To produce the organic fertilizer efficiently, a set of efficient production line is necessary. When you have a organic fertilizer plant with the production capacity of 10 t/h, how to make the best production line? Here is a best solution for you to build a 10 ton/hour organic powdery fertilizer production line.

When choosing the livestock and poultry manure fermentation machine, we recommend the groove type compost turner. It will save your cost of organic fertilizer production. At the same time, you can use it for multi-trough fermentation to improve its production capacity.

What is the best for materials crushing process in 10 t/h powdery organic fertilizer production line?

After fermentation process, the moisture in the materials will be reduced. Therefore, you can use vertical type crushing machine. The vertical crusher produced by FPC has compound crushing function. They are chain crushing and blade crushing. It can improve the crushing effect significantly.

After crushing, what machine should be deploy for the whole line?

After crushing, the screening machine is required. Based on the production capacity of 10 tons per hour, you can use the SXGS-1870 rotary screening machine. This type of sieving machine can process 10-15 tons of crushed fertilizer per hour. What’s more, it can grade the organic waste.

Here is the last step of powder organic fertilizer manufacturing process–packing.

When building an organic fertilizer production line with capacity of 10 t/h, single bucket automatic packing machine is enough. If you want to buy other types of packing machine, you can also use the double bucket packing machine. However, using the single bucket fertilizer packing machine will save more your money.

The above is the solution about the 10t/h organic powder organic fertilizer making line. Some fertilizer manufacturers will ask how much it will cost when buying this production line. In the market, the complete 10tph organic powder fertilizer production line will be sold at the price of $60,000. The price is just for your reference. You can email us to inquiry the latest price list. Please contact us freely if you are interested in organic fertilizer production project.

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