Disc granulator is a type of popular sale fertilizer equipment in our factory, since its wide applicability in both organic and compound fertilizer production plants. The more fertilizer pellets made by the pan granulator, the more profits you will get from your fertilizer production business. Thus, it is key to increase the production capacity of this granulation machine. However, how to do it? By using wet granulation technology, customer can make pellets fertilizer from organic or compound raw materials within 25% to 30% moisture contents. The moisture content in the raw materials to be granulated are paramount during pan granulation for quality and efficient fertilizer production. The following are detailed tips for your reference.

Moisture is the Key to a Higher Capacity & Quality Pan Pelletizer Production

Disc Granulator

Adopted by wet granulation design technology, when working, it is the key to maintain the raw materials within a certain moisture content.

In the pan granulation process, if the raw materials are too wet, it will be stuck in the pan. However, if the raw materials are too dry, it will hard to make fertilizer granules products.Usually, raw materials within 25% to 30% moisture are perfect for mass production granulating with the disc pan. Thus, for a higher capacity and quality fertilizer pellets production, it is crucial to control the raw materials moisture within a certain degree. How to do that? The following technical supports from our factory just for your reference.

Technical Supports in Wet Granulation Process with Fertilizer Pan

With over 30 years’ experience in the fertilizer granulation equipment research and development, we are always manufacture products that strictly meet customers’ requirements. In the wet fertilizer granulation process, to meet the requirements on the moisture control, we develop different types of machines. They are, dewatering machines before granulation, dryers after granulation, and assisted water spring systems during granulation.

Before granulation, what to do if the moisture too high?

Before granulation, organic materials like cow dung, chicken manure, piggery waste or sheep dung, are rich in moisture content. Customers need to compost these materials for granulation. However, dewatering is the first step you need to do. Dewatered raw materials are efficient for composting and the later granulation.

After granulation, worry about the moisture in the granules?

After fertilizer pan granulation process, the moisture content in the granules are also within 25% to 30%. Within such moisture content, it is not appliable for long time storage and transportation. To solve this, there are rotary drum dryers, you can use to decrease the moisture content to 8% to 15% after disc pan pelleting process.

Whereas, raw materials too dry to graduate, what to do?

In pan granulation process, if the raw materials too dry, it will be hard to making granules. Considering this, we design water sprinklers systems installed on the pan disc. When using the pan pelletizer, customers can provide enough moisture contents for better granulation effect. Moreover, you can also add nutrient liquid additives to make quality pellets by this system.

25% TO 30% MOISTURE, how to estimate?

25% to 30% moisture content are ideal for quality and efficient granulation. But such standard is difficult for most of green hands on fertilizer production process. Here we recommend you tips to estimate the moisture content whether it is ok for granulate or not. Before granulation, customers can gab the raw materials. If you feel the raw materials are easy to sticky, that will be too wet to granulate. However, if they are loose to flow with your fingers, that will be perfect for granulating.

Moisture control is the key process for quality and efficient organic compound fertilizer production. 25% to 30% moisture content in the raw materials are perfect for pan granulation. To meet this requirement, customers can use dewatering machines if raw materials are too wet. If they are too dry, the associated water spring system will do the job for quality granulation. However, after the pan pelleting, customers can use dryers too decrease the moisture content in the granules for long time storage and convenient transportation. While for customers new to this business, you can grab the materials to determine whether it is good for granulation. More detailed info on pan granulation, welcome contact us now.

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