In the cow dung organic fertilizer production line, you will definitely use a dryer machine to reduce the water content in cow dung. What’s  the  cow dung dryer machine cost? As a supplier who has been engaged in the production of organic fertilizer equipment for many years, we will be customer-oriented. In addition, we can provide you with appropriate advice on the cow dung dryer machine selection. Moreover, you can purchase the cow dung drying machine at best cost. We can also provide you with the relevant technical parameters of the cow dung dryer produced by SX.

There are many types of quality cow dung dryer machine in SX.  You can know about the technical parameters from the followings.

The above parameters are for your reference only. There are customized services in SX. You can tell us your requirements for some parts of the cow dung drying machine. We will design free drawings according to your requirements.

Model Motor Powder(kw) Reducer Model Temple of Inlet(℃) Angle of Installation(°) Speed(r/min) Capacity(t/h)
SXHG-0808 5.5 ZQ250 ≥300 3-5 6 1-2
SXHG-1010 7.5 ZQ350 ≥300 3-5 6 2-4
SXHG-1212 7.5 ZQ350 ≥300 3-5 6 3–5
SXHG-1515 11 ZQ400 ≥300 3-5 6 4-6
SXHG-1616 15 ZQ400 ≥300 3-5 6 6-8
SXHG-1818 22 ZQ500 ≥300 3-5 6 7-12
SXHG-2020 37 ZQ500 ≥300 3-5 5.8 8-15
SXHG-2222 37 ZQ500 ≥300 3-5 5.5 8-16
SXHG-2424 45 ZQ650 ≥300 3-5 5.2 14-18

What capacity of cow dung drying machine for sale in FPC fertilizer equipment production base?

How do you get the cow dung dryer machine at proper cost from SX?

You must want to buy the cow dung dryer at a relatively low price. Therefore, you can consider the following two aspects while selecting the cow dung dryer machine.


Your budget determines what specifications of cow dung drying machine you can buy. For example, when running the $140,000 organic fertilizer production line, you can choose the SXHG-1616 rotary drum drying machine with the production of 6t/h. In order to allocate the funds for the construction of fertilizer plants reasonably, you need to be clear about your production budget while acquiring the cow dung drying machine.


When choosing the cow dung dryer based on the productivity, you need to notice that the ratio of raw materials to finished products is 3/1. For instance, when managing to produce 5 tons of the organic fertilizer per hour, you should choose the drying machine with the production capacity of 15t/h. Therefore, when you make 5 tons of cow manure organic fertilizer in an hour, we recommend you to use SXHG-2424 dryer.

When you are not sure which type of cow dung dryer to choose, you can contact us. We will recommend the most suitable and most affordable cow dung dryer based on your production plan and the amount of raw materials you prepare.

Why do you buy the cow dung dryer machine with best cost from SX?

Our old customers highly praise the organic fertilizer production equipment produced by SX. Moreover, as the fertilizer equipment producer with years experience, we will let customers get the machine they want at a reasonable cost. The main reasons are as follows

Through the above, you can know that you will not only get the cow dung dryer machine at preferential prices, but you will also experience first-class service after choosing SX.

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