The 10 ton/hour price production line of compound fertilizer is similar with that of organic fertilizer. But their machine deployments are different. It will affect the compound fertilizer production line price. When buying the 10 t/h compound fertilizer processing line, what machines should be taken into consideration?

To some extent, the selected machine type is related to customers’ real materials. When designing 10t/h compound fertilizer production line, we will choose the following machines. They are automatic dynamic batching machine, fertilizer crushing machine, fertilizer screening machine, fertilizer granulator machine, rotary drum dryer and cooler, fertilizer coating machine and fertilizer automatic packing machine. There are also other auxiliary machines for compound fertilizer production, such as belt conveyor, fertilizer dust removal system.

There are also other production line of compound fertilizer with different capacities in FPC company. You can get a complete production line with the capacity of 1-20t/h from us. Welcome to email us. You can get the customized compound fertilizer making line which is designed by our professional and experienced personnel. What’s more, we will send engineers to your place to help your installation of entire compound fertilizer production line.

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