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How To Design Organic Fertilizer Production Line With 35,000 USD $

How To Design Organic Fertilizer Production Line With 35,000 USD $2022-08-18T14:18:47+08:00

How To Design Organic Fertilizer Production Line With 35,000 USD $?

While starting an organic fertilizer plant, how do you design the  organic fertilizer production line with $35,000? There are four factors you need to consider. They are fertilizer type, production process, organic raw materials and equipment selection. You can know more about them from the following.

Disc Granulation Line 3D Flow Chart for Organic Fertilizer Production Line

There are powder and granules organic fertilizer. Because different types of organic fertilizer are produced by different organic fertilizer production processes, you need decide the organic fertilizer type firstly.

After determining the organic fertilizer type you want to produce, you need to be clear about the organic fertilizer production process. From the following, you can know about the specific process.

Because you will use different organic fertilizer production equipment when choosing the different raw materials. Generally, you can collect the animal feces like cow dung to produce the organic fertilizer.

You can choose the organic fertilizer equipment. According to your budget and the production area, we will recommend the most suitable organic fertilizer production machines for you.

SX is a company specializing in the production of organic fertilizer production equipment for a long time. We have special organic fertilizer production line design team and equipment production personnel. We constantly improve the organic fertilizer production equipment. In this way, we can provide customers with simple structure, high efficiency and easy maintenance of production machinery. You can also experience the customized service. For the organic fertilizer production line, we can provide you with the design in detail according to the site drawings, budget amount and output you provide. We will show you the organic fertilizer production line model and the capacity of related machinery in advance. We also provide you with the latest quotation about organic fertilizer production equipment.

How To Design The Organic Fertilizer Production Line With 35,000 USD dollar?

When you want to run the organic fertilizer manufacturing business and your budget is $35000, we recommend you assemble the powder organic fertilizer production line. It is a very simple organic fertilizer production line. There are only four steps in the technological process of the powder organic production line. They are composting, crushing, screening, packaging.

  • How To Compost The Organic Waste Better?

    Composting is the first and most important step in the organic fertilizer production line. Why should you compost the raw materials before the organic fertilizer production? Because the sources of raw materials for organic fertilizer production are generally livestock manure, green manure and crop straw. There are a large number of harmful bacteria in the animal feces. In order to kill the harmful bacteria with the harmless method, you need to compost the organic waste with high temperature. In order to compost organic waste better, you need to pay attention to the following four points:

To make the quality organic fertilizer, you should mix the raw material based on the proportion. For example, the mixing ratio of pig manure and fertilizer starter is 1.5:1(1.5 tons of pig manure is about 2.5 tons of fresh pig manure). Before adding to the pig manure, you should mix fertilizer starter with rice bran, bran, corn flour, etc. in a ratio of 1:5. Finally, you need to add straw or mushroom residue to adjust the C/N to23-28.

while composting, you need to pay attention to the surrounding environment and material composting temperature. Before composting, the ambient temperature should be above 15℃. At this ambient temperature, you can ferment the organic manure in four seasons.

Another temperature you should note is the high temperature produced by the decomposition of the organic waste. There are four stages in the whole decomposition process. They are low temperature stage, medium temperature stage, high temperature stage and cooling stage. At the high temperature stage, the organic waste temperature will be more than 60℃. For keeping normal reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the material, you should control the temperature at about 65℃.

During composting, you need keep the moisture of the material at about 65%. If the moisture is too low, the fermentation rate will slow down. If the water content is too high, you will find that the ventilation effect between the materials is poor, the fermentation temperature will rise slowly, and there will be odour. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain proper moisture when composting.

Adequate ventilation is also essential during composting process. Because aerobic bacteria in the organic manure needs sufficient oxygen when decomposing the material. In order to provide aerobic bacteria with sufficient oxygen, you need to turn the organic manure by using the fertilizer composting machine.

Fermentation Process of Organic Fertilizer Production

You will ferment the organic materials very well through noting the above four aspects. At the composting process, you can use the organic fertilizer compost turner machine. By flipping, the machine can regulate the moisture temperature ans ventilation. What’s more, it has the action of mixing and crushing materials.

  • After Composting, Crushing The Composted Materials.

