The price of compost turner machine is a question which is more concerned by fertilizer manufacturer customer. However, compost turning equipment cost is unfixed. It will be affected by many aspects, such as compost turner models, quality and manufacturers. The compost turner machine made from FPC company will be your best choice.

FPC has specialized in compost turning machines design and production over 15 years. What’s more, there are many types of manure compost turners for sale in our company. For example, you can get composting machine which works in the fermentation trough like groove type, wheel type and chain plate type. In addition, you can also get crawler type and movable type compost turning machine for windrow fermentation.

Whether a small scale or large scale organic fertilizer production plant, you can find the best commercial compost turner from FPC company. Furthermore, what you must know is that all of them are on sale at the best price. You are welcome to inquiry us for the newest price list of manure compost turners.

Movable Compost Turner

Horizontal Fermentation Tank

Crawler Compost Turner

Wheel Compost Turner

Crawler Compost Turner