In order to make the fertilizer nutrients distribute evenly, you should use the fertilizer mixing machine. There are many types of the mixing machines in SX. We have improved the mixer structure to improve the working efficiency. As the old-brand fertilizer production equipment producer, we can provide you with some advice about how to select and operate the mixer.

Why Do Many Fertilizer Producers Prefer To Buy The Sx Fertilizer Blending Machine?

Because of the mixing machine produced by SX with high quality, more and more fertilizer manufacturing factories would like to use the SX fertilizer blending machine. You can know more about the SX mixing equipment from the following.

Double Shafts Fertilizer Mixing Machine Produced from FPC Fertilizer Equipment Supplie

Through the above, you can know more about the advantages of the SX mixing machine. It is precisely because of these advantages that our customers highly praise our mixing machine.

Here is the technical parameters about the SXSJ-0830,SXSJ-1050 double shafts mixing machine. The data is just for your reference.

Model Power(kw) Reducer Model Outer Diameter of Mixing Shaft(mm) Mixing Speed(r/min) Dimension(mm)
SXSJ-0830 11 ZQ350-31.5 420 35 3700×800×750
SXSJ-1050 22 ZQ500-31.5 650 35 6200×1300×1200

How To Choose The Fertilizer Mixer For Your Production Line?

In order to choose the right mixing machine for your fertilizer production line, you should consider the budget and the capacity of the fertilizer production. You can refer to the following.

The Budget

Your budget will affect the machines configuration in your fertilizer production line. For example, you set up the organic fertilizer production line with the budget of $45,000. You can produce the 5 tons of the powder organic fertilizer with $45,000 production line. The sxwj-90 mixing machine is more suitable for the $45,000 organic fertilizer production line.

The  Capacity

 The fertilizer production capacity is another aspect which affect the mixing machine selection. You can buy the right blending machine based on productivity of your fertilizer plant. For instance, if you want to make the 2-3 tons of the organic fertilizer, you can choose the sxwj-70 fertilizer mixing machine.

How can I get quality fertilizer mixing machine at best price?

The data is just for your reference. You can provide us with your actual fertilizer production plan. We will recommend the most proper mixing machine based on your budget or the production capacity for you.

The double roller blending machine is an effeient fertilizer production machine. It is dispensable for organic and compound fertilizer production. You can know the working process of double shaft blending machine from the following vedio.

How To Operate The Fertilizer Mixer More Safely?

For reducing the maintenance cost of the fertilizer mixer, you should use the machine correctly. But how do you use the mixer? there are four tips you can refer to  while using the blending machine.

Before using the fertilizer mixing machine, you should place the fertilizer mixer on a flat position. By doing so, you can ensure that the mixer runs smoothly when it is working.

Before putting the mixer into production, you should perform a test run to check whether the rotating speed is normal. If not, you should adjust it. Generally, the unload running speed should be 2-3 revolutions faster than that after loading.

When the mixing machine is working, you should note whether each part of the machine operate smoothly. If there is something wrong with the mixer, you should stop the machine at once.

In order to continue using it next time, you need to perform routine inspections on the blender after using it. For example, you should check whether the blenders are broken.

Through following the above four tips, you can operate the blending machine more safely. In addition, you can make the machine mix the raw materials more evenly,which is conducive to the next fertilizer production process.

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