Bulk blending fertilizer production line is to mix several unit fertilizers simply mechanically to form a kind of BB fertilizer. There are four steps in the BB fertilizer production process. The four steps are to select the base fertilizers, batch, mix and package the finished fertilizer. According to four-step process of BB fertilizer, you can consider to assemble the BB fertilizer production line from three aspects. The three aspects are the production scale, production site and your budget. SX BB fertilizer production line will be your best choice. Because there are many advantages of the sx BB fertilizer production line. For example, SX has fertilizer production equipment with unique structure designs. What’s more, we can provide the best service. By adopting SX fertilizer making equipment, you can produce required BB fertilizer. For the selection and maintenance of BB fertilizer production equipment ,we will give you some reasonable advice.

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Four Steps For Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line

Because bulk blending fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer produced by simple mechanical mixing of several straight fertilizers. Therefore, the production process of bulk blending fertilizer is relatively simple. The bulk blending fertilizer production process can be summarized into four steps: selection of base fertilizers, accurate batching of raw materials, uniform mixing and finished product packaging.

  • How To Select The Base Fertilizers For The Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line?

To ensure the high quality of the BB fertilizer, you should follow the following three principles when selecting the base fertilizer for the BB fertilizer

During the storage and transportation of BB fertilizer, you will find that BB fertilizer can easily form caking due to moisture absorption. Therefore, you can choose the base fertilizers with low hygroscopicity to prevent this caking phenomenon. Otherwise, the base fertilizers with strong hygroscopicity can cause difficulties to the mixing process in the BB fertilizer production process. Moreover, the fertilizers can also make it difficult for consumers to fertilize.

Choosing the base fertilizer with uniform particle size is a very important part in the bulk blending fertilizer production . If you choose a straight fertilizer with different specific gravity and different particle sizes. The mixed fertilizers are easily stratified during long-term storage and transportation. For example, the KCL and K2SO4  can be used to produce BB fertilizer. However, these two crystalline substances are irregular granular, and their gravity is heavier than urea. Therefore, they are especially easy to layer in transportation. Because stratification directly leads to the uneven distribution of nutrients in packaged BB fertilizer, which affects the best fertilizer effect of BB fertilizer on plants. What you need notice is choosing the uniform unit fertilizer particles to make sure the even distribution of nutrients in BB fertilizer.

When choosing the basic fertilizer for BBproduction, you should also pay attention to the fact that the nutrients of the mixed fertilizer will not be lost. You must pay attention to whether there will be adverse reactions between the selected fertilizer components. If so, they will result in the loss and invalidation of nutrients in the BB  For example, ammonia volatilization, nitrate reduction and transformation of water-soluble phosphorus. In order to ensure that the BB fertilizer produced is of high quality and rich in nutrients, you must pay attention to the suitability of various unit fertilizers.

Straight Fertilizer Requirement for BB Fertilizer Production

The above three options for basic fertilizers are for one purpose. The purpose is to ensure that the fertilizer you produce is of higher quality. By selling the BB fertilizer with high quality, you can make more benefits for yourself.

  • After The Selection, Batch The Raw Material Precisely For Production Line Of Bulk Blending Fertilizer?

  • Make Sure That These Base Fertilizers Distribute Uniformly

  • At The End, Here Comes The Packing Process Of Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line

Through the above mentioned four steps in the BB fertilizer production process, you can understand that the quality of BB fertilizer will be affected in many ways. We recommend you to use sx bulk blending fertilizer production line if you want to produce standard BB fertilizer efficiently. In addition , you can produce the high quality BB fertilizer with the sx BB fertilizer line .

Three Factors That Determine The Assembly Of Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line

The above BB fertilizer production process shows that when assembling the bulk blending fertilizer production line, you need three BB fertilizer production equipment: batching system, mixing machine and packaging machine. However, each production equipment has different types and specifications. Obviously, the handling capacity, productivity and price of the BB fertilizer production equipment change with the type and technical specification.So, how to choose the most suitable BB fertilizer production equipment? You can mainly consider from the following three aspects.

Initially, by establishing a bulk blending fertilizer production line,what you need to consider is how many tons of BB fertilizer you intend to produce per year. Or how many tons of BB fertilizer you intend to produce per day . Then you can choose the appropriate type of production equipment according to your expected BB fertilizer production capacity. For example, if you run a large BB fertilizer plant, drum BB fertilizer mixer is definitely your best choice. And it can blend 30-40 tons of BB fertilizer for you every hour. If you are a small BB fertilizer manufacturer, we recommend that you use a small horizontal mixer. Small horizontal mixer can mix 2-5 tons of fertilizer per hour.

Each type of production equipment is not same in volume and weight, so you need to know the length, width and height of your BB fertilizer production site. Then you can provide us with these data about your production site. And we will provide you with the most cost-effective and suitable assembly plan for BB production line. Of course, the assembly scheme of the bulk blending fertilizer production process can be improved according to your requirements.

As mentioned above, the price of BB fertilizer production equipment will change with the type and specification of the equipment.

If your budget is limited (about$40,000-$120,000) , you can build a medium -small scale of BB fertilizer production line. You need to choose small and medium production equipment to assemble the production line.

If you have enough budget (above $30,000,you can choose the BB fertilizer production equipment with high configuration. By assembled with these equipment, you can produce high quality BB fertilizer to make more benefit.

