 4-10 150×220 4100×1600×1150
SXDJ-1.5T 18.5 3-10 150×300 4250×1850×1300
SXDJ-2T 22 3-10 185×300 4700×2350×1600

What technical parameters of double roller press granulator can I get ?


How To Operate The Double Roller Extrusion Granulator?

In order to get the high working efficiency of the double roller press granulating machine, you should know that how to operate the machine safely. You can refer to the following.

Before Granulating

Before starting to granulate the powder fertilizer, you need to preheat the double-roller press granulating machine for about 50 minutes. Because in the normal granulation process, it needs to continue to add heat. Besides, you have to adjust the temperature appropriately according to different materials.

Granulation Process of Double Roller Press Fertilizer Pellets Making Machine

While Granulating

When operating, the temperature of the granulation machine needs to be stable. The temperature of the granulator head part should be kept at about 200℃. When feeding the fertilizer materials, you should note to convey the materials evenly. Otherwise, the pellet quality and yield of the fertilizer will be affected.

After Granulating

After the granulation process is completed, you should make sure that the power supply of the machine is completely disconnected. In addition, you must take off the plug of the machine head. In this way, you can make sure the granulation machine has stopped working completely to keep working situation safe.

Fertilizer Pellets Granulated by Double Roller Press Granulation Machine from FPC

By operating the double-roller extrusion granulating machine in this way, you can get a granulation machine with high processing capacity. Furthermore, you can improve the fertilizer pellets production efficiency.

How To Adjust The Double Roller Extrusion Granulator To Control The Particles Sizes?

After granulating, you may find that the fertilizer particles doesn’t meet your production requirement. Then how to change the particles size by adjust the double-roller pellet machine? You can adjust the following two parts to change the granules size.


Following the above two aspect, you can operate the double roller type fertilizer pellets making machine more effectively. What’s more, you can get the qualified fertilizer granules by adjusting the granulation machine.

Can I get technical support of double roller extrusion granulation machine installation and maintenance ?


How To Avoid Abrasion Of The Roller Skin On The Double Roller Extrusion Granulator?

In fertilizer production, there must be some damages on the roller skin of the double-roller pellet press granulation machine. If you apply the granulating machine more properly, you can reduce the damage of the roller skin and prolong the using time of the granulation machine. But what is the preventive measure of avoiding the roller skin wear? The followings you can refer to are the preventive measures.

The Fertilizer Raw Materials

There are some impurity substances like steel and stones which will damage the roller skin. Therefore, before granulation, you should remove the slag and useless raw materials through using the fertilizer screening machine. When granulating the raw materials with high moisture and pH, you should inspect the roller skin regularly.

The Fertilizer Feeding Speed

Because the roller skin will be damage due to the uneven force produced by the inconstant speed of feeding materials. Therefore, when you granulate the powder fertilizer with the double-roller press granulation machine, you should feed the powder fertilizer into the machine with the constant speed. In this way, there will be less granulation machine abrasion while using it.

While operating the double-roller extrusion granulation machine through noting the above two aspects, you can cut down the maintenance cost. Therefore, the proper use and maintenance are the key way to reduce wear of the roller skin.

What materials is roll skin of FPC double roller press granulator made of?


How to Maintain the Double Roller Extrusion Granulator?

In order to cut the cost of purchasing granulation machine, you should maintain the machine regularly and prolong the service life. But how should you do? You can refer to the following suggestions.

The prerequisite for extending the service life is to maintain the machine correctly. Therefore, in order to granulating normally, you need to observe the working status of the double roller extrusion granulation machine so that you can solve the problems in time. You can contact with us to solve the problems about the double-roller pellet machine. Out technical staff can give you technical support.

Through the above, you will get a further understand about the double roller press granulation machine. In SX, there are many specifications of the machine you can choose. In addition to provide you high-quality fertilizer production machine, we can also give you professional technical support. If you need the granulation machine, you can contact with us anytime.

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    The above four points are about the double roller press granulator. The data is for your reference only. There are many models of the press granulation machine in FPC. You can provide us with your production plan. Then we can offer you the ideal extrusion pellet making machine.

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