Crushing Process

After composting,there will be some bulk organic manure in the material piles. You need to crush the bulk organic manure to meet the powder organic fertilizer packing requirements. Then how do you crush the organic manure? After composting, you should add the organic waste with 30% – 35% water content into the fertilizer loader type feeder by using the tractor shovel. Then the organic waste transported by the belt conveyor will be delivered evenly to the fertilizer crusher. Through the crushing, the organic fertilizer will have a beautiful appearance. Moreover, you can get the quality powder organic fertilizer.

  • Then Here Comes With The Screening Process

Screening Process

In order to meet the requirements of powder organic fertilizer fineness in production, you need to grade the crushed organic fertilizer. You can use the fertilizer screening machine to screen out these organic fertilizers that do not meet the requirements. By doing so, not only it is more convenient for the final step packing process, but also you can ensure the quality of the finished organic fertilizer.

  • The Last Step Is Packaging.

Packaging Process

You need package the organic fertilizer after screening according to the specified weight. In order to make organic fertilizer packing process more efficient, you can use the automatic packing scale machine. Using automatic packaging machine, you can not only reduce the manpower investment, but also more accurately package organic fertilizer.

From above mentioned, you can know that the powder organic fertilizer process is simple. But during the organic waste compost process, you need consider many factors. After all, the composting process is the most important step in the organic fertilizer production process. It will the quality of the finished organic fertilizer. Then you can complete the other three steps by using the organic fertilizer production machines. However, which type of the organic production equipment should you choose? The following will give you some advice.

When Composting,What Machine Can You Use For The $35,000 Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

From above mentioned, you can know that the powder organic fertilizer process is simple. But during the organic waste compost process, you need consider many factors. After all, the composting process is the most important step in the organic fertilizer production process. It will the quality of the finished organic fertilizer. Then you can complete the other three steps by using the organic fertilizer production machines. However, which type of the organic production equipment should you choose? The following will give you some advice.

SX self-propelled windrow compost turner has a better working efficient. When the moving compost turner machine is working, it can turn the 7.5-8m organic waste strip per minute. The SX organic fertilizer moving compost turner can turn the 400-500m³ organic manure per hour.

There are two motor types of the moving composting machines. They are the electric motor and the diesel motor. You can choose the better one for you. No matter what kind of motor the self-propelled flip machine equips, it is a low-energy organic fertilizer production equipment. For example, a self-propelled flip-flop with a diesel generator consumes only 5-6L of fuel per hour.

When using the moving composting machine in the organic fertilizer production line, you need choose ground pile fermentation mode to compost the organic waste. This model is the most saving civil construction, human resources fertilizer model. What you need to note is the width and height of the organic waste strips. The width of the organic waste should not over 2000mm. And you’d better keep the height of the organic fertilizer strips at 600-800mm. By doing so, the working efficient of the moving compost machine will be better.

The structure of the moving composting machine is simple. The operation of the machine is also easy. As long as you are able to drive the tractor, you can drive the SX automatic organic fertilizer self-walking compost turning machine directly. Of course, it is easy for the beginners to learn how to operate the self-propelled compost machine.

Our self-working windrow compost turner can solve the environment pollution problem. by using SX organic fertilizer compost turning machine, you can also prevent the harmful gas from polluting the surrounding environment.

How To Deliver The Organic Fertilizer During The $35,000 Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

Many of our customers choose to use our fertilizer loader type feeder when sending the composted materials to crush. The SX loader type feeder produced by SX is widely used. It can be used not only in organic fertilizer production industry, but also in chemical industry, machinery and other industries. Why is SX fertilizer loader type feeder so popular with our customers? Because our forklift feeding machine has great structural advantages. What are these structural advantages?

  • There Are Also Three Features Of The Sx Forklift Feeding Machine.

The Most Suitable Fertilizer Crusher For The $35,000 Organic Fertilizer Production Line.

As above mentioned, after the composting, you will find some bulk organic manure in the composted materials. Therefore, you need use the organic fertilizer crushing machine to make the organic fertilizer production line more efficient.There are six types of organic fertilizer crushing machine in SX. According to your budget of $35,000, the new type vertical crusher will be your better choice. For making the organic fertilizer mill work more efficient, we make some improvements in the original structure of the new type vertical crushing machine.

The three aspects are the structural advantages of SX vertical crushing machine. In addition, the new type fertilizer vertical crusher made by SX also has the advantage of high working efficiency. Therefore, the vertical shredding machine is more suitable for the $35,000 organic fertilizer production line.