The above mentioned three aspects can affect the establishment of your bulk blending fertilizer production line. The above contents are for reference only. Of course, you can provide us with the relevant data about your expected bulk blending fertilizer production process. We will provide you with reasonable advice to solve your problem.

Why The Sx Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line Is Your Best Choice?

Our bulk blending fertilizer production line is popular with domestic and foreign fertilizer manufacturers. The main reason is that we have done the best in many ways, such as the design and production of fertilizer production equipment, adaptability of production equipment to scientifically designed formulations, and so on.

Unique Design

Each machine used in bulk blending fertilizer production line is designed with a unique structure. These unique structural designs not only make machines more convenient to use, but also make the performance of these machines more stable. For example, our BB fertilizer mixer improves the precision of ingredients and overcomes the problem of stratification caused by different specific gravity and particle size of raw materials, thus improving the efficiency of stirring. Using our fertilizer production line can make you produce BB fertilizer stably and efficiently. Moreover, the raw materials of our production equipment have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which can greatly prolong the service life of the machine. For instance, the mixing blade of disc mixing machine adopts special alloy material with high wear resistance.

High Adaptability

Because the BB fertilizers produced according to the scientific have many advantages, such as comprehensive nutrients. Therefore, all the fertilizer producer will manufacture the BB fertilizer according to the scientific formula. According to different soil conditions and the crop growth needs, the BB fertilizer production formulation can be various. Because of the varieties of fertilizer formulations, the BB fertilizer production equipment is  required higher adaptability to the formula. High adaptability equipment can produce BB fertilizer in accordance with the formula ratio. The adaptability of Sx BB fertilizer production equipment can adapt many kinds of BB fertilizer production formulation.

The Best Service

For the bulk blending fertilizer production line, we are an established company with many years of BB fertilizer production equipment production experience. Thus, we have the determination and confidence to provide you with the most reasonable bulk blending fertilizer production line plan. And for the price, we will provide you with the most reasonable quotation for BB fertilizer production equipment. As for transportation, we work with the best logistics company to deliver the production equipment to your side as quickly as possible. For installation, our technicians will guide the installation of the entire bulk blending fertilizer production line. And technicians will also conduct special training on how to use the fertilizer production machines. Of course, we also have other special services, such as warranty , technical support and so on.

The above content is only part of our advantages. Since there have been cooperation with many BB fertilizer production plants at home and abroad, you can fully believe in the quality, pre-sale and after-sales service of our bulk blending fertilizer production line.

How To Design Formula for Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line?

If you want to your BB fertilizer more popular among the customers, what should you do? You should consider this question from many aspects. The acceptability of fertilizer will change with the change of soil conditions, crop types and fertilization time. Therefore, you need to consider how to make your fertilizer sell better from these three aspects.

soil condition , crop type and fertilization time affect BB fertilizer production formula design

If you want to produce BB fertilizer to meet local needs, you need to investigate the local soil type and nutrient content in the soil. The nutrient content in different soils is different. For example, for dry land, you should produce nitric acid series and uric acid calcium potassium and other types of BB  The paddy field should not be applied nitric acid series, but potassium chloride phosphate is a better choice. Therefore, the investigation of soil conditions is also an important step in the production of BB fertilizer. Sx BB fertilizer batching machine can accurately meter the amount of each base fertilizer. By using the automatic batching machine, you can produce the BB fertilizer which can add abundant nutrients to soil.

Examining the main crops grown locally is also important for BB fertilizer production. If you want the BB fertilizer you produce to be more suitable for the local fertilizer consumption market, you should focus on the best BB fertilizer species for different kinds of crops. For example, for gramineous plants, you should choose to produce BB fertilizer with high nitrogen but low phosphorus and potassium. For cash crops, high potassium, BB fertilizer with medium nitrogen and low phosphorus is your best choice. By using the sx BB fertilizer batching system, you can produce the BB fertilizer which is suitable for different plants.

At different times, the types and times of fertilizer needed by crops are different. For example, in wheat seedling stage, plants should apply high phosphorus compound fertilizer. So at this time, you need to produce high phosphorus BB fertilizer. You can use different formulations to produce BB fertilizer at different times by using sx BB fertilizer production equipment. Because sx fertilizer production equipment has high adaptability to different BB fertilizer production formulations.

From the above, if you want your BB fertilizer to meet the market needs, you have to consider many aspects. You can manufacture the required BB fertilizer by using the sx BB fertilizer production to make more benefit for you.

Three Principles For Selecting BB Production Equipment

When choose the equipment that constitutes the bulk blending fertilizer production line, what you should pay most attention to is the equipment applicability. How to choose the best and most practical BB fertilizer production equipment? Here are three device selection principles that help you to select the best quality BB fertilizer production equipment.

As mentioned above, BB fertilizer production equipment should have these three characteristics. According to these characteristics, you will get the satisfying BB fertilizer production machines .

How To Prolong The Service Life Of The Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Equipment

As we all know, all mechanical parts without regular maintenance, there will be parts aging or damage. This situation in the production of BB fertilizer will lead to the stop bulk blending fertilizer production line and then affect the production efficiency. How to avoid this situation in BB fertilizer production? There are some ways you can adopt.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are to make the bulk blending fertilizer production line operate normally. only the normal operation of production line can guarantee the capacity and the benefit of the factory. Therefore, these aspects still need to be paid attention to.

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