There are many factors that will affect the cost of 20 ton/hour organic fertilizer production line, such as raw materials type, machine type and fertilizer shape type. Among them, the produced fertilizer shape is the most important. It will determine the machine type and amount you need to buy. According to the shape of finished fertilizer, there are two types of production lines can be chosen for organic fertilizer production. One is the powder organic fertilizer production line. And the other is granular organic fertilizer production line. The two kinds of organic fertilizer manufacturing lines are sold at the different price. You can get the details from the following.

How Much Is the 20t/h Powder Organic Fertilizer Making Line?

The price of 20t/h powdery organic fertilizer production line is about $90,000. Its price is lower than that of granular organic fertilizer production line obviously. That’s because the powder line process of organic fertilizer is simple. Therefore, you need to just buy compost turner, fertilizer shredder, rotary screening machine and fertilizer packing machine.

What Is the Price of 20 tph Organic Fertilizer Granulation Line?

When buying 20tph organic fertilizer granules production line, you need to cost about $550,000. This whole granular fertilizer making line includes powder line, granulator, fertilizer coating machine, fertilizer dryer, fertilizer cooling machine. Therefore, the organic fertilizer pellet making line price is higher than that of powder line with same production capacity.

The above data is just for your reference. You can email us to get the latest price of 20t/h organic fertilizer manufacturing line. There are also other organic fertilizer processing line with small or medium yield for sale in FPC company. Welcome to inquiry. Our processional staff will design the best production line for your organic fertilizer plant.