The Ideal Screening Machine For The Organic Fertilizer Production

Why do you use the screening machine in the organic fertilizer production line? From the above, you know screen out the qualified organic manure when producing the organic fertilizer. Thus, we suggest that you use the SX organic sieving machine when you need screen the materials. In order to improve the screening effect, SX improves the fertilizer rotary screening machine structure specially. After improving the structure, the organic fertilizer sieving machine has more advantages. The advantages you will see are as following.

Screening Machine Production for $35,000 Organic Fertilizer Production Factory
Rotary drum screening device design used in efficient organic fertilizer production
Fertilizer Sieving Equipment with Efficient Screening Device for Organic Fertilizer Production

Angle Of Inclination

When producing the organic fertilizer screening machine, we will set special inclination angle for the machine. The main purpose is to make discharge the organic manure more easily. At the same time, you can improve the production efficiency of the organic fertilizer production line.

Various Feeding Methods

When you want to buy the organic fertilizer screening machine from SX, we can design the feeding inlet according to your actual organic fertilizer production site. Whether the belt, the funnel or other feeding methods, we can customize it. In addition, there will be not any special device to set for you.

Long-Term Service Life

To prolong the service life, SX chooses the material of stainless steel for making the screening mesh. By doing so, the sieving mesh has the characteristic of corrosion resistant. Whether or not there is a lot of impurities in the material to be sifted, the rotary screening machine can work normally.

High Screening Capacity

Compared with other types of the sieving machines in the same volume, there is a large effective screening area on the SX organic fertilizer screening machine. Therefore, the amount of organic fertilizer screened in unit time is large. Your organic fertilizer production line will be more efficient.

Through the above, you will know about the SX fertilizer screening machines advantages. While purchasing the sieving machine, the SX screening equipment will be your better choice.

The Efficient Packing Machine For Designing $35,000 Organic Fertilizer Production Line.

The last step of the powder organic fertilizer production process is packaging. What packaging machine can you buy for the organic fertilizer production line? According to your budget, the single bucket automatic packing scale is more suitable for you. There are two reasons for you to choose the SX organic fertilizer automatic packing machine.

Our organic fertilizer single bucket packing machine not only has a quick packaging speed, but also is easy to maintain. Therefore, with SX organic fertilizer packing equipment, you will improve the packaging efficiency. You will also improve the production efficiency of the organic fertilizer.

What Else Auxiliary Machine Do You Need To Design Organic Fertilizer Production Line ?

To make your organic fertilizer production line more efficient, you need use the belt conveying machine to transport the organic manure when each production process finishes. By using the belt conveyor, you can avoid the directly contact with the organic manure to make sure the quality of the organic fertilizer. The belt conveying machine produced in SX has a high quality. In order make the conveying machine work normally for a lone time, we make some improvements on the structures of the conveyor. What are the improvements?

As shown above, you can know how to design organic fertilizer production line with $35,000. Of course, you can provide us with your budget or your organic fertilizer production area drawings. We will provide the suitable organic fertilizer production line for you. SX as the organic fertilizer production manufacturer with years of experience, we will try our best to satisfy your reasonable requirements.

    If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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    How Much Does A Chicken Manure Production Line Cost?2022-08-09T17:27:46+08:00

    A chicken manure fertilizer production line consists of many different fertilizer machines.Thus, Shunxin machine engineer need to know your budget, factory site, types of the raw material and some other information to design a perfect fertilizer production line for you.For example, if you choose fresh chicken manure as raw material, there is no doubt that you need buy a dewatering machine to reduce the moisture content of the fresh chicken manure. However, if you choose dry chicken manure as raw material, you should choose a crusher machine for your chicken manure production line. What’s more, configuration of the fertilizer machines will influence the price of a chicken manure production line. For instance, if you have high configuration of fertilizer machines in your chicken manure production line.You can equip with Siemens motors, definitely, your fertilizer production line will cost more.

    compost machine

    All Shunxin fertilizer machines are sold at factory prices, because we have our own large factory. What’ more, Shunxin aims to provide high-quality and economical fertilizer facilities to all our clients.Anyway, if you want to buy a chicken manure production line, please contact us. Our sales will give you best advice.

    How To Choose A Chicken Manure Production Line At The Lower Cost?

    While choosing the chicken manure fertilizer production line, you can determine it based on your budget.With the different budgets, you can buy different lines to set up the chicken manure fertilizer production lines. The following is about the line selection of different budgets ranges.

