In addition to organic fertilizer making machines and production lines, you can buy complete compound fertilizer production line from us. FPC has designed and installed production lines of compound fertilizer for many fertilizer manufacturers all over the world. Here is a successful case of urea based NPK compound fertilizer production line in Philippines. You can know about the details from the following.

  • Can your machine produce urea based compound fertilizer?

  • Which granulator is suitable for urea based NPK compound fertilizer pellets production?

  • What is the best design solution of 20000t/y compound fertilizer production line?

The above is a part of communicating process of 20000 tons per year compound fertilizer production line in Philippines. The above is for your reference only. You can get the customized fertilizer production line from us. Please contact us, we will provide you with the best fertilizer production line design solution according to your NPK fertilizer plant cost.

FPC also researches and develops other fertilizer production lines. For example, you can buy 1-20tph organic fertilizer production line and 500-2000t/y liquid fertilizer production line. There are also animal manure compost turners, fertilizer granulators, crushing machines and mixing machines for sale in FPC company. Welcome to our website for more information. You can email us for free inquiry.

    If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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