    As mentioned above, when setting up the chicken manure fertilizer line with the budget of $35,000-$9000, your plant is suitable for producing the powder organic fertilizer. Therefore, while composting the materials, you can choose the composting machine and loader type feeder. For the crushing process, we recommend you buy the new type vertical crushing machine. Then to improve the packing efficiency, you’d better use the fully automatic packing scales.

    When you intend to run the chicken manure fertilizer line with the budget of $110,000-$190,000, you can set up the granular organic fertilizer production line.While assembling the granular chicken manure fertilizer production line, in addition to purchasing equipment that composes the powder production line, you also need granulating equipment like churning granulation machine that can make powdered organic fertilizer into granules. To improve the fertilizer granules quality, the equipment you still need to buy are the rotary drum cooling machine, drying machine and coating machine.

    The equipment configuration of the chicken manure fertilizer line built with a budget of $360,000-$550,000 is higher than that of the building with a budget of $110,000-$190,000. While granulating the chicken manure organic fertilizer, we recommend you use the rotary drum pellet making machine or the disc granulation machine. But using the granulation machine, you can produce the granular chicken manure fertilizer on a large scale.

      If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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      What is the cost of chicken manure organic fertilizer production ?2022-07-26T17:30:45+08:00

      Chicken manure organic fertilizer powder line cost is related to the capacity and machine configuration. For small to large fertilizer manufacturer, we design and produce the chicken manure fertilizer powder line with various production capacities. They are 1-3t/h, 5-10t/h,10-20t/h. Because of different yields, the powder line are deployed by fertilizer equipment with different types and technical parameters. The price of chicken manure powdery fertilizer production line ranges from $35,000-$90,000. You can know the detailed production line design and price from the following.

      1-3t/h chicken manure powder line

      The whole set of 1-3t/h chicken manure powder fertilizer production line is worth about $35,000. The machines you should deploy are groove type compost turner, SXSF-60 semi-wet materials crusher,SXSJ-0830 double shafts horizontal mixer ,SXGS-1030 rotary drum screening machine and powder packing machine. In addition, you should buy some belt conveyor to connect all parts of powder organic fertilizer production. You need to prepare 800 square meters ( about 0.198 acre) to install the entire production line. The 1-3t/h chicken manure powder line is more suitable for small fertilizer manufacturer with less chicken manure or low budget.

      Model:1-3t/h chicken manure powder line


      Configuration:groove type compost turner, SXSF-60 semi-wet materials crusher, SXSJ-0830 double shafts horizontal mixer ,SXGS-1030 rotary drum screening machine, powder packing machine,belt conveyor an so on

      Occupied land Area:800 square meters ( about 0.198 acre)

      Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

      5-10t/h chicken manure powder production line

      The configuration of this powder line is higher than that of 1-3t/h chicken manure powder line. Therefore, you should buy the large production equipment to deploy the 5-10 tons per hour power fertilizer production line. You’d better buy the wheel type compost turner machine for chicken manure fermentation. For the crushing process, the SXFLF-800 vertical type compost shredder machine will be your better choice. The SXGS-1560 drum screening machine replace the SXGS – 1030 drum sieving machine. The area of production site you need to prepare is 1500-3000 square meters (0.37-0.74acre). The production line is more suitable for organic fertilizer producers with more chicken waste and adequate budget.

      fertilizer machine

      Model:5-10t/h chicken manure powder production line


      Configuration:wheel type compost turner machine,SXFLF-800 vertical type compost shredder machine, SXSJ-0830 double shafts horizontal mixer, SXGS-1030drum sieving machine and powder packing machine, belt conveyor and so on.

      Occupied land Area:1500-3000 square meters (0.37-0.74acre)

      10-20t/h powder chicken manure production line

      10-20tons per hour powder chicken manure production line is mostly used in fertilizer manufacturer with more raw materials and higher yield. To produce 1 ton of finished organic fertilizer requires 3 tons of raw materials, so to produce 10-20 tons of powdered bio-organic fertilizer per hour, you need to prepare 30-60 tons of chicken dung raw materials. At the same time, your production line also need to be equipped with organic fertilizer production equipment with corresponding production capacity. Because of higher configuration of the powder production line, you will spend much more money on it about ($60,000-$90,000).

      Model:10- 20t/h powder chicken manure production line


      Configuration:crawler type compost turner machine,SXFLF-1000 vertical type compost shredder machine,SXWJ-1630 horizontal mixer, SXGS-2080 drum sieving machine and powder packing machine, belt conveyor and so on.

      Occupied land Area:3000-5000 square meters (0.74-1.25acre)

      The above are 1-3th,5- 10t/h,10-20t/h powder chicken manure fertilizer production line price and required machines. The data is for your reference only. We will modify the organic fertilizer powder line design solution according to the customer’s budget and yield. You can also buy the customized chicken manure powder line from us. Please contact with us and tell us your organic fertilizer production plan.

      How much is the granular chicken manure bio organic fertilizer production line?

      The price of the chicken manure granules production line is higher than powder one. That is because that the granular chicken manure bio organic fertilizer is further produced based on the powder fertilizer. You should deploy more fertilizer equipment for making chicken manure fertilizer pellets than that of powder production. The granular chicken manure fertilizer production line budget is also related to the yield and deployed machines. We can divide the granular chicken manure bio organic fertilizer production line into two types according to the yield. One is 1-5 tons/hour granular fertilizer production line, and the other is 10-20t/h fertilizer granules production line. They are on sale at the different prices. You can get the specific price and machine deployment from the following.

      The 1t/h-5t/h chicken dung fertilizer granulation line is worth about $1 10,000-$190,000. The chicken manure pellet production line is more suitable for medium and large scale organic fertilizer plant. When intending to buy this 1-5t/h fertilizer granulating line, you should prepare 2000m2-4000m2(about 0.5-1 acre) production site to install the entire production line. Therefore, you will spend more money on production site construction. Besides, fertilizer machines you need to buy are new type organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer,drum cooler, fertilizer coating machine, fertilizer screening machine and granular fertilizer packing machine. Thus, you need to prepare more money than $110,000-$190,000 to running this production line.

      Disc Granulator

      Model:1-5 t/h chicken manure granular fertilizer production line


      Configuration:compost turner machine , SXSF-120 semi wet material compost shredder machine, SXWJ-9015 horizontal mixer, new type organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, drum cooler, fertilizer coating machine,SXGS-1240 drum sieving machine and granular fertilizer packing machine, belt conveyor and so on.

      Occupied land Area:2000m2 -4000m2 (about 0.5-1 acre)

      The price of entire 10-20ton/hour granulation line ranges from $360,000-$550,000. The whole line configuration is higher than that of 1-5t/h fertilizer granulation line. Therefore, you should prepare larger production site for complete 10-20t/h chicken manure granules production line (about 5500-10000m2, 1.4 acres-2.5 acres). The production line is available in large scale fertilizer manufacturer. In addition, you’d better replace the stirring tooth pelletizer with pan granulator and rotary drum granulator. This will not only increase the output of the production line, but also reduce energy consumption.

      Model:10-20 t/h chicken manure fertilizer granules production line


      Configuration:compost turner machine , SXSF-120 semi wet material compost shredder machine, SXWJ-9015 horizontal mixer, pan granulator, rotary drum granulator ,drum dryer, drum cooler, fertilizer coating machine, SXGS-1240 drum sieving machine and granular fertilizer packing machine, belt conveyor and so on.

      Occupied land Area:5500m2-10000m2(1.4 acres-2.5 acres)

      What Is The Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant Cost In United States?2022-07-05T11:14:56+08:00

      When producing fertilizer on your production line, there are many things that can affect the overall costs. You need to know fertilizer manufacturing plant cost, and get a sizable profit from the fertilizer that you are producing. For building your own fertilizer plant in US, you will pay money in many aspects.What is the fertilizer manufacturing plant cost in United States?You should consider the following before starting a fertilizer plant project.

      Cost On Raw Materials

      The raw materials selection is the first step and the top priority of the fertilizer production process. The US has many kinds of the raw materials.You can choose animals manure and crops straw to make the organic fertilizer. Besides, you can use Nitrogen Fertilizer& Phosphate Fertilizer& Potash Fertilizer to produce NPK fertilizer or urea based compound fertilizer.

      Renting The Productions Sites

      Firstly, you should consider the using land cost in United Stated.The best choice is to choose the cost-effective regions. In addition, you can choose the area with enough power and water sources. Moreover, it has the convenient transportation.You can look for the fertilizer production sites nearby the farms.Because it can help you collect raw materials quickly.Therefore, you’d better to choose the raw materials nearby. In addition, you can build the fertilizer plant near the place whose raw materials are abundant.

      How Much Production Scale To Invest In?

       If you want to invest a fertilizer production plant in America, the scale of fertilizer production can be large or small.Different fertilizer production scale cost is also different.You should decide on your production scales.For the production scale of 20tons fertilizer per hour, you should $600,000 USD. In addition, the raw materials supply and fertilizer sales markets needs of the US will also affect your production scales. Therefore, you should make widely research on American fertilizer market.

      Different Prices On Production Process

       It is important for you to determine the fertilizer production process. Because it will affect what is the prices of the production equipment you need to buy. The fertilizer machine will sell to America at different prices.For example,there are big differences between the powder fertilizers and the granular fertilizer. Or the dry granulation and wet granulation. From our years of experience, granular fertilizer is sold better in the United States.

      Top 3 the most popular fertilizer manufacturing line prices in the US

       If you have prepared the raw materials& production capacity , you can choose the fertilizer production line that suits you. A good fertilizer production line can help you start a fertilizer production business in America as soon as possible. We recommend you three of the best-selling production lines in the United State.They all sell at favorable prices.

      150,000$USD for 6t/h fertilizer manufacturing

      This is a production line designed for small and medium-sized American fertilizer manufacturers. The production line needs to cover an area of about 800㎡, The initial budget is about 150,000 USD. It has the advantages of less investment and quick returns.It is suitable for manufacturers who have just started the production of fertilizers. The 6t/h production line works for 8 hours a day. It can help you produce 50 tons npk fertilizer per day, and the annual output can reach 15000T.

      400,000$USD for 18t/h fertilizer production line

      You can choose the large-scale production line, the annual production capacity can reach 100000 mt per year.The budget is about 400,000 USD.It covers an area of of about 2500㎡. Our company equipped this large-scale production line with our hot-selling rotary drum granulator.This production line is suitable for American manufacturers already operating the fertilizer business.His production cost is the most economical and well-equipped.In the United State, the production line ranked first in the sales charts.

      $50,0000USD for a set of 25t/h fertilizer making equipment

      If you want to expand the production scale on the existing fertilizer plant scale, you can consider this production line within $50,0000.It can help you reach 200tons per day. It covers an area of of about 3145㎡.This will greatly shorten the production time and improve the efficiency to increase your benefit. At the same time, you can make more smoother and more beautiful fertilizers for selling in the US. This line design guarantee higher quality fertilizers throughout the fertilizer production process. It is important to have high quality pellets so you can make the most money.

      Our company is a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer. There are many types of equipment for you to choose.  Meanwhile, the prices are different. For your small size plant, there are some key equipment for you to start your company. It can highly reduce your expense. And if you want to make high quality fertilizers, we have a set of complete automatic equipment for you to choose.Therefore, the price will be higher.Welcome to contact us!

        If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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        Brief Introduction Your Project?*

        Organic Waste Shredder Machine Price2022-05-31T10:15:24+08:00

        When you invest in the production of organic fertilizer, the first step is to consider whether your raw materials meet the production standards.Too wet or too large raw materials in the production can not easy to produce high quality fertilizer.Only the pre-processed composting materials can enter the organic fertilizer production line.So when you are ready to buy a complete organic fertilizer production line, you are often equipped with shredder machine in the production line.Because the purpose is to improve the working capacity of the production line without paying for additional crushing equipment.In order to make the raw materials to achieve suitable conditions for production, the choice of crusher is also very important.But how to choose the most suitable shredding equipment?We recommend some popular crushing equipment to you.

        New Type Vertical Shredder

        New vertical shredder machine

        The new vertical shredder is mostly used together with the whole production line.Even the materials with high water content, it is not easy to block the equipment in the work.In addition, its other design point is the special material of steel sheet. Therefore, it ensures your crushing equipment can have a long service life.These eye-catching designs help you reduce the tedious workflow and save greatly on the cost of hiring workers and repairing equipment.

        Semi-wet material shredder equipment

        Semi-wet material shredder is suitable for all kinds of organic waste.Therefore,in fertilizer production, it is often used as pre-process of composting materials.You can use it to experience the highest quality compost materials at the lowest shredder price.Besides, semi-wet material crusher is used in the crushing of high moisture material ,like bio-organic compost fertilizer ,MSW compost ,grass mud carbon ,rural straw waste,industrial organic waste,livestock,and poultry droppings,etc.

        Semi-Wet Material Shredder

        Chain shredder machine

        A good shredder can be used in different production phases.On the one hand, the chain grinder produced by ShunXin can crush compost materials or blocks in compound fertilizer production.On the other hand, it also plays an extremely important role in the second crushing process of fertilizer production.Once the unqualified granulation material is returned for secondary crushing and then granulation.

        The organic waste shredder machine prices are related to the their types and models. So when turning the composting materials into organic fertilizer, you can consider many types of composting shredder machines.For example, new type vertical crusher, semi-wet material crusher, urea crusher and chain crusher. So they are on sale at the different prices. However,all of them are sols at the affordable price. To get the specific crusher machine price, you should know what types of your materials. What’ more, you can know the price of organic waste shredder machine by contacting us now!

          If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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          Brief Introduction Your Project?*

          What is the difference between granular and powder fertilizer?Which one will be the better?2022-05-30T12:01:37+08:00

          In recent years, more and more fertilizer manufacturers have chosen to sell more granular fertilizer in the fertilizer market,not powdery npk. But why?What is the difference between granular fertilizer and powder fertilizer?In general, the particle size of the boundary is about 0.1 mm. Particles with a size of less than 0.1 mm are called powder, and the granular size is about 0.1 mm to 10 mm.The larger particles exceeding 10mm are will be caking.

          Why is the fertilizer made into granules in fertilizer manufacturing,?What are the advantages of fertilizer granules compared with powder?

          • The control of fertilizer particle size is of great significance to the storage and transportation of fertilizers. Powdered fertilizers are easy to produce dust during transportation, causing pollution and waste, while granular fertilizers are not easy to cakeand are easy to transport.
          • NPK production line will add some trace nutrients to improve the fertilizer efficiency of compound fertilizer, while powder fertilizer is easy to absorb moisture and cakeafter adding trace elements. However, the composition of granular fertilizer is stable, and it is not easy to cakeeven if trace elements are added.
          • Fertilizer granulation improves the quality of agricultural production. Fertilizer granules play the role of slow-release fertilizer effect. Itis convenient for fertilization and not easy to damage the soil.
          • Compared withpowdered fertilizers, fertilizer manufacturers choose to produce granular fertilizer can makea higher profit.In the fertilizer market, the price range of per ton granular fertilizer is 200-300$.

          Granular fertilizer are selling well in the market

          Compared with powdered fertilizers, granular fertilizers need to increase the granulation process. But granular fertilizers have more advantages in circulation, application and fertilizer efficiency, enough to offset the cost of granulation. Therefore, most of the fertilizers sold in the market are in granular form. Recently, farmyard manures and organic fertilizers such as compost and poultry manure have also been used after being granulated.

          Manufacturing granular fertilizer

          Granular fertilizer market prospect is broad. Therefore, how to manufacture fertilizer particles?Fertilizer pelleting production process includes mixing,granulating, drying, cooling and so on, so the composition of granular fertilizer production line is more elaborate. Hence you need a variety of fertilizer production equipment to equip the granular fertilizer production plant. However, the npk granulate production complicated line can get more high-quality npk fertilizer. What’ more, ShunXin’s process of manufacturing granulator npk is economical, and you can pay less money but get high benefits.Our company can provide you any solution about npk granulation plant to help you produce npk pelleting fertilizer effectively.Welcome to contact us now.

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            What Is the Cost of 1-3t/h Powder Organic Fertilizer Production Line?2022-08-30T11:03:34+08:00

            Organic fertilizer production line cost changes as the the production capacity and machine deployment. If you want to know 1-3t/h organic powder fertilizer production line cost, you should know about the its needed machine. The powder organic fertilizer production process includes fermentation system, crushing systems, screening system, conveying system and packing system. Therefore, you need to buy compost turner, compost shredder, fertilizer screening machine, belt conveyor and powder fertilizer packing machine. For small scale 3 tons per hour organic fertilizer production line, the machines we recommend to deploy are as follows.

            The above data is for your reference only. You can contact us for specific consultation. In order to produce organic fertilizer continuously and efficiently, you need also to buy conveying system, like belt conveyor and load type feeder. In general, you need to prepare about $40,000 to buy a whole set of 1-3t/h powdery organic fertilizer making line. In addition, you’d better rent a production site whose area is about 800m2 to install this whole line.

            FPC is an established fertilizer equipment production plant. We have been engaged in design and production of fertilizer machine and production line over 15 years. Therefore, there are various types of fertilizer production lines for sale in FPC company. You can buy liquid fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer line, ect at best cost. When purchasing fertilizer production machine or line, you can email to us for free inquiry